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04-28-2006, 07:03 PM
Now lets say someone forgets to timebridge, or they ask the mystery line i would like to continue this convo and they just dont seem to get it, and you get the number. If a girl has scheduling issues when you call to ask her to the mall, sushi, whatever, do you guys concede and say well when are you free, or do you not rearange anything to get together with her and just go into routines and hang up. I was reading Rains guide to phone game and it was very helpful, but how do you guys respond to a girl who really is constantly busy?

04-28-2006, 07:26 PM
I never give in...I always make sure she agrees to the time I set down...a little trick I use is when I organise for day two...i dont do it for weekends....thats time with mates....not for some chick I barely know. If you ask her out for a friday night for example, she may get the idea that you are taking time away from your own friends to see her...which can come off a bit needy...thus...a DLV...
What i do is organise for a tuesday night or a wednesday night...if she says what about thursday...ill say nah cant do it...im available on days x, y or z...8 times out of 10 she will say...ok I can meet you on day "y"...in extreme cases where you are both really busy then try to compromise...but never ever change your plans.
If it seems like she is being stubborn maybe you didnt run enough comfort...so try using phone game to comfort her more before setting up a day 2

04-28-2006, 09:15 PM
Give her some options when you first ask her - she needs to fit into your plans.
If shes constantly busy, theres not enough comfort - remember when you meet up / phone a girl, you sometimes have to go back a step to get where you were when you first met her.
If this doesnt work.... next!

04-29-2006, 02:03 AM
I was going to offer some advice here, but I've decided to make a thread instead. What I have to say needs to be read by everyone.
Look for a new thread this weekend from me. It will probably be my only new thread. I promise it will help with phone game.

Vincent Chase
04-29-2006, 08:53 AM
The only day's I have of work are Thursday's and weekends, now weekends are fantastic for gaming so I never set up a timebridge on those days, so I set up almost all of my TBs for Thursday, which provides for some very busy and nerve racking Thursdays. So in the sense of not TBing to w-ends, I agree with Malibu.
The second you start manipulating your schedule to fit hers, you're pussy whipped. You shouldn't even be setting up a timebridge over the phone, do it in person or never see the girl again. What is there, a shortage? Is there a women reserve that your city has, and it's requesting you don't use too many women? Come on man.
But let's assume I condone TBs over the phone; Call, pick up, "Hello?" "Hey doll, it's Vin. Listen I need to pick up a new jacket, then I was planning on heading out for some tea and cider, I think you should come. I'll make it fun."
Okay, here's where it's on her.
"...Oh, sorry I can't I've got meetings all day *blah fucking, blah fucking, blah*"
"Allright. Hey, don't even worry about doll. You just keep on smiling, allright baby girl. We'll talk later." *click*
I'm not going to fish around searching for a day she's free like some sort of bitch, she missed out on an opportunity to spend some time with VC, her fault, I can't do anything about that. She'll get in contact with me next, trust me, that's how it always goes, you don't call them, they feel bad for blowing you off, so they call you and try to make plans.
So she say's yes? Great.
What if she say's: "I can't today, but i'm free on Monday." "Sorry doll, this ain't a dog and pony show. I've got working. But we'll see each-other. I'll talk to you later, allright baby doll?" or "Get in touch with me on Sunday, i've got to check my schedule. I've got to get going, i'll talk to you later, vive la vita bella, doll."
That one's your call, agree, disagree, be neutral. It's on you.
Allright, I'm done.
I bet Rain is going to type a Phone Game shattering report, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise I think I've given you all I can.
Good Luck.