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05-2006-12, 04:37 PM
It has been a long time coming, I know. My post everyone has been asking about is finished. Here it is in raw form.
There are two things women look for in a prospective mate/man. Keep in mind this post is written under the assumption that the women
being gamed are emotionally healthy, mature women. (And maybe a few highschool girls!)
The two qualities, according to Mystery, are survival value and replication value. While I wholeheartedly agree with this, I do believe
there are more definitive and relevant qualities that go back a whole lot longer than sub-human evolution. If you watch anything from
Jurrasic Park, to a Discovery Channel program on the Sahara, you will be witness to a wild assortment of animals behaving in ways that
seve their societal rank. Before I get to these qualities, I learned more from dog training than anything else. I went to www.leerburg.com
and listened to the free podcast about how make yourself the dog's 'pack leader'. I reccommend this to anyone..it's free with no email
Now to the good stuff. If you watch anything from the behaviors of a t-rex, to a lion, they have things in common when they are the 'pack
leader'. The things they have in common are two; the qualities of the HUNTER and the LEADER. Both of these are intertwined in several
ways, but I have broken it down into cold-hard useful and bite-size information.
Qualities of the HUNTER:
-Ability to withstand sharp pain (Nutrition, Excersize and experiences)
-Proper nutrition (the alpha eats first and gets the best parts)
-Endurance (able to catch prey)(in modern times this is emotional endurance)
-Social relaxation (conserving energy for the hunt)
-Ability to reflexively respond to aggresors (conveyed through DHV stories)
- Calculated thought patterns (able to plan in advance and have goals)
- Goal oriented (Prey drive and quick decision making skills)
- Motivated towards reward, not away from irritabilities
- Motivated to protect peers and assist them in their success/ hunting
- Physical strength and power (communicated through body language)
- Strong eye contact with other males (keep in mind you can smile while you do this too!)
- Intelligence (does not outwardly display it or 'brag')
- Ability to adapt to different environments quickly (socially, of course)
- Evolved and tandem use of ALL sensory systems
Qualities of the LEADER:
- Initiative (be the one who suggests the first idea and the first activity)
- Immediately and politely establishes his rank
- Abilty to show both correction and caring simultaneously
- Commitment (to his peers' and his subordinates' success)
- Courage (ability to be the dominant, aggressive male to protect others)
- Goal oriented (setting goals in very short and long term venues)
- Generosity (sharing with lesser dominant males and giving helpful advice when needed)
- Discipline (putting prioities in order and subordinating desires that don't contribute to goals)
- Provider of security (this means emotional too)
- Planning ahead (he's the one everyone turns to when an emergency takes place)
- Passion (complete ability to fall in love with one's own lifestyle and hobbies)
- Positive mindset (looking for the best) (able to be the rock other pack member will hold onto)
- Listening ability (able to understand the needs of his pack) (making sure the pack knows this)
- Comfort (making sure he is comfortable always so the pack is able to rest assured of no predators)
- Slow movements (able to display vulnerability in the face of a predator) (he's in control of himself)
- Ability to solve problems (this is similar to initiative except with added critical thinking)
- No need to ever make fun of another. Never puts another pack member down. Points out the good.
Become a better 'animal'. We are all animals. The only real difference is a few IPODs, Evian water bottles, SUVs, and hands-free cell
phone kits. YOU are still an animal. Use your instinct. Every single person has the ability to enforce thier rank as the pack leader. Use
your senses, all of them. Try to smell when someone is nervous. Make a conscious effort when you sarge to understand that there is
another animal there with you.....THE WOMAN!!
These qualities are the ONLY things women's unconscious minds are triggered to respond to. Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that
once you get a woman, you should 'relax' and let all of this go. This is a life-long commitment and should be taken seriously. I know that
only about 10% of the people reading this will actually take this to heart, so to that 10%, congrats. You have been plugged into the

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Ok, I listened to the podcast. In summary, when you get a new girlfriend:
1. Keep her in a small cage for the first few weeks so she won't poop on the carpet. If you take her out of the cage, make sure she stays on her leash.
2. If you're done playing with her, offer her a treat in exchange for her toy. It may require sleight of hand to make her chewtoy vanish, so she doesn't remember it.
3. Do not overreact if she bites at first. This is normal behavior for a new girlfriend, but still requires swatting her on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.
4. Make sure she gets her parvo and distemper shots at 7 weeks.
In all seriousness, that was an interesting podcast. The parallels between humans and other predatory mammals in regards to mating and social hierarchy is fascinating.