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Leroy Jackson
04-28-2006, 01:03 AM
Ok stting the stage. I kiss closed this girl at a bar last week, and she's been playing hard to get by not returning my call. Anyways I see her tonight and she's with her gay roomate. So I point at her across the bar, make eye contact and motion for her to come over and talk to me. She does, we chat..but she's a bit stand offish...no biggie. I begin keno escilation..she's very receptive..BUT her gay roomate comes by..still nothing I can't handle. We chat, I phase her out to win over the roomate...he'll make or break the deal..get to know him for a bit and she wanders off..then the gay roomate starts asking me if I'm going to fuck her or not..that kind of through me for a loop..in my mind I'm saying damn right..but then I think this is some sort of shit test. So I reply..if she plays her cards right..but I'm not making any promises here. He continues to ask me over and over again saying that she wants to fuck me..this ruins my frame..eventully he goes on about all the guys hitting on her tonight and I act indifferent towards it. He eventully says that I need to get over myself and fuck her..then he leaves. I don't see either one of them for the rest of the night....I never got the opportunity to follow through..THAT'S what I'm pissed off about! I never saw her again to see if the roomate was bullshitting me...I think he was just trying to disqualify me..label me as all the other chumps in the bar. I was not able to reframe myself..I was constantly looking for her..I wasn't able to focus on what was right in front of me. My wing is F-closing some chick while I'm home empty handed..

04-28-2006, 01:25 AM
I want you to do something which has been suggested before.
First, I want you to RUN and I do mean RUN to the nearest mirror.
Go on, do it.. RIGHT NOW.
Look at yourself DI-RECTLY in the eyes. Yes, got that? Good.
Now... take your right hand, pull it back really far, and move it devistatingly fast towards your right cheek.
Good. Now that you've been slapped, we can continue.
That leads me directly to my next point. You are beating yourself up over a missed opportunity. Your coming from what is commonly known as a scarcity mindset and it's just not the truth.
At the moment YOU ARE lower value. If you were higher value, you wouldn't have worried about it because there are 5,000 women who you can meet and have sex with, if that's what your wanting out of this.
STOP THIS NOW. It has to end or you'll be saying the same thing and you'll be killing any chance you have with anyone.
From your post it tells me that you felt that was your ONLY chance of scoring.
My friend, you associate ENTIRELY to much value to this one girl and that interaction.
You still have I'm sure many opportunities with this girl and many others if you actually put the MM into practice.
I know, your growing in your abilities and not there YET.
I mean dude.. you were looking for her? fuck that. Open a new set and forget about her. If she wants to leave, fine. You'll see her later.
If you were to go out into a club or anywhere with her that is a social gathering.. you want her to find YOU. You're a social person and if she wants to be around, she's going to have to find YOU. I could go on all day.. but I won't..
Get out there in the field, DO the newbie mission, and meet more women. It is the cure for killing your insecurities and neediness. It's the most overly used advice, but it WILL help you to see the world more clearly and will teach you how to REALLY lead an interaction.
Take it easy.