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08-29-2009, 12:47 PM
These are a collection of text messaging sequences from targets that I've either nexted, or gone close to going cold. I don't believe that you should come to the point where a girl thinks your a total douche bag, or idiot, or just this creepy guy. I'd like to keep the ideology, "Leave them better than you met them."

Here are examples of almost cold sets:

So I met Cynthia, a girl I've known since fucking Kindergarten, the thursday before school started at Fiddlers Green.

The next day I gave her a call and she didn't respond until late that night.

HB: Hi! I just got your vm I'm @ a wedding, if you had a show I hope it went well!

PUA: Cute! Ur getting married? Wat kinda cake are you having?

HB: No a friends wedding! Hahahahahah and chocolate cake!

PUA: Ewwww choco cake is gross!!! It's all about birthday cake! U should try it sometime.

* no reply

My first day of school, I number closed this HB with a Texan Ganster accent. Her name was Kate. It was one of those 5 minute quick style number closes.

PUA: U remind me of vitamin C. . .

HB: Haha y?

PUA: Hah! Y'know orange hair, kinda orangey face, kinda obvious. Don't worry though Vitamin C's hot!


PUA: Ok, well I'm tired and sleepy. Imma go sleep, chat wit u later! Nite! (I was taking a nap around 4pm)

HB: Night

I woke up at 8:30 and decided to give her a call. She didn't pick up.

(The next morning)

HB: Sorry I missed your call yesterday.

PUA: Eww were so getting a divorce! I'm taking half ur things, the car, and the house, ur taking the 5 kids. . . . and the cat!

HB: Lol

Then I called again. No answer.

HB: I'm in class.

Isis. Yet another 5 minute number close. She had a tatoo on her back which was also sweaty when I met her.

PUA: Is this the Egyptian goddess with the perspirated back.

HB: thanks for the reminder. .. but yes it is

PUA: Show tonight. Castro area. You coming?

HB: ah man i can't make it. . i won't be in the city tonight, sorry!

* I never replied.

A few days later I decided to text her again and try out a mainstream text:

PUA: We have a serious problem!

HB: ?

PUA: I just got back from the doctors, I'm PREGNANT! It's yours. You owe me child support.

*No reply (This was a stupid uncalibrated text, I should've anticipated her not replying)

At 8 pm that night I decided to text her again.

PUA: I never anticipated that you'd be so exciting.

(The next morning)

HB: haha i'm sorry i guess i'm a shitty txter backer.

* I never replied. Instead I saw her in front of my class where I met her in the first place and said hello. I was late, so I couldn't chat it up.

Erin the clinger

This is just some examples of clingy texts:

HB: Hey Jonathan, I just got back from Las Vegas and my phone died during the trip. Moreover I forgot the charger.

HB:. . . . how r u?

HB: Hey Jonathan, I am back to the city. (she went to Tahoe) R u doing anything interesting this week? Let's go for drinks if you want

HB: Hey there!!! I called you yesterday. .. . .