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  1. Fucked up my chances with a HB10?
  2. Bizarre change of attitude
  3. At the Club for the first time
  4. BELVEDERE VODKA AT PARTIES! Give me some ideas!
  5. advise me please..
  6. when should i close* it?
  7. Clubbing - dulls the ears and the routines
  8. Co Worker Seduction?
  9. Love being celibate
  10. I need your expert opinion and help.
  11. Numerous Questions for Numerous Situations
  12. two girls, two relationships
  13. First timer
  14. 2 questions that could actually help quite a few people.
  15. statements or sayings to isolate target
  16. Mixed signals
  17. Opinion Openers are not working
  18. Anyone here from Colgate/Hamilton/Syracuse??
  19. Change is good but not free
  20. New opener (maybe?)
  21. Ending with an opener?
  22. She's trying to make me jealous... what would you guys do?
  23. killer responses
  24. Hey need some advice
  25. What would you do if...
  26. Improving your game with Nootropics
  27. It just doesnt seem right...
  28. I am thinking about asking this girl out (Sticking point)
  29. How many of you hang out with your High school buddies?
  30. Asian girls or white girls?
  31. can someone help me out?
  32. PUA Code Word
  33. Recieving Fake MSN addresses.
  34. Phone Close Method..
  35. What is the next right move?
  36. so i'm meeting this girl tommorow
  37. Need some advice
  38. how to fuck your oneitis TELL US HOW PUAS!
  39. wow
  40. Craziest chick I've ever met....
  41. How to casually hang out without making it a 'date' ?
  42. Orlando 18+
  43. when it comes to birthdays...
  44. Defensive game (AMOG)
  45. SCUM Manifesto foot-soldiers.
  46. The Ex still visits
  47. Popularity for dummies
  48. Tattoo's and Military
  49. Dodging situations
  50. How do i do the newbie mission in my situation?
  51. High school problems
  52. what to do when hb opens you
  53. this a neg or an insult?
  54. hypothetically, should you lie about drug use?
  55. Innocent HB8...how to progress
  56. infiltrating social groups
  57. What to say after older HB ask for my age?
  58. Cool Places in NY for 18-21
  59. Moving out
  60. I'm pretty confident in my flirting ability, but I'm having trouble meeting girls
  61. Daygame and direct game?
  62. Phase Shift Bite
  63. newbie from london
  64. Newbie needing advice
  65. After opener problem
  66. Trouble meeting chix
  67. Problem With Being Too Alpha????
  68. One Word Answers!!! WTF?!
  69. any idea?
  70. Any tips for this...?
  71. Cant # close a girl in HS, but ....
  72. quick damage control question need input thanks
  73. Help needed
  74. Options to open about your feelings...
  75. Calling Denton/dfw Pua's! Help!
  76. Using Facebook as a supplement
  77. Problem with noticing IOIs
  78. girls afraid to have sex
  79. Too much negging?
  80. Reply from a natural about Truth About Women article
  81. Sarging your Teacher
  82. Blanking out
  83. Indirect with direct inserted
  84. Rather standing alone???
  85. Feedback from you guys please :)
  86. favorite place to sarge..
  87. Hmmm...she calls me her BEST FRIEND
  88. good way to touch her face in a club
  89. My sticking points - interesting conversations & humor
  90. What to do?
  91. For the poeple who did the Newbie Mission...
  92. routine to convince girls your an actor
  93. Am I too intimidating?
  94. Problem
  95. AMOGs at my High School
  96. advice for a Newb - Just read MM
  97. Huge Challenge Target
  98. Class openers...
  99. Problems with AMOGs
  100. Dorm Game: When to go for a kiss ? Tricky IMO.
  101. For all the amog/tooling questions...
  102. The bar
  103. Just like a movie...
  104. tactics to turn the following situation into sex
  105. An "8" playing hard to get
  106. This girl just takes girls from me
  107. need advice
  108. Paying for lunch?
  109. Problems with The Social Hookpoint
  110. Girl said she wanted to fuck me, how to play it right?
  111. The High School Status Effect
  112. Virginity in Girls
  113. Guy stuffs up my game when I'm with friends
  114. Turn Fight Into Hookup
  115. Struggling With Motivation
  116. Ex BF issues, need opinion
  117. Strong as bitch personality
  118. Shit test?
  119. special problems
  120. You guys think I need C & F for my C1-C3?
  121. Closing my neighbour
  122. how to build a social circle from nothing...
  123. Beginner's night out - comments?
  124. How many times should I see my GF per week?
  125. What do I do?
  126. "Too Close For Comfort"
  127. Friend needs help(mega afc)
  128. Picking up woman in bars
  129. Hello, my name is Thompson and I am an AFC-
  130. Bait hook reel release
  131. Me + girls = disaster!
  132. Fat chick from my class ask me to watch a movie with her...(msn convo)
  133. I am trying to figure out where i went wrong...
  134. laughing in the back
  135. Can't get into Clubs
  136. Codex of the PUA
  137. highschool teachers and bantering
  138. How to respond?
  139. How can I use my Virginity to my Advantage?
  140. How to approch a younger potential one-itis on a semi crowded train ?
  141. My one and a half year lifestory, hope someone reads
  142. AMOG this one High schooler
  143. A new type of game
  144. I'm afraid to throw IOI's
  145. Win a FREE Flight, Hotel, Under21Convention Entry: Movie Contest!!
  146. Non-verbal give aways.
  147. When a girl is sad?
  148. "I just want to have Sex"
  149. need witty response
  150. What to do if she won't qualify herself?
  151. how to regain possession of the hoop?
  152. SP - Is this an interview?
  153. PU in a peer community
  154. Any1 aware of such methods!?????
  155. help me
  156. Girl with BF
  157. A1 for a 3 set
  158. hand slap game routine
  159. Situation... female bff has HB bff
  160. Pivots! gr8'est solution!
  161. Hit on by girls
  162. players in wales?
  163. advice?
  164. extremly weird pattern, plans NEVER work...
  165. Limited Social life means i'm getting desperate...
  166. Ramblings...not to sure what to call this.
  167. f-buddy help
  168. This chick is playing me..
  169. Best friends a natural AMOG, help?
  170. help me with this one girl (one-itis, you said it yourself)
  171. How do you combat One-itis
  172. New to this, how badly have i messed myself up?
  173. help with HB in class
  174. My GF broke up, how to get her to be my FB?
  175. meet up in north wales rhyl prestayn abergele rhuddlen area
  176. Scared of girls? :confused:
  177. Inner Game
  178. Shit test?
  179. getting around Parents?
  180. My buddy might be living with 3 girls next year
  181. awesome neg/DHV/CandF
  182. Starbucks Sarge...HELP!!!
  183. Bootcamps for under 21's?
  184. Hmm .. ancient oneitis
  185. yo what can u do alone?
  186. girl approaches and says "hey sexy" cause of a dare
  187. Dealing with the AMOG protective brother
  188. day 2 after k-close
  189. Age
  190. A recent attempt at a friend of friend...help me out.
  191. Spoken for but I still strugle...
  192. The Science of it all
  193. My take on College Campuses....
  194. The Girl Who Lives Upstairs
  195. Found this on MSN.com!
  196. IOI in workplace
  197. Keeping her consistently attracted
  198. Reigniting My Game For Tour
  199. Classroom Affairs
  200. Show game
  201. Have you guys ever had a disability that reduced your chances with women?
  202. Compliments and Negs
  203. Dance Club Question
  204. relization- good tip for all of u
  205. "Two steps foward one step backward," anyone want to give advice?
  206. The Sk Heart Tattoo
  207. Those annoying X's
  208. Picking up in NOISY Clubs.
  209. Gaming a good friend?
  210. Push Opener...
  211. Talking bout other guys
  212. Think a girls cat-stringing me
  213. Going to shelter when "sarging" and fear of success
  214. Frames too STRONG?
  215. Msn help
  216. Asking her out?
  217. Motivation for all you new peeps!
  218. Creative ..
  219. Am I as pathetic as I feel?
  220. Thanx
  221. How Do I Close When She Nows The Real Me
  222. What should I do if I kiss close but the women resists?
  223. How do I let a girl know I want an open relationship?
  224. Energy
  225. How do you distinguish between a shit test and a direct insult?
  226. Is this a good cocky/funny remark?
  227. sarging report
  228. I just realized what my weakpoint was that many of you have but arent aware
  229. alpha confrontation
  230. Help!
  231. easter holidays sarging
  232. Got a problem here...
  233. One woman, two guys help please?
  234. Phrase to avoid LJBF
  235. Carved out of Wood, now Carving Steel.
  236. Girl on the job
  237. Building up confidence to take on a college campus
  238. Out Of Options
  239. first date ideas?
  240. My first AFCish mistake in AGESSSSSS
  241. Kiss ending?
  242. bestfriend test?
  243. What is the best way to handle this?
  244. Gonna ask this classmate for phone number/msn(URGENT DESPERATE) 1-itis silverplatter
  245. NEED URGENT HELP 4 Approach Anxiety
  246. Delete the porn?
  247. Asshole? Or strong frame?
  248. Sympathy Card
  249. Big Realization - Boring Girls Don't Bother Me!
  250. What Stage Am I IN?