View Full Version : alright help me out here

09-18-2009, 02:16 PM
So there is this girl that I go to camp with who is my age(17). I hooked up with her at camp which doesnt really mean she likes me because pretty much most of camp hookups dont involve the people liking each other, they're just hooking up to hook up. So camp has been over for a month now and we have hung out a lot lately..at first it was all about the pussy for me but now I've really started to like her..I want her to like me as I like her..pretty sure she would fall for the whole hard to get thing but Im not sure how to play it..How do I also show interest in her without showing too much interest because shes the type of girl who likes guys that arent into her..I might have showed her last night that I like her a little too much..how can I recover from this..sorry I know a lot of questions but I really like her and need your guys help..thanks a lot guys