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08-22-2009, 12:25 PM
ok so I'll give you guys the real story, I went to pickup my friend and 2 girls tagged along with us , we went to this bar and the hot one gave me her number out of the blue, she was with this guy at the biggining of the night so I just stole him discretly from her , we went in my car with my friend and him to smoke and the Hb would always show up at my window to see what we were doing,
I played everything well and showed no interest in her at first i even ignored and left her out of the fun,its like she was begging for attention, i get that real hot girls always get what they want so I intentionnaly left her appart of the fun just to see her come looking for us, I noticed a thing with these real hot girls AFC do anything so the girl has ''fun'' but if you dont do anything and even steal her friends away from her she'll come running behind to see what your up too, all worked well she gave me her number and right before leaving she wisperes in my ear .. text me.
I am a funny person so it isnt hard for me to make her laugh, we had fun that night and I joked around with her , perfect for call back humor

so I texted her like the next afternoon here it goes ( I didnt always answer right away since I was driving) :

me:hey its me , the guy in red from yesterday who dances really well ( we made fun of that guy a couple times during the night)
her: your kidding me right?
Me: yeah lol its me kev
her : oh okk loll:P
Me : so what your doing today?
Her : shopping with my mom , you?
Me: I was going to this amuzment park but i didnt wake up , i didnt get sleep till 8 cause my parents were drunk and wanted me to clean the basement at 5 in the morning ( im 18 and so is she ).
Her: LOLL!! OKK!
Me: but now Im dropping my car at the garage unless you still want to take a look at it loll:P
Her : LOL! NO I'm ok!:P
Me: you kinda looked like a professionnal when you tcheked my car yeasterday.
Her : hhe boy! seriously i know how to work around cars but your subs I just dont know =0 LOL
Me: You know how to change a tire at least :P
Her: Im not that stupid LOll
Me: i never said that but know that you bring it up :P
Her: Eill :| LOLL
Me : You know it was a joke :P
Her: of course :P
( I drop my car in the garage and text her after that )
Me : I'm officially on foot now
her: LOL

I didnt answer as i felt i didnt have to. I stopped texting her for the day

Now id like to get something out of this number , it seems to flow well between us two but i dont know how to re introduce to ask her out.
we talked about seeing each other but it wasnt really serious. Any ideas on a text i could send now? its been almost day i havent texted her so its quite urgent but I think I did well.

thing is I dont have my car for a couple of days and i hate planning stuff too far along so I taught of this text :
Once i get my car back we have to go to montreal , i know this really nice place in the old port, your gonna go crazy!

You guys got anything better , i feel this one pretty weak

08-22-2009, 03:08 PM
She sounds border line retarded from those texts. That or at the very minimum unchallenging for a 10. Proceed as normal as it doesn't sound like a special case to me. Read the phone game and text game stickies. Its all about how to get day twos.

08-23-2009, 04:09 AM
The whole conversation is in french sorry for shitty traduction.