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08-03-2009, 12:58 PM
i got this girl's number from a party, and i want to set up a day 2 with her. however, i'm pretty sure that if i just directly try to do this, i will get flaked on (and i'll be darned if i let that happen!).
do you think i should try building comfort in a phone convo first, and then set up a meet? or comfort via text, does that have higher success rates?

if not, i'm wondering if i should set up plans, and then pre-emptively cancel them and reschedule, thus throwing her off by me canceling and rescheduling, thus implying higher value, that i'm not some desperate creep, and making it less likely that then she will try and flake. do you think i should do this? has anybody successfully (or unsuccessfully tried) pulled this off?
i found a few questions similar to this, but has anyone actually tried this successfully on a day 2?
(note: i am talking about rescheduling plans a day in advance/earlier the same day, not flaking out on showing up.)
anything else i should be focusing on that i don't yet have the experience to watch out for?

responses are appreciated ASAP please, as i am going to be calling the girl to set up a day 2 today (date of posting) and probably setting it out a couple days.

08-03-2009, 01:03 PM
Theres a couple threads on phonegame, textgame and the like callback humour
planting seeds etc,
They were very helpful for me