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07-30-2009, 11:51 PM
Okay I've been seeing this girl a couple of weeks we have got pretty close
it's all going well I can tell she's really into me like to the point I can see this
progressing into a relationship but she went on holiday to Greece this Sunday she's been texting me alot but I received this text and I'm not sure if she's jus trying to make mr jealous or what...?!

The text:

Haha it wnt b costin u! Its costing me 11p per text, mine r usually unltd! I dnt wna no how much ive spent so far lol i h8 stickin2 1page its so hard, i keep givin up lol im goin2explore sme abandoned boats with a dude cald russ hu used2b a photographer! And he's a singer/ songwriter!! Gna teach me some guitar! Hes my new idol haha:) it's already thursday so the next week will fly by! You not in oceana? :p Xx

abandoned boats with a guy WTF?

Thanks in advance,

07-31-2009, 06:08 AM
abandoned boats with a guy WTF?

Sure, it could be that shes trying to make you jealous....or it could be real! Either way, just let it be. If shes trying to make you jealous then you have nothing to worry about and the more unresponsive to something like this you are, the more your stock will rise.

Suppose its real though. Okay, shes on vacation, she met a cool guy in Greece and you know what, maybe theyre gonna bang all week! Tell me you wouldnt do the same if you were her, even if you were talking to a cool girl back home. Assuming this is true, she comes back home and its all over. Shes back to you. Jealously is a killer. Dont show it.

What I would do is text back something like, "Nice! Sounds like you're having a great time over there!" This may not be how you feel, but it shoes complete non-neddiness on your part which is what you need to do. Then, I would become suddenly more distant until she returns. Flip it! Make her wonder what youre up to! Dont text back after like 10pm because you are busy! If she asks why just tell her you were out with friends, had plans last night, etc. Tell her what a great time you had. Dont tell her about the chick you met because that will definitely seem tacky. Dont be an ass, continue to be friendly, just be distant...and DO have a great time! If she texts you in the morning, dont text back for a few hours because you had a hangover etc. You catch my drift!

Its important to remember that you guys are not dating so abandoned boats with a guy WTF? does not work. You actually have no reason to question her actions because right now she is just some girl you are talking to. Just like she has no right to question yours. So, go out, have a great time, at the very least pretend like youre having a great time, and let her know about it in the subtle ways mentioned. Start immediately.

Good luck!

07-31-2009, 08:34 AM
Yeah cool that's how I approached it told her about the party I'm throwing at my house on saturday and all that n just ignored the comment. But yeah I can't really talk myself I've been meeting a few other girls and that, I just like this girl a bit more than normal lol but I'm gonna take it as it comes and I'm being a bit distant done pretty much what you said thanks for the advice I feel more cool about it now

08-01-2009, 01:56 AM
update : russ = 60 something year old guy. so it's cool but stil a bit weird lol

08-04-2009, 06:45 PM
Dude chill out. It's a girl, there are billions of them correct? I use to be clingy and needy but when they continue to play games you eventually say f*** it. Learn to not care dude, forget about her even though she will always be in your mind.

She could just be lying to you, trying to see how you reply. Many times like that I ignore it, yea the comment might be eating me alive like some disease but you gotta bite the bullet and realise you have balls.