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12-14-2005, 04:36 AM
Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has the answer to this sarge.
I am from Perth Western Australia and was sarging at one of our city hotels on the weekend. Anyway I was with 2 freinds (not PUAs). We had just been to dinner I was keen to try some lines on the way home .
Anyway back to the story...So I was intrinsically motivated to strike like a cobra. I convinced the guys to call in to a bit of a hot spot on the way home for a quick field test.
We walked into the hotel and it was about a 1:1 ratio of the sexes. One of my friends ordered some drinks in a laid back manner but I was keen to strike...and remembering the 3 second rule, the sooner the better.
I approached 2 young girls (18-20) I am 40 yo but have been told I look about 33-35...This attempt was going nowhere and I decided to parashut before I totally crashed and burned.
After a few minutes of consolidation another young girl was walking past and I decided to comment on her T-shirt. She looked at me in a kinda strange way probably thinking that I was stupid not knowing the meaning of her T-shirt (it was some kind of alternative record label that probably about 50 people in Perth actually new something about).
This was not looking 2 good. My friends werent saying much or approaching in fact they almost felt like anchors. I had to get away and go for a walk.
I walk around the other side of the bar and noticed a 2 set sitting in a lounge seat. It looked an inviting prop as there was two chairs opposite and a nice table in between.
I walked past them and concluded that this was an opportunity. I turned around and sat in one of the opposite chairs and opened the set.
The conversation seemed to chug along slowley. I actually forgot to add in a time constraint. This would have help me disarm any commitment but man... I just forgot to use it.
I needed to pull something out of the bag so I used "Jealous girlfriend line. The girls loved this story and I could not shut them up...It was on fire. I started finding out all about them.
One girl was from Sydney and in Perth for a week. This idea was good as this could be a quick casual experience.
20 minutes passes and suddenly my friend taps me on the shoulder and says "we are going in about 5 minutes". I knew that had I had a good wing things would have been much different.
I talked for a few minutes and went for the number close...I said "How can we continue this conversation some other time"
One of the girls said "I have a boyfreind and he is actually due here any minute" . I looked at the other HB7 and she did not say anything. I did not want to push and decided I was out at that. Whats the old saying? " 3 strikes and your out"
That was it...I decided I was out...for that night at least
Anyone got some ideas on what I could have done to get a successful number close in this scenero??? I spose I could have just asked for it?
Gogocat :)

12-14-2005, 05:24 AM
It's hard to say what is wrong without either seeing your game or sound like i'm dissing it, don't take it the wrong way, i'm just analysing and interpreting your situation...Tryin to help you not hate you my friend.
Your out there running game, well done, thats the hardest part.
Firstly, you didn't go out with the sole intention of sarging,
1, You weren't with wingmen who knew how to back you, or distract an obstacle.
2, I'm gonna guess that you weren't peacocked at all.
When you go out, its a game so prepare for it like a your fighting Tyson. Make sure you look and feel your best, extravagant etc... Why would a younger woman want you? Make it obvious that your different and fun.
How you approach is key, sounds like you neglect magic etc an stick to opinion openers, thats cool but it also comes across that maybe your too keen to seek approval, check your body language, are you relaxed? Are you in control of the conversation and leading it forward? If you demonstrate this then you will be demanding SV from them instead of the opposite.
Don't be in a conversation of monosyllabic answers, lead responses, don't ask where they're from or interrogate them, you're there to game them not interview them.
Because you're older you need to accept that women find this different, its not everday they get gamed by an older guy, older guys are normally pervy and crude, seperate yourself from what ever stereotype they will try to fix on you.
Be in control and show value, i can't stress this enough, so use the mind tricks, ESP, cube, all of that shit, drop a couple negs if needs be, and generally feel confident about yourself, they will eat this shit up and form attraction.
In fact i'd advise subtle negs because your older.
"Attraction is not a choice" David DeAngelo
Buddy its a learning curve, sarge your way to the top of the fuck chain.
Practice your routines and refer back to books etc, be prepared for that HB10 to walk in outta the blue and for you to be able to have her walkin out on your arm,

12-15-2005, 03:01 AM
Gday Unique,
Hey thanks for the feedback...you have made some great points. I have been sarging for years but have only recently started to really learn the tried and tested stuff.
I have had a lot failures in fact I have defenetly crashed and burned more times than succeeding...hahah by a long shot. But hey, I wanna put the past behind and look at it as a painfull learning expereince. I am gonna put my head down and start learning "game strategy".
You really made some good points...I was not peacocked and it was a spare of the moment thing...and since last Sunday I have accumalted around 6 hours more worth of game knowledge that I am about to test out tonight with my usual wing...I will keep you posted.
But Unique...thats good...you have pointed out some great stuff and thats what its about working as a team to succeed:)
Dont you just hate it when you go out with a bunch of friends and start sarging and your friends start acting weird and start trying to sabatarch you. Its like they think women are really limited and extremely limited in supply rather than going in working together as a team to try accumulate as many opportunities as possible...this is the difference between a good wing/friend and a competitor/friend.
Any thoughts on that Unique?... or anyone else?
Best Wishes
Gogocat :)

12-15-2005, 03:15 AM
Glad you appreciated the constructive criticism, keep me posted and i'll do my best to help you out, you're in a community thats here to help, take confidence from that, get out in the field and practice and you'll see the results yourself.
I had a date the other night and i've got one tonight, then i've got a day 3ish come saturday night, i'll writing a field report about it soon coz i've gotta feeling that both will be interesting, be sure to check it out.

Jew Jitsu
12-29-2005, 10:15 PM
Hey GGCat,
Did you specify which girl's number you wanted. It could be that after the first girl explained she had a boyfriend the second girl may have: a. assumed you were talking to first girl and that you were not interested in her or b. thought she would not play second fiddle if the other girl was your first choice.

12-29-2005, 11:34 PM
Hi Jew Jitsu,
Actually it was the other girl I was interested in. She was from Sydney and in Perth for 1 week only. The one that said she had a boy friend was about a 5...I was actually relieved when she said this hahaha
I spose I could have offered to take the other HB7 to some place for site seeing purposes and just plain asked for the number.
Thinking about it now I could have maybe said that my best freind was a tour guide for (some exotic site seeing place) and that if she wanted I could have a talk to him to arrange a free tour...as he has helped me out in the past with such a request.
Then I could have called her and told her that my freind was not available however I know the tour just as good as he does...I could of then taken her on the tour...and work from there ...
what do you think???
Gogcat :)

12-30-2005, 02:13 AM
Your wingmen sucked. One of them should have come up to you after about 5 minutes and run obstacle on the 5. Then that would have given you the opportunity to isolate your HB7.
If I had wings that pulled the crap yours did, I just wouldn't go out sarging with them at all. I'd rather be alone than have wings crap out my game.
When I number close I usually establish a connection with one. Sounds like you asked both and when you got shot down by the UG5 then you lost social value for the HB7.

12-30-2005, 02:34 AM
GoGoCat...a fellow Perth sarger!
Where do you like to sarge my friend?

12-30-2005, 06:23 AM
Yeh...your right there Merlin. They were not my usual wing. I had to walk away and run "game" by myself.
Gday Volttix...its a small world...or is this a big website. Yes my friend...I am a fellow Perth Sarger. My favorite places at the moment is probably the Brisbane. I have also heard the pub at Joondalup is good also. I suppose ones age group also has some influence on the venue. What about you Volttix...where do you sarge? do you have any recommendations???
Hey, I think I found the answer to my initial question.
Page 190 (Mysterys Vensusian Handbook) this is the answer:
While talking say "It would be cool to talk again sometime" and then when she agrees, you pop out the notepad and the pen as if she had requested it, saying "give me your number"
Heres something else you can add:
If she says "why what do you want that for? ...Gogocat: my best friend is a tour guide for (some exotic site seeing place - i.e Perth Art Gallary ) and he always lets me bring a friend and shows us the latest art displays...give me your number and I will arrange it for you"
Then I call her a few days later and tell her that my friend is not currently available however I know the tour just as good as he does...In fact I have to go near there today to have some photos printed. Come keep me company and I will show you the latest art display...apparently its fom the Ming dinesty...
What do you think guys? ... "Phone number close for tourists"
Any comments???
Gogocat :)

12-30-2005, 06:59 AM
Just a few things besides the obvious wingman problems, time constraints, ect. When you opened the set how much attention did you show to your target? Possibly to much? One of the advantages of opening a set is that you have the oppurtunity to make your target wonder why aren't you interested in her. When your 7 threw in the boyfriend factor, did you come back with a smart remark like "Whoa, you think I'm trying to pick you up or something? Sorry, I'm outa your league." Then you possibly could have tried to arrange a time to get together, since pushing for the number would have been ackward. Also, I remember my first time going out with the particular goal of sarging, I was so hyped. I had a load of openers ready, but nothing else. Needless to say I talked to a load of chicks, but only number closed 1. It's good to have some steps in your head of how you plan to demonstrate value. Just remember the only way a sarge is unsuccessful is if you don't learn anything from it. And this is the best place to learn.
The Thrill Is In The Hunt-

12-30-2005, 06:52 PM
Thanks Prodigy,
It was actually the 5 who said she had the boyfrieind and I was paying more attention to her however was more interested in the 7 (the tourist).
It all happened so quick so I did not really get time to build any comfort with them. It was a quick drink on the way home.
You made a good point about the first times. I think the more one sarges the further one gets with each sarge.
Thanks for ya feedback and happy new year
Gogocat :rolleyes:

01-02-2006, 05:27 AM
I am a Brisbane fan!!! Great sarging venue...but shh! Also the Queens down the road is worth a look.
I am keen on the Belgium Beer Cafe in town - not always packed out, if you hit it at 5 pm towards the end of the week or a fri and sat night then you are sure to get some classy HB's!!
I have also had some luck with the leftbank.
let me know if you fnid any other gems, us sargers have to help eachother!!

01-02-2006, 08:30 PM
Thanks for that Volttix
I will check out the B B Cafe. I dont think I have been there before.
Yeh, the Queens is usually good but sometimes can be a bit choppy.
The monkey is always worth a look as you pass it by. You can see the tables inside and whether or not there are female sets at the tables. Its another easy venue to work as it does not get to loud...like the B because the sets dont get distracted and tune in much better to the routines.
Last night there was a 2 set in the middle of the table clouster...they were sitting ducks hahaha
This one is always worth a look as you drive/walk by.
How old are you Voltixx ?
Gogocat :rolleyes:

01-08-2006, 03:54 AM
Sorry mate, was away over the NY period and missed your post. Perth Cup was GOLD for new years!!
I'm 24. Recently out of a 4 year relationship -and enjoying every minute of sarging!!
Good to hear about your attempts at the B and Brass Monkey. I haven't attempted the Brass, but will be sure to give it a go next weekend.
Although nightclubs aren’t an ideal setting, i've found the TheShed to be a good stomping ground as the "outdoors" layout and benches/tables allows for some good interaction. This venue is predominantly 20-25yo based so depends on your target market.
Keep me updated with any new hot spots!! :D

01-08-2006, 04:00 AM
"Have you been to *blah blah blah* in Perth yet? Yeah, it's amazing. Yeah, I'm going with buddies this week."
Insert event. Gauge interest. Ask for number to rondeczvous later at said event. Bar none the EASIEST way to get a number.