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  1. Joining frats?
  2. Help: Friend-Zone Warning!!
  3. Lack of Seduction Place
  4. Sh*t Test
  5. HB8 Cant read her at all!
  6. Juggler Method vs. MM method in college
  7. when girls call u "cute"
  8. Settings...
  9. Kiss close sticking point
  10. Is taking a swimming class a DLV?
  11. Casual Sex Talk?
  12. My best friend... is the cock block.. any suggestions?
  13. A non-needy way to call her out
  14. Confusing signals
  15. I think I can I get this
  16. What's a good way to tease this type of girl?
  17. Scrambling to find position in emotional progression model...
  18. Shake that Ass
  19. Told a girl I'm gay, totally regretting it, IRL lost in translation = no profit
  20. girl says "you're cool" almost like an amog
  21. Sticking point
  22. The girl who is watching TV while on the phone
  23. Confidence
  24. Help responding to text after weak kiss close
  25. Any tips?
  26. Age is my barrier
  27. Didn't make a move
  28. One-Itis...
  29. hows my opener
  30. opener i came up with
  31. starting in a3
  32. First run at things at a concert!
  33. Need some help
  34. Spoooooooon
  35. Back in High School
  36. Methods to getting over your approach anxiety
  37. any advice for me
  38. Outta the game / loop
  39. what do you think of this opener?
  40. Parents out of town - tips to gaming at parties (DAFS)
  41. A girl on the rebounded, gets in relationship with AFC
  42. In New York, I Need Help Please?
  43. Eye Opening Experience!
  44. what do u do after a flake? how do u punish accordingly?
  45. Hey guys, Self-Intro/Question
  46. My "1-itus"
  47. Advice on mixing different styles of clothing
  48. Sexual Map of a high school.
  49. Setting up the Close
  50. FR: Older woman
  51. Special Offer from Jeremy- TMM Program Mgr.- Badboy Chicago Workshop Aug 17-19
  52. New to this
  53. live chat
  54. How To Attract in 5 Sec (There is no MAGIC pickup line)
  55. How do they know???!
  56. How Does One Approach A Bi*tch?
  57. this girl just want come out.....
  58. Advice on not coming off as being "MEAN"
  59. Mastering this area of your life.
  60. snowguerilla's challenge: Week One!
  61. god help me.
  62. Does everyone go through this phase? Advice needed
  63. Help w/ Close HB9
  64. kiss close but no number?
  65. How to kiss close...
  66. wat to do here!?
  67. puppy love
  68. MSN game
  69. successful # close :) read for advice
  70. Advice on Skill Set for Fraternity scene
  71. How to sarge college parties
  72. So now what do I do...
  73. Shedding an old reputation
  74. "youre having sex with your old gf" HARDBALL
  75. How long should I wait?
  76. Just started college and...
  77. Cocky Funny Help
  78. This is what I plan on doing...
  79. opinions desperately needed!
  80. Im worried....
  81. new opener sugestions
  82. hot 19 year old hb8.5 with arm tattoo
  83. Sticking point.
  84. Housing situation
  85. taking this girl to movie
  86. My body language...
  87. How would you respond if a girl asked you if you're shy?
  88. Not exactly fear of approach
  89. please help.
  90. Help with specific situation...
  91. Making a splash in the begining of the semester?!
  92. No car or license.
  93. Domonstrating Value
  94. Confused. Jealousy?
  95. Last night.
  96. K-closing someone you already know?
  97. Girls coming to your place!!
  98. Can good looks spoil your game?
  99. Help please.
  100. The New Guy
  101. How to get back a Missed Opportunity
  102. Hot girl I've always liked tells me I'm hot but says no to kiss
  103. After opening
  104. Girl at work shit-test
  105. I work at A&F. Sarging? :D
  106. She says: "You're so hot"
  107. Black PUA's
  108. Help with being interesting.
  109. I Need All the Help I Can Get!!!!
  110. some good advice 4 all!!!
  111. i need some ideas?
  112. Lost this girl, why?
  113. A new community for PUAs!
  114. Just how many handbooks is too many?...
  115. Being more alpha in class at school?
  116. A Case Study in College: From Sarge to Lay
  117. Starting from scratch. Almost.
  118. The College Thread
  119. Poppin the collar first week of Senior Year (HS)?
  120. LTR Questions "To be broken up or not to be broken up"
  121. on vacation on thanks giving want tips on landing this.....
  122. she wont leave me alone !!!
  123. on vacation on thanks giving want tips on landing this.....
  124. Sarging in foreign countries
  125. Any Advice?
  126. Alpha Male Traits
  127. Shit test...or just being a Bitch?
  128. Where to start
  129. Learning To Pick Up Halfway Through College
  130. In new area
  131. gr8 sucess
  132. where am I?
  133. Past Hook-Ups
  134. strategy for HB8.5, currently "leading on 20 guys."
  135. The "what do we have" question
  136. Attraction...to comfort...to friendship...the losing battle...
  137. First Approach
  138. difficult AMOG
  139. How to Handle a Compliment
  140. Internship Opportunity at TMM !
  141. Good Songs To whistle
  142. Option to Transfer Schools
  143. cocky funny, now what next
  144. Before sarging...
  145. Having Several Girls Over
  146. tried to smile, but...
  147. running game on exs?
  148. Im gonna bake u a cake
  149. HB 8.5 everything but Sex last Sat...help me
  150. Been wanting this girl for a few months now..any help?
  151. what to do?
  152. Sarging in Los Angeles
  153. what I've noticed in your posts..
  154. Where are all these routines!?!?!
  155. Direct openers in clubs are superior
  156. If They say they have a boyfriend
  157. getting over the nice guy image
  158. I totally shut down!
  159. Colors to wear
  160. Weekly New Routine: UC Smile Mod.
  161. Getting beaten up in a club
  162. Under 21 Fundamentals
  163. Walking your Path and 10 Truths
  164. transition from comfort to dating
  165. help
  166. sticking point
  167. Will you xxx with me?
  168. My first post here
  169. Date Idea's...
  170. My first time at a club ever
  171. Brushing off AFCs? Harder than it should be...
  172. Help! Talking to Girl in Class, where do i go from here?
  173. Spur of the moment come back for ur young!
  174. Most Beautiful women
  175. A PUAs comfort level
  176. Stop flirting - thanks for that
  177. High School Project - Read a Book
  178. Appearance
  179. ljbf or not? confused
  180. College Caf
  181. Starting a new school tomorrow....
  182. how could i get at her friend???
  183. Am I The Only One Who Hates Awkward In Class Icebreakers During The 1st Day Of Class?
  184. My Entire Game Summary and Philosophy
  185. Dancing with girls in High School
  186. Long Distance Boyfriend destroyer
  187. How can I be Alpha in this class?
  188. SnowGuerilla's Challenge: Part Deux!
  189. Where do you guys game?
  190. into me or not?
  191. If you havent spoken after 3 days..
  192. I can't get the girl to hang out.
  193. Friend Visiting From Her College This Week
  194. Freezing out..what happens next??
  195. In Class Game
  196. Where do I go from here?
  197. The Myspace thread
  198. Game and Work: does it work?
  199. Saying Hello in class
  200. Closing on a girl at work
  201. Gentleman Vs. Tool
  202. Living with parents
  203. Awesome Rock Concert-My first original
  204. Picking up girls in college classes
  205. What can I do with these shit tests?
  206. Kiss close gone wrong and now what!
  207. Cock Blocks
  208. 17yr old school game
  209. Issues making friends in college
  210. I know what I should do, but I'm too messed up
  211. 3 Questions Game
  212. Boss CB FTL
  213. looking a little older?
  214. Making move on hot girl
  215. getting someone u know
  216. Opened with a woman at school
  217. Awkward moment what to do!?
  218. GF Advice: am i being the jealous type?
  219. ballllllllin #close
  220. Girl Situation
  221. FHM chick/chicks
  222. Game in Frats/ getting back into MM
  223. Girl is flirting with me but has a boyfriend
  224. This is how i want to get to quali stage
  225. F-Close
  226. gargantuan irrational insecurity, any others insight?
  227. Hypnotica -- A Collection Of Confidence: Reinventing Yourself
  228. trust building
  229. Looking Younger, A Problem?
  230. I think i lost my Friends help?
  231. So I have a girl taking an 8 hour flight just to meet me. Feeling weird about it.
  232. College Sunday night..
  233. Dance Floor Success Stories
  234. Girls love to French...
  235. Day-game AA lock.
  236. how do you kino escalate at a comedy club?
  237. HELP me please very little time left!!!!
  238. mikesislano's College questions Thread
  239. Feeling Great, going to the club, and Boom Freezing out completely
  240. Problem handeling my rotation??
  241. how is this opener
  242. Interpret this for me
  243. Open Forum
  244. Girls love jerks
  245. First Day 2. Need to get laid please help!!! lol
  246. Turning the game around!
  247. Day Game
  248. To do or not to do.
  249. gamming an old friend?
  250. How should a newbie start?