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05-02-2006, 05:07 PM
Have you guys found that once leaving high school, you find that high school chicks are a lot hotter?
I went to an all boys school so I've found that my rating for chicks in like years 11-12 are higher now then when I was in year 12. Do you guys find them a lot easier to sarge then for example say nightgame?
I personally haven't approached any yet because I really dont want to be seen as a creep. On the ones I've tried mm method on they have seemed to really like it, unfortunally most of them are friends sisters.
- ashor.

05-02-2006, 05:12 PM
What's wrong with friend's sisters? As long as the friends are cool with it.

05-02-2006, 05:20 PM
Dude your not even 21 yet. I dont think any 11th or 12th grade girl is gonna be creeped out. However i do not hitnk its better than night game, or college game for that matter.

05-02-2006, 08:12 PM
Shit i would say high school girls are hot... and without a doubt if i had the chance i would do one! but man if you are following a program that helps you pic up women not little girls why not doing . Like to be realistic you need no game to pic up a high school girl or better said you do not make your skills any better. In my Opinion if youre in this age range man you should shoot for the stars man and you'll be surprised on what you can accomplish! It might sound weird but fuck older women are more fun! and im not saying like 10 years older just saying im dating or i have dated an older woman will give you DHV... BUT SHIT MAN HAVING FUN IS HAVING FUN! so I say go for both

05-03-2006, 08:07 AM
The great thing about high school girls is that no matter how old you get they always stay the same age.

05-03-2006, 07:02 PM
hahaha thats tru, i have been told im blessed. I am on track for school and ever meet the guys say how hot the girls at our school are. Especially the all boys schools.

05-03-2006, 07:10 PM
It's a phenomenon--they DON'T get hotter. All that happens is that they garner the fashion style via magazines, etc that we have al been programmed to find attractive. Combine that with the fact that all men think they can (and deserve to) land any girl and BANG--you have that misconception.
I will tell you this though, FAKE TITS are at an all-time high. When I was in high school over 10 years ago, 1 girl had fakies. One out of about 200 in my senior class. I assume that ratio is more like 20/200 by now.
Bro--if she's of age and you're under 24, go for it!!!! If uyou are even decent at MM, you'll be a rockstar!!!
Ask Vincent Chase for advice and some stories. PM him.

05-03-2006, 07:30 PM
Thats not true. I go to a private school in Orange County, and not one girl in my senior class has fake ones. Every year a few (liek 3 maybe) get fake tits for graduation present, but its not as common as u would assume. I would say its alot around college age. OO and one of the girls that got them 2 years ago, had a tumor in her breast so was forced to at least get something to look normal so she went big. And she is VERY attractive.

06-23-2006, 01:38 AM
i totaly agree the older i get the hotter all women look to me