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Jackson Hollywood
05-29-2006, 03:58 PM
I have amazing hair... its long and curly, and each curl looks like a telephone cord. In fact, i pretty much look like Slash. Now girls come up to me all the time and comment me on my hair. But for some reason, I can never think of something to say to continue the conversation in a non-lame way. I usually end up saying 'thanks', and thats pretty much it. I used to hair model, and I was trying to figure out a way of keeping the conversation running and alluding to that.. but everything i could think of to say seems too explicit. Anyways, here are some of the stuff Ive been able to come up with... but i need more help in this area... i mean, what do you normally do to game a girl when she compliments you on anything?
If they dont ask to play with my hair...
HB: Omg, you have suck amazing hair... I LUVVVV it!!
Jackson Hollywood: If you ask nice, ill let you play with it...
HB: oooh, can I?
Jackson Hollywood: Are your hands clean?
HB: ya!
Jackson Hollywood: Okay go ahead, but only a little.. this shit aint free.
(Okay, at this point, its hard for me to jump into a routine, or opener because it just seems like to much of a subjection change. I cant all of a sudden be like "oh btw, i need a female opinion on something... blah blah blah")
Or if they ask to play with my hair...
HB: Wow, you have amazing hair can I play with it?
Jackson Hollywood: I dont know, my agent says i should charge a fee every time a girl wants to play with my hair... what do you think of that?
(again, at this point, its hard to get into a routine without it being way off topic and incongruent)

05-29-2006, 07:45 PM
Well, she opened you, so don't bother too much with openers. Jump in to a DHV about being a hair model or something along those lines. Don't come off as try-hard or braggardly (is that a word?). Or hell, ask them an opinion about your hair.
you: oh, yeah, by the way. See I need a female opinion about this, because in my business the only hairstylists the get to work with me are gay men. (reading this a second time, it makes you sound more like a hairstylists, but if she asks, correct her.) But would you [insert some hair factoid/opinion garbage here].
her: oh, what business are you in
you: Well, I used to be a hair model, but [another dhv story, perhaps]

05-31-2006, 02:50 AM
I would say well maybe if your lucky, I will let you run your fingers run thru it later, and then go right into an interesting opener routine, you still need a good hook to get her interested. After that go into c&f and take it from there.

05-31-2006, 02:59 AM
Yea, no female opinion or bs..
The opener is for openning, if she comes to talk to you, she's open.
Go to a Dhv Story, if it's related.
If you don't have one appropriate, Put some fluff man! Talk to her, she' not gonna run away after playing with your hair. After a bit of fluff, you'll fall in a topic that remindes you of a dhv story .....and Bam!
You say the story and you got value now, attraction starts to build.

06-01-2006, 05:49 AM
After you let her touch your hair, if she likes your hair, neg her on her hair, tell her it looks better up/down. From there i would run time constraint and tell her to ease of the hair, other girls pay to do what your doing for free... and go from there.. just be creative and confident..