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08-11-2009, 09:59 PM
Hows my frame?

Hey so I'm going to leave this raw and let it be just the dialogue and some little specs of laughter. I don't want to put commentary or narrate because I want people to see my phone game for what it is and interpret it in their own way. This is entirely phone game, not text game, phone game.

HB: “Hello?”
PUA: “Hey!” “So guess what!”
HB: “What?”
PUA: “I’m going to school next week.”
HB: “Oh” “I thought you graduated?”
PUA: “Oh” laughing “Did I say I graduated?”
HB:“Yeah. . .”
PUA: “I meant to say I dropped out.”
HB:“Oh that’s cool!”
PUA: “So how’s Irvine?”
HB: “What??? Irvine?”
PUA: “Oh I meant how’s Santa Cruz?”
HB: “haha no.” Laughing
PUA: “Oh so how’s Davis!”
HB: “It’s good. I actually want to go to Santa Cruz.”
PUA: “Eww why there.”
HB: Laughing, “I just want to go to the Boardwalk.”
PUA: “For School?”
HB: “No I just want to go there.”
PUA: “Santa Cruz has ugly beaches.”
HB: “Well I just want to go to the Boardwalk, I haven’t been there since I was nine.”
PUA: “Oh so you’re just going to go alone, and by yourself.”
HB: “No I’ll be going with friends.”
PUA: “You’re gunna bring David? He’s going to show off his Chinese six pack abs.”
HB: “I don’t want a six pack.”
PUA: “You don’t want a six pack?”
HB: “Yeah I want to be toned.”
PUA: “Oh ‘you’ want to be toned.”
HB: “Well yeah!”
PUA: “So you don’t like guys with six packs.”
HB: “Uhhh ummm not really.”
HB: “I like normal guys.”
PUA: “That’s because you only date Chinese guys!”
HB: “Yeah what’s wrong with that.”
PUA: “You’re such a loser.”
HB: “Shut up!” Laughs “Well I dated this one Japanese guy once.”
PUA: “Oh WOW that’s so different.”
HB: “Shut up!” Laughs “Just him and Chinese guys”
PUA: “So I’m eating the greatest brownie ever,” brownie munching sounds, “It’s so good.”
HB: “I don’t like brownies.”
PUA: “WHAT! You don’t like brownies. You don’t like six packs, brownies, and anything but Chinese guys! Something’s seriously wrong with you.”
HB: “Shut up!” Laughs.
PUA: “I’m like everything BUT Asian too. I’m like everything that’s around China. Hawaii’s around China, Thailand is around China, Norway is around China, Portugal is around China, Spain’s around China.”
HB: “Yeah?”
PUA: “Yeah, and I have a six pack, so you totally lost you’re chance.”
HB: “uuhhh okay.” Eerie low energy from her “So David’s on the other line.”
PUA: “Are you seriously choosing David over me,”
HB: "haha" Laughs.
PUA: “I could do that too, David’s on my other line then too!”
HB: “He’s seriously on the other line.”
PUA: “Okay later button!”
HB: “No seriously he’s on the other line.”
PUA: “Okay bye”
HB: “Bye. . . “

I didn't use any routines here and it was pretty played freehand.