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05-07-2006, 05:07 AM
Hi guys, i got my first # close last thurs at college, the HB is in a few of my classes and she seems into me, either that or she just wants to be really good friends or something,
she said she wanted to go shopping with me one day, i said we should exchange numbers so we can organize it one day, thats how i got her #.
anyway i tried ringing her tonight and she didnt answer, i left a message, i probly screwed that bit up, i sounded a bit i dont know, maybe nervous, i was like "hey there, ummm its me Muse88, get back to me when u can".
now my question is, what do i do now? if i call back again anytime in the next few days ill look needy and desperate, should i just wait for her to call back?
if she doesnt call back what should i do or say when i see her outside my next class? should i just ignore her and wait for her to approach me and iniate convo (or is that childish and immature),
or should i go up to her and bust her c/f for not ringing back? (or does that make it look like its a big deal to me and im needy?)
i mean i should be acting like its not a big deal and ive just next her, but how can i imply this to her, has anyone got some lines i could use or say? im just a bit annoyed cause i had high hopes of gettin somewhere with her as she did show some good IoIs, and i mean she gave me her #, i said id ring so we can organize it one day, whats up?

05-07-2006, 10:28 AM
I wouldn't caller back and if she doesnt call you by the next time you hit class wither... you can still chat wither and be buddy buddy... but I'd have a big smile and when ya talk to her I'd tell her about the awesome time she missed out on... Since she didnt go you and who ever went shoppin and had a fuckin blast... "Ahhhh too bad ya missed out my friend!" And then I'd just leave it and let her try and win you back...
Shows you recognize she didnt call but you dont care/ need her to call... your life is awesome anwyays!!!

05-07-2006, 11:12 AM
I would go see her in college and tell her it must sucks that her phone is broken. She may say : "How do you know?" or "No it's not, why?" or "oh sorry if I didn't return your call *insert execuse*". In the first case her phone was realy broken, in the second case you can say "Oh because I left you a message and I exepted you to call back... anyway (get on to another subject" with a relaxed tone of voice and body language, like if you didn't realy care and in the third case you can say "yeah, they all say that" in a c/f tone of voice.
Hope it helped

05-07-2006, 02:08 PM
thnx for the advice guys, yea i think ill just mention what a blast me and my friend and c/f show i dont care, maybe a bit of push and pull after, any ideas how i can reorganize the date, should i imply it or wait for her to "make it up" to me?
EDIT: she must sms me, apologised for missing my call and wants to know whats up

05-07-2006, 03:23 PM
Hey whats up.
Its important that deep inside you really dont care about it. Hey! maybe something happened to her and she has been unavailable. If it has just been one phone call I would try another one cause you never really know what s going on in her life at the time you call. She probably wants that call!! (dont leave a second message!)
And if you see her, get on as if it was somechick that called YOU, and you couldnt get back with her, make new plans.

05-07-2006, 04:30 PM
thnx for the advice guys, ok we set up a meet, although we are goin "shoppin" (it was her idea), i plan on throwing some coffee or something before or after it,
im thinking of kino, c/f, and trying the cube and palm reading on her at coffee, i also thought of a line for when we r goin shopping, if u guys could give ur opinions on it,
when im trying to find some clothes and she is helping, i could say "yea i want to look good for my next date" or i could say "yea i want to look good for our next date"
do u guys reckon any of these r good, or could they be disatrous, ofcourse id have to say it c/f with a smile maybe?
any other ideas how i can make this shopping something more?

05-07-2006, 04:48 PM
Dude-the shopping mall is the home to the best arsnal of negs and DHV's in the land! Imagine
HB "Hey do I look good in this? / Shall I try this on?"
PUA "Nah-you're complexion is all wrong for that-but check this out..."
Neg and DHV-but dont be afraid of looking gay, say you're younger sister/ex G/F worked in fashion.
Shopping is usually quite mundane so spice it up with the Marry / Fuck / Kill game with some kino ( arm in arm )
DHV by telling her you know loads about her personality from her choice of clothes ( style, colour etc ) and the way she approaches shops/browses for clothes ( calm / relaxed / picky / aggressive )
Hope it helps man :D

05-07-2006, 04:53 PM
wow thnx hopper thats some real good advice ill use those, i feel if i dont do anything ill fall into the friend zone, so ive really gota get that kino and attraction goin, im thinking of beginning kino with a hug when we meet, and then guideing her by her should or maybe grabing her hand and leading her to the shops,
any other ideas guys?

05-08-2006, 04:26 PM
I may be blowing off more than I know here. But it sounds to mee like you really like this girl and are becoming outcome dependant. Remember to just enjoy! have fun with her!! Its really cool that you are planning things out, thats gonna help you, but think of it this way: Practice and enjoy, and if she turns into a friend, she ll be a cool friend and introduce you to other hot babes!:D