View Full Version : ANOTHER of the biggest issues

05-2006-07, 06:56 PM
The utter lack of night game. I personally have troubles with day game because I am a night person. I am most active and most energetic at night. I know I could work on this and make day game better, but just as day game is an important part of a PUAs arsenal, Night game is just as important. Any of you guys have any thoughts or ideas about this, I'm open to suggestion.

05-2006-08, 01:25 AM
Try fake ID. Or, failing that, pump up your social proof at school or wherever you are, and get invited to lots of parties.

05-2006-08, 01:14 PM
Iceman, how would you go about "pumping up social proof"?

05-2006-08, 04:13 PM
and more importantly getting a decent fake :p