View Full Version : The Need for Drink

09-23-2009, 05:56 PM
i was just reading over the this forum and it reminded me of a thing me and my buddies did a while ago...

when we are drinking (before we go out) we usually like to play drinking games to get the mood going and get people loose, but on this particular night we didn't have any cards or coins to play with so drinking game seemed impossible. instead of giving up, we decided to each take a number, and then text everyone on our phones to text back a number between 1-5. if someone texts back your number then you have to drink/nominate a drink.

here the drinking game isn't so important (although it was fun!). what i vividly remember was all the curious texts i got the next morning asking needing to know what why i had asked them to tell me a number.

this game was born out of genuine desperation to drink, but i have lately been thinking of the pickup possibilities of it.

good icebreaker
-have a life
give good opportunity to tease... for instance i remember alot of girls texted back 2.5 or something like that, so i would rip on them for being a smart ass/dork/nerd whatever, tell them to play by the rules and that it was of upmost importance.
you'll be having so much fun drinking that you wont feel the need to etxt back straight away.

feel free to give thoughts suggestions etc. or even similar things that you use.