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  1. New problem I haven't seen addressed
  2. Sarging my promdate!
  3. shuold i be so perfect??
  4. Random targets
  5. Im getting desperate.. Which way to go?
  6. How to reinitiate date talk?
  7. NEED HELP FAST: shes starting to hookup with another guy
  8. A Few Interesting questions!
  9. I'm an introvert and also rather lazy
  10. Girls, Mind terrorists
  11. Approaching a 2set when having a little time, what to do?
  12. "The Toast" a GREAT routine I came up with.
  13. Lab partner; taken further
  14. funny call
  15. interest level
  16. Kino
  17. Tips about asking girl to prom
  18. Mid-west Problem
  19. Mid-West Paranoia
  20. Sarging girls who are alone
  21. Female lesbian Wing
  22. Any PUAs going to Fullerton State
  23. How to deal with exGF not moving on?
  24. High School (yah yah typical)
  25. BIG obstacle Problem
  26. considering becoming a PUA
  27. Sarging Report! 4/14
  28. Not feeling a vibe
  29. Walmart Incident
  30. Running in circles
  31. Need help concerning Blind Date Game (Ty in advance)
  32. I have ok game, but need help with kiss close
  33. new to seduction
  34. Negs
  35. Quick comfort?
  36. Which College is best for practising Pick Up
  37. Housemate at uni!!
  38. Is this bad?
  39. Dancefloor Game
  40. campus game??
  41. Amogs having little to say
  42. inner game
  43. friend to sex
  44. How to deal with alphafemale
  45. Tough one, this. Help to seduce a B-list (very rich) pop singer over email?
  46. Urgent: Semi-date tomorrow
  47. Where can I find newbie mission on the forum?
  48. Friends more alpha...
  49. txt msg flake out
  50. I had a really bad night last night... at the prom :(
  51. What if she's heard part of your routine before?
  52. what to say over the phone and e-mails
  53. Social Colleges
  54. Perhaps you can help me to help my AFC brother?
  55. 18-21 @ ucsd
  56. Need your help with a girl (not a case of oneitis)
  57. What are the basics?
  58. Did it go sour?
  59. Clubbin
  60. What if I have known her for a while?
  61. Is it bad if you give her your number
  62. Good opener...then what?
  63. Phone Call
  64. The Phone Call
  65. Experienced, but new to PUA.
  66. reversing a hookup??
  67. Is excessive laughter good?
  68. How to go out with HB
  69. Need Help Fast
  70. LMR because of reputation - athletes (critiques//critiques needed)
  71. Quick help please...
  72. The Making of a Pivot
  73. Very shy HB9!!
  74. Another man in the scenery
  75. Ugent: Date
  76. Cold approach and AFCism
  77. going for girls I know?
  78. What the heck is up with girls?
  79. Analyze this situation please
  80. Swing Dancing Day 2
  81. Is age really just a number?
  82. lets say....
  83. New to the game, but trying hard and need some advice. Thanks
  84. advice on a girl
  85. Hanging out with someone more handsome
  86. HB9 with GAME or Just a BITCH
  87. HB9 with GAME or Just a BITCH (PLEASE READ)
  88. Help with HB9.
  89. Sarging a well known TV personality?
  90. Too Slow?
  91. Pool opener?!
  92. Job sarge
  93. HB: "you're my new best friend"
  94. inner game advice
  95. Just friends or more....?
  96. older girl, too young?
  97. Girl trying to make us compete
  98. HELP!! - you don't remember me?!
  99. open with ex classmate HB9
  100. Hey guys explain this to me please
  101. Who has their V-card?
  102. My 3 Strike Rule
  103. My Dilemma
  104. Really Flirty Girls
  105. My Ged Teacher
  106. A first date
  107. That's it! Starting a harem or something
  108. I bet no one can explain to me how this worked out :p
  109. Older Women
  110. she's too busy...
  111. A Daddy Complex?
  112. C and F question: When a girl looks good, what is some good C and F?
  113. Tell her "no sex"?
  114. Keeping friends just friends
  115. Girl Hung Up on Ex
  116. Pissing me off to the MAX
  117. HB8 Confusion...
  118. Nlp, ross jefferies, .etc
  119. Sarging on a track meet?
  120. How Do I avoid a Player Image in college?
  121. Being the AMOG-Eliminating BF
  122. Ready to Approach
  123. FUCKING FRUSTRATED/Field Report
  124. I finger closed but not sure if it was the right thing
  125. Gaming your neighbour?
  126. #Close Gone Bad.
  127. Odd Behaviour - how to react
  128. All of My Thoughts on the Matter
  129. friend needs help. like hardcore
  130. Train gaming- What am I missing?
  131. Is this truly the end?
  132. Gettin the guys to like you
  133. Good at pickup, bad at relationships.
  134. Damn Hippies.
  135. Impossible sarge
  136. help w/ an older woman
  137. About that "canned material"
  138. California Under 21
  139. clever thing to say
  140. need help, stuck in the almost friend zone
  141. Help needed with getting a HB at work!!!!
  142. Taking Acting Classes
  143. Attracting beyond one's control.
  144. Attracting beyond one's control.
  145. BIG PROBLEM!..damn older sisters..what do i do?
  146. Ex-girlfriend...is there anything that I can do?
  147. Stopped Talking To The Girl Now what?...
  148. How should I avoid shitting in my own nest
  149. Getting a girl to dance with u at the club w/no opener
  150. Good Comebacks ?
  151. Captain Save a Ho
  152. We become our obstacles!
  153. help needed with school
  154. the three phases??
  155. How should I act when asking to come over
  156. Flaking
  157. Does anyone find that porn helps when jackin it?
  158. Shit Test? How to respond?
  159. Deep Negging/Active Disinterest
  160. First feild day...wish an afc luck.
  161. Making things official with Girls in High School
  162. Field Report/Sticking Point
  163. Sarge coworkers at summer job?
  164. Instant date inquiry
  165. fighting? and parties
  166. In class pickup situation
  167. Race based PU
  168. need help gaming highschool parties
  169. Interesting Story & Questions
  170. Amog
  171. Advice Please
  172. Got some Advice for a little Self Confidence boost
  173. Help me out guys!
  174. You need to lead your friends
  175. Advice on this one anyone?
  176. Prom
  177. Advice Please
  178. which comes first, the chicken or the egg.
  179. game on the phone - help w/situation
  180. No approach anxiety
  181. The Million Dolla Question,IS SHE?.....
  182. Every student's mistake
  183. How do you make sure at the end of a set to get a number and kiss or even better!!
  184. asking her out
  185. hot set
  186. The next level
  187. Multiple approaches in single field during the day.
  188. some advise needed
  189. what a bad situation
  190. Post Your school DHV material here
  191. Give me some direction and help with shit tests
  192. need alittle help here
  193. Sunglasses and EYE CONTACT
  194. How to act on this weird one?
  195. About day 2s
  196. Talking about your issues?
  197. physical attraction PU in a club environment
  198. Top This!
  199. Why The Fuck Do I Keep Sabotaging Myself
  200. isolation question
  201. I have some theory questions.
  202. overanalyzing a2/a3
  203. Frustrated - No solo balls, but game's getting robbed and I'm getting tooled
  204. Sticky legs...IOI?
  205. On rather complicated relationships.
  206. Deflating- flip the script- suggestions
  207. Its just business...
  208. Getting tooled by "friends" - help
  209. yo so whats the line between comfort and emotional tampon?
  210. Need help with kissing
  211. You Are Eliminated!!
  212. help with isolation lines
  213. After Getting IOIs
  214. I believe I need help
  215. whats going on with this girl
  216. I'm Really Interested In This Girl (High School)
  217. Another tooling question
  218. situation advice needed
  219. Voice recording yourself
  220. peacocking
  221. Is it always wrong to hit somebody?
  222. So This Girl Was Stairing at Me (High School)
  223. Rekindling Blown Chances
  224. location
  225. need help, thanks!
  226. Cold Reading and chick crack
  227. help- very confused after a date
  228. how to get girls out
  229. Phone number close problem..or so it seems!
  230. Obsolescence?
  231. spank the ass
  232. To walk away...or not to walk away?
  233. Venue for Meetup?
  234. Super-compliments
  235. helping a friend with one itis
  236. Must see movies for PUA's
  237. Comfort problem - Have to advance to the next level
  238. WTF!!! why dont they give a shit
  239. The Hb's friends who just wont let you do your thing
  240. Apearance
  241. What'd I do Wrong?
  242. Bad behavior, quazi-emotional response.
  243. Text-based Combat!!
  244. Girl Next Door
  245. Update, wtf?
  246. Slap vs. Punch
  247. Suggestions to make my Room into a place where women wanna get laid in?
  248. Can Dr. Phil help me get laid???
  249. Inner game
  250. Sad PUA