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05-10-2006, 06:02 AM
My current school is an all-boys sausage farm... to put it bluntly. But me and friends, which i suppose is the popular group of the year, have a huuuge social circle outside of school. In my small city this consists of pretty much all of the same type of group from all shoools, which is the root of this challenging problem.
I moved to the school a year ago, socialized with them, went to high school party, and then :( had a threesome with two girls that are thought of as toootal 'sluts', i hate that term but.... None of the others had lost their virginity yet, and i have a habit, which used to be alot worse, of reacting emotionally to things very strongly. So i reacted to their ridicule that stemmed from me losing it befor them, again and agian and again. Social status *killed*.
The same pattern followed for the next half a year: people ridicule me (i had sex again with same girls a few more times), i reacted, my staturs sunk like the titanic. This was a huge problem because my status was conveyed to all the popular/ hot girls in the city.
I put work into sorting out the emotional problem, and although it still affects me massively i never show it. However, although i still have the same high status group of friends, all of my actions were viewed in the light of me being someone to ridicule.
So i am in the group, actively socialise, am good friends with the most popular ones, but i am the guy all the orbiters use to try and boost their status and it FUCKS UP my social interactions with girls. I cannot get to the high high status i need to effectively game chicks.
Suggestions would be really helpfull, because to run game on the hot girls in my town i need the status... This isn't about gaining status from an unknown posistion, it's about shredding a bad rep and being percieved much more favourably within my group, where i am currently the springboard for orbiters to raise their status...
Thanks, October.
EDIT: background info: age 15, socialise 3/4 nights a week with this large social circle, everybody drinks + alot of stoners etc. In England, where everbody drinks at my age. Girls here are veeerrrrryyy status orientated.

05-10-2006, 12:42 PM
your frames weak
whats your question
dude u had a threesome at 15 and your complaining about your social status?

05-10-2006, 04:10 PM
That's the standard response to everything... your frames weak. My frame obviously isn't or i wouldn't have had the threesome... not that i need to affirm the stregth of my own 'frame' by 'qualifying' myelf. I asked a question, i wanted an answer, not a personality evaluation.
My question is how to get back social status in this group. Yes i did, but i handelled things badly after that, i need to negate the damage, because i'm not going to be having any more of those without any status, as explained.
Any helpful answers?

05-10-2006, 05:05 PM
You don't have to react to thoes kind of behavior, if you do it just shows that their perception of you is stronger than your perception of yourself. Although not doing anything my not be the best solution. If you do react just make sure you don't loose your calm, like you can be pissed, but just don't yell or cry or anything like that :p because that's how you loose your status, by letting those things affect you. If they said you slept with 2 slots etc... you can tell them that you didn't sleep with their mom (in a c/f way :) ) I don't realy know how to regain social status, but if you can prevent from loosing it, that's already a start ;)

05-10-2006, 10:00 PM
wait, so these kids are teasing you for having sex before they did? and then some punk kids who are trying to be part of the cool group are teasing you just to be cool? Call them the fuck out on it.
Orbiter: "haha and blah blah blah threesome blah blah, dont you think i'm cool now?"
You: "who ARE you? Go find new friends, I dont like you"
Orbiter: <hangs head in shame and leaves with his tail between his legs>
Seriously, once these guys' balls drop and they start liking girls, they'll be wishing they had a threesome when they were 14/15. Hell I'm jealous. If some orbiter with no SP tries to AMOG you, blow him out. Read up on amogging tactics.

Rico Suave
05-10-2006, 10:37 PM
Yeah I am confused, other than you having sex with sluts, why are they picking on you for having sex? I am still confused on that part. I feel like if I was in your position I would just laugh in thier face and call them virgins, that was what I was worried about being called out as when I was your age, not the other way around.

05-10-2006, 11:02 PM
look at yourself right now, in this dramatic high school setting where you are perceiving ppl using you as a spring board to bolster their own status, you need to rise above all that, dont buy into their reality, live in yours, a truly high status person doesn't need to acknowledge his status, a truly confident guy doesn't wonder how to make himself more confident.
you need to live in the moment, if no one else wants to live in the moment with you, don't let that affect you, they are not your business.
i am at the top in terms of popularity but i am in no way a conformist, i sit on my little pedastal, nd im friendly nd embracing to everyone.
this is how id handle it.
person: omg are you the guy who had that threesome with those total sluts
me: why do u call them sluts?
person: coz they sleep with everyone lol
me: they don't sleep with everyone, they're just young girls having fun
person: well did you?
me: if you must know sure, we shared a mutual experience together.
person: cool.
another person: so man have u checked ureself for diseases?
me: *nods* every week since i met you :).
deflate it all man, i learnt this from a buddhist monk:
problems are all about perception, when you hold it in front of your face it is the biggest and all consuming thing in the world but if you move it out to the side, then its in perspective, and its only a small part of the world.
if your gaming out of school, and you have a reputation for having a threesome, i think you can pull thru.
nd yer lol ive been in a similar position. and i resonate with EZRyder.
amog ftw.
thats a gg.

05-11-2006, 12:25 AM
^^^^ What he said.
Except I'll also add...I feel your pain man, I go to an all boys school too...one of the main things that helped me overcome it was taking dance lessons..it springboarded me to an entirely new community where I've met several new girls, who then introduce me to even more, and this is in addition to the sarging I do outside my circle.

05-11-2006, 07:41 AM
you basically dont really need to take shit from those loser, they are amogging you so do it back. There still virgins for fuck sake and plus there not even your friends tell the them where the door is. Get your self in a state of mind that these guys are all loser and this is the way it goes read sickboys body lauguage section on the site. For the girls a reputation is everything if you dont get them know you will soon, if they know your sexual active luck well send at least one your way, and you would not even of needed to sarge her. keep the reputation and the improve the body language no girls wants to fuck guys on the spot who look like bums.
my thoughts anywho said to be shared! PEACE

05-11-2006, 10:38 AM
Thanks everyone, some really helpfull answers. i'll try to put this all into action. open_view, i have pretty natural body language anyway, but i'll make some tweaks if needed; i agree with you that it helps loads.
Joining clubs etc. seems like it could really help, and stop me depending on going with my social circle through schoolfriends.
All the other stuff is great too. I'll check out AMOG posts, TD's are the best right?
Other comments welcomed. I'll post about how things go.