View Full Version : My Revised DHV Story

05-29-2006, 04:08 AM
…Somewhere in conversation bring up Thailand, maybe through scuba diving.
Me: I was in Thailand with my cause my girlfriends’ dad lives over there and he wanted to see his family before the tourist season went crazy. Anyway her dad knows like owns this club on the island called the Green Mango. It’s crazy; It’s like the second biggest outdoor nightclub in the world or something.
This British guy started bothering my girl and at first I let it go because she can normally handle herself with ease as she is kind of used to unwanted attention. But this guy just wouldn’t let up and every time I looked at him his eyes were fixed on her. I decided to confront him and I can remember walking over trying to look calm and, but I was really thinking “Fuck I hope this guy hasn’t got a gun or a knife?, as I can remember my girlfriends Dad telling me how readily available they are in Thailand.
Anyway after a few confused words, because of the language barrier, I managed to talk him down without the situation getting out of hand.
Things must have looked worse than they were though because the bouncer stopped by afterwards and shouted us both a drink to make sure things were smoothed over.
We ended up chatting for like half an hour about what we have been doing on the island and where we were from.