View Full Version : When a woman says her qualities, what next!

09-21-2009, 04:33 PM
Been thinking about this for a while, been talking to this girl and I think she is pretty cool, I asked her to tell me her qualities and she did in the following message:

Girl:i am very blunt (i dont hold my toungue but know how to word things if needed), very head strong, and very independent

What's a good response to this that could amp up some attraction?

This what I thought about saying

That's impressive you dont see a lot of strong women out there doing it on theyre own. My mom raised 3kids w/o a father and she gave us everything and I loved her so much for not being dependent.

Omg, you wont believe the crazy day Ive had, I get up this morning and go to burlington to buy some new clothes, while i'm trying on clothes I go to take pictures of myself in the phone. When I look at the phone, its cracked on the screen and all white...so I'm just disgusted, but funny thing was I was still able to call people and talk i just couldnt see any text messages..I bought a new phone, so there was no need to panic. The good news of today, the place that i bought the phone from is hiring and I applied theyres a good chance that I'm in there. My buddy from the high school works at a corporate office for metro, and he said that he would put in a good word. Needless to say, something good came out of something bad lol. Anything crazy happen to you, recently?