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05-06-2006, 08:08 AM
NOTE: I did not write this. It is orginally by Mission from SoSuave.net, I'm just reposting it here in the under-21 section because it has some good material in it. Here's a link to the original thread:http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=99691
Alright guys, what this forum really needs right now is a simple post that gets down to the nitty gritty of high school and picking up girls. This post will be divided into: The approach; the number close; the call; the date.
This is very abridged, for more in depth information message me privatley.
The Approach
This is the part that it seems everyone has a hard time with, so I will make sure to go into great detail about how you should work your approaches.
The most important aspect of the approach is not the approach itself, but the first few seconds before it happens, you HAVE to follow Mystery's Three Second Rule, if you do not you will have much less chance of having a successful approach, if you do not obey this rule, then DO NOT do the approach. As soon as you see a cute girl you would like to talk to, I want you to walk right up to her, head up, and if she is looking in your direction, give eye contact, it may seem wierd at first, but it establishes an immiediate connection with her. I am not going to give you any lines to use once you get to her, but I suggest avoiding introducing yourself right away, if you can't come up with anything witty to say at least say "Hi". She may give you a *****y look and turn away, or she may be friendly back. If she is a *****, ignore it, doesn't matter, move on right now because that girl is not worth a cent of your time. If she responds in a friendly matter, jump into a conversation with her, start with something witty initially, grab her attention, I want you to bust her balls as well, throw in a little neg here and there to keep her on her toes. Let the conversation flow naturally, if you can't think of anything to say, then say goodbye and move on because you will never be able to lay her if you can't even hold a decent conversation.
Remember, when you approach a girl you are trying to see if she meets YOUR criteria, not the other way around, if you aren't enjoying the conversation then forget about it and move on, they key aspect of approaches is the idea that, if you are friendly and talkative to many girls that you see on a day to day basis, you are far more likely to run into one that you really hit it off with and can pursue a relationship with further. Don't be scared, you enjoy talking to people don't you?
If you are having trouble with your confidence, spend some time walking with your head up and making eye contact with people, and then progress that into saying "hi" to anyone that is near you, you will find in time that most people are far more friendly than you think they are going to be.
The Number-Close
So, you are having a great conversation, things are flowing really nicely and you know you want to see her again. You need to get her number, the most crucial part of getting her number is to be the first to exit the conversation, this shows her that you are not needy, and it also shows her that you have other things to do other than give her attention. The absolute best thing to do to get a number is to not get a number at all, this is highschool remember, girls respond oddly to getting their number asked for, here is a solid line, "listen I have to run, but its been nice talking to you, how bout I get your e-mail and we can chat again?" the girl will nearly almost give out her e-mail, and now you are open to be able to get a number from her at a later date once you have planned something with her, you can even ask her for her number after you get the e-mail, as she will give it to you now since info is being shared. Also, note how you don't say, "its been good talking to you, so MAYBE I can get your e-mail", never say maybe, it is weak, say, "so lets exchange e-mails" or "how bout I get your e-mail", just be confident in your tone and in your question, she will respond.
The Call
This is going to be a quick area, but it is infinetly important. So here is the situation, you have a number, or an e-mail; now it is time to plan a time to get together.
Situation One: Phone Call
The most important aspect of this call is your confidence, do not call her if you are nervous about getting rejected. The girl gave you her number, she obviously expects you to call. So here you are, you have waited a couple of days to call her, but what do you say? How do you not sound too desperate? Well it is really simple, remember you are still trying to qualify this girl to see if YOU want HER, get it? So here is the formula: Introduction + Plan + Time = Date. You say NOTHING more than those 3 things. You first do a quick intro, "Hi this is ____ from _____" if she remember you she will say "oh hey how are you" or similar, just be ready for that, say how you feel and ask her the same, but keep it at that. Next, have a plan ready, it is as simple as this, "I'd like to get together with you to continue our convo from the other day, so lets go grab a coffee on _____day" or anything you want, remember you just have to be natural, you should just make it seem like you are making plans to chill together. Now, if she says yes, simply make a definite time, and that is that. However, be prepared for a possible no, if she says no, and offers no alternative, simply say "oh thats too bad, well have a good night/day then", and forget about it, its over, go find another girl. If she says no and offers an alternative however, rolll with it, don't give into exactly what she wants, compromise with her on a good time for BOTH of you, not just her, try not to accept the first offer that she makes, as it makes you look weak minded.
Situation Two: E-Mail
It is as simple as this.
"Hey this is ____ from the other day, we should get together sometime to continue our conversation over a hot cup of coffee. Get back to me if you are interested, you can reach me at ###-####.
That's it, keep it short and simple, outline your intentions, if she is interested she will call you back, you have made the step and thats all that matters, if she isn't interested again, just forget about it.
Both situations are just about being confident and concise, no girl wants a long winded e-mail or phone call, just get to the point and get on with the rest of your life, plan to get together with her like you might to meet up with a new male-friend who you have just met.
The Date
This is so simple guys, you have talked to her before, she is interested to come hang out, be on time, stick to your plan, and let it be relaxed and enjoyable. Do not try and force yourself all over her, flirt with her, smile, be relaxed. You are both there to have a fun time, things like hand holding, kissing and etc will come as the date progresses, don't sit there thinking "should I try and hold her hand now, should I try and kiss her, oh god what do I do!". Keep it simple, I want you to go out and have fun on your dates, do unique things, drive her to a nice lookout spot and bring some food to eat. If its summer, bring soccer balls and basketballs if you want to have some fun bonding (of course be at least a bit good at the sport!). Just think of what you would like to do. If the girl shows up and she is dressed to impress, compliment her on it, open doors for her, sit in close proximity to her. Finally at the end of the date, if you want a kiss, judge her demeanor, walk her to the door, see if she is in a hurry to get out of there, or if she hangs around a little bit, if she procrastinates, just look her in the eye and stop talking for a moment, and then lean for the kiss. And last but not least, DO NOT say, "so how about a second date?" wait a couple of days and then call her to chill, plan an informal meeting with her.
* Remember you are dealing with girls in highschool, they are prone to ridiculous hormones and so they will flake sometimes, brush it off.
* Remember to be relaxed, you are qualifying her, she should be as much a prize to you, as you are to her
* Try not to game as much in your school, it is too difficult to play multiple girls in one school, if you are looking for a long term relationship however, I do advise looking at school, just make sure you find someone you are extremely compatible with or things can get very messy later.
* Get a driver's license as soon as possible, being able to drive is a huge asset to you
* Get a job, or take up an organized sport, if you get a job, get something cool and unique, (eg, I have worked as a bike mechanic and a bartender in highschool so far) this helps show the girl that you have a life, and you are unique, if you work at the supermarket, nobody cares
* Keep your room at home clean and organized, and put some interesting things in there, because when you get the girl home you want her on your bed don't you? So keep it made, and keep the floors clean
* Keep yourself groomed, keep your clothes clean and develop a style that works for you (hint: baggy clothes do not work at all, get clothes that will accent your shape)
* Go to the gym and get some muscle, not too much, but you want to look good when she takes your shirt off
* Be prepared for any situation, learn how to let bad experiences roll off your back and learn from them, it is very difficult to be successful one hundred percent of the time
* Finally, remember that alot of highschool girls are virgins, so if you want to **** them, you will either have to date them, or have amazing game, I will post another Bible on getting intimate in a few days

Yellow Playa
05-07-2006, 01:26 AM
very very well put there
if you're gonna "game" a popular chick when she's around 16 she most probably is not a virgin though.

05-08-2006, 01:21 PM
i like its pretty good. i have noticed alot of the game you learn in pickups books dosent really work in a highschool situation. it seems like the girls just dont know themselves well enough to undersand the things you throw their way so it seems like the simple things work the best.