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05-01-2006, 07:20 PM
How can I make friends with a girl without her feeling attraction for me and without me looking like a wuss. Kinda like a relationship that a wuss or a gay guy has with his friends.
Of course im still gonna game other girls. But I DO NOT LIKE TO GAME girls within MY SOCIAL CIRCLES. I mean when my friends introduce a friend of theirs I just want to be there friends too without her throwing IOI's at me. JUST FRIENDS.
I do not want to look like a wuss or gay. But I have seen dating shows like "Next", "Elimidate", etc.. that when the girls dismiss the guy she says "Hes more like a friend then a partner".
I want to have girl friends who I can tell stuff like, "Who I like" or "Should I go for this girl" kinda stuff.
But before that phase can happen there must be a few stuff I have to do before that.
Can someone help me,

05-01-2006, 07:23 PM
Let them get attracted then LJBF them.
I've been doing this alot lately. I figure I'm due about 570 more times before I'm even with females for the number of times they've done it to me.
lol :D
For real though, if you just want to be friends with them... then be friendly. Open doors for them, pull out their chair, take their coat...offer them drinks. I'm exceptionally good at all this, which is why it's taking me a while to get the hang of pu.

Danny Ocean
05-01-2006, 07:48 PM
Dude! It's easy... don't flirt, don't escalate kino, just hang out and enjoy each other's company... talk about other girls with her, get her opinion on stuff...
You wont look like a wuss if you are leading the interaction and you are leading it towards a LJBF relationship, plus if you speak to her about other girls then this will reinforce your frame, you are an alpha male, you choose the girls you want to go out with and the ones you want to be friends with...
A plutonic relationship with a girl is a great thing, there is alot of value to be gained from this.
Good Luck.

05-01-2006, 10:43 PM
No. you SHOULD flirt and keep up with kino. If you don't, that's going to be a very stagnant friendship. You should do everything you would do when gaming a girl ( You do want her to like you, don't you) except for a few things. You need to leave out:
Scarcity (sp?)- Call this girl semi-often. GO have lunch.
False-Disqualifiers- No point.
An excess of DHV stories- again, there is no point.
Also, you should almost immediately start talking about relationships, interests you have, interests she has, and so on. Trust me, I've done these things for a long time, unfortunatly, it was unintentional. Anyway, goodluck. Becoming friends with girls can only help you meet other ones.