View Full Version : I feel dumb for asking a question here, but should I social proof this way?

07-23-2009, 09:19 PM
Girl I work with is pretty attractive, and I'd enjoyed teasing her and disqualifying her as a suitor only to see her try and win me back. I'd sent some teasing texts, bla bla, she ends up breaking up wit her boyfriend of 6 months less than a week after we'd met because she suspected him cheating. Anyways yesterday she'd not responded to some of my drunk texts touting my own superiority and criticisms of her being the shy type (as she wasnt responding) last night but that's fine. Afterwards I'd said I was a busy man so if she didnt get back to me I'd make plans with others who do want to hang out. So anyways I'm going to marine with with a group of girls tomorrow, and I'll be texting this other girl tommorow to tell her I can't make it, as marine world with 4 other girls sounds alot more fun than walking around with her... The thing is, she'd tried to rebound with her baby's daddy(whom she apparently 'hates') but said "screw you" after she'd seen him with another girl(does this indicate the social proof would have negative effects?). Then she meets some other guy she'd "met outside her house" and apparently they exchanged numbers n she was sad he hadnt texted her back... (man this sounds like a waste of time as i hear myself say all this) But anyways... Shall I say...

A.) Today won't work. I've been invited to goto marine world for free with some friends. I haven't been in years it's going to be fun.

B.) Hey I'm going to Marine World for free these girls are payin, so today won't work. C ya.

C.) I'm going 2 marine world today, want to bring your girl? (And then just respond later sayin "The car was full sorry. We had a blast. But us 3 can still do something another day, when are you free?")

07-26-2009, 01:37 PM
Well, you are not her baby's daddy... You're just some guy she's seeing. It's a little ridiculous to be pissed at him for being with another girl, but it's WAY ridiculous to be upset about YOU having other women in your life.

She sounds really insecure... just that she told you this stuff (I hate my baby's daddy, he was with another chick and I was sooo pissed, I got some other guy's number and I'm sad he hasn't texted me, etc.) tells me she's a little unstable.

My advice is social proof her with the girls. If she freaks out and goes "NO MEN SHOULD ONLY DATE ME! OTHER GIRLS ARE WHORES!" or something like that, be glad that that happened BEFORE she found out your home address and find another girl. You gotta be willing to disqualify (note: not FALSE disqualify) women who don't meet your standards.

I would use a modified version of B. If you say "I'm going to marine world with some GIRLS!" then it's semi-obvious that you've embedded that information as social proof. The same as she's like "I gave this guy my phone number, blah blah I hope he txt's me." Actually, on this girl, that might actually work... My way might go over her head. Anyway, the way I'd phrase it would be more like "My friend Sara (or whatever) has hookups at Marine world and can get us in for free... Can't turn that down :) How about (whenever)?"

Modified or unmodified, B is the best I think.