View Full Version : Advice needed on text..

09-04-2009, 06:07 AM
I recently started getting attracted to a girl that is my neighbor however the country I live in is different, girls usually do not walk out of their homes without their father or brothers etc and if a stranger talks to a girl it is believed to be 'offense' by the community.

However I got her mobile fone number from her friend and started as:

Me: Hiii ABC hru?? wasup?
no reply...

Me (after some hours): Heyy u there?
Her: Who are u?

Me: Are you ABC right?
Her: Yes, who are you?

Me: XYZ here, jus wantd 2 kno watsup there?
Her: What u want to kno? Where did u get my number from?

Me: Nuthin to be concerned about, just wantd 2 keep up wid you.. Keepin da number thng aside cud we jus chat 4 a while?
no reply...

Well I know I was terrible but I am a newbie and at dat that time I was quite nervous.. Any chances of recovery? your advice is appreciated. It has been some 24 hours since our texts.