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02-13-2010, 04:06 AM
sup guys I am TheCooL.

I'm 28 and a chef in the east side of Orlando. I'm pretty experiened in game both theory as well as in field. though not an mpua I am far from a noob. my style is social circle game and direct day game. my circle is pretty big because of the weekly get togethers at my townhouse (not to brag)

I have dealt with many "puas" that I've met through other forums and they are weirdos to the highest degree or they fabricate stories about the foursome they had with 3 hb10s.

then you get them and the field and they get blown out left and right...
no social proof then get them at one of my socials and they become "that weird guy who keeps trying to do hand writing analysis's" on my friends and now I have to stick up for him!

all true stories.

ok so now that the intro is done here's what im looking for... just like woman a I need social status and social proof. you don't have to be a pro just be knowledgeable...and most of all be honest. i have sticking points too there's no need to impress me.

I won't judge you although I will call you out if I think you're a liar. email me here h3nrylouis@gmail please read what I've written carefully before contacting me. alright guys ttys chao!

02-13-2010, 07:44 AM
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