View Full Version : First Text Game, where to go from here?

08-16-2009, 09:59 AM
hey guys,

I did my first afternoon of approaches yesterday. 3 number closes and texted one (HB7.5) last night. She works at an art supply store, and have talked to her twice prior within the last two weeks.

(1. she had to get a huge ladder to get down an item i was lookin at and she is a tiny girl. 2. said she was going home to do dishes after work. 3. said she works so much she practially lives there)

wm: (her name), Get down from that ladder! :)

hb: hey (text sig. her nickname)

wm: Who is (nickname)

hb: Im (her nickname)

wm: Oh, hey (nickname), Im slow, lol. Hows that dishwashing goin?

hb: Just got home, hanvent started yet

wm: Lucky for you I did mine earlier today! Nah I wouldnt make you do mine too!

hb: Good, cause I dont even like to do mine

wm: Yea, they suck! Do you have any plans when the homemaking is done?

hb: My sis is comin over, but she hasnt texted me yet.

wm: K, Im gonna watch a movie a little later, you are welcomed to come by!

hb:Um... K

wm: I can give you directions, how long do you think?

hb: Silly, I told you that Im hanging out with my sister night

wm: Oh, I thought you were leading me on! Cant trust people that live at stores!

hb: Ok.....

wm: Kiddin! :) What are you guys gonna do?

hb: we are gonna play Nintendo all night, then go play tennis

wm: Sounds like a blast! The invite is still good for while if she doesnt show up.

hb: k

wm: If I dont hear from you have a great night! :)

hb: k, you too

Probabablly too much, too soon? She replied within minutes, and I was waiting 10-15 minutes to reply. Any feedback would be much appriciated!

08-16-2009, 05:47 PM
It looks like you were inviting her to hang out with you too soon before creating an attraction or interest in you that makes her want to hang out with you, instead of you just giving her the choice to hangout with you or not.

I probably wouldn't have invited her over since she said she had plans. She is more invested in her sister then you so she will say yes to hanging out with her sister over you because she doesn't have any investment with you. You want to wait for a time when you're both free to offer to hangout because you want to start out with her saying yes to you when you ask her out, not no.

Since you've only met her at her store I probably wouldn't have invited her to my house. You should have invited her out to a local restaurant to chat or have a couple of drinks.