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  1. Getting the routine to flow!!!!
  2. halloween
  3. How do u react to women negging themselves????
  4. This is Tee
  5. Comebacks!
  6. openers for a Fob HB in Lab Class
  7. First # close on a girl with boyfriend.
  8. A Shitload of Shit Tests
  9. If I wasn't gay opener, hoop question
  10. "Am I on TV or something?"
  11. Question about calling a girl
  12. Girl keeps flakin.....
  13. In class openers - my tongue opener
  14. Are you ready to evolve?
  15. baby sitting as a first date?
  16. Ok, so what went wrong?
  17. Got a Flake on your hands?
  18. She's torn between me and her boyfriend- now what?
  19. I love you...
  20. How do I make my voice more powerfull and more manly?
  21. Too intense?
  22. OMG SHES GOT A BOYFRIEND-Who else is tired of this?
  23. Do you ever actually tell them you are interested in them?
  24. So I met this girl who I've been gaming, but need help...
  25. Help : How to distance girls that get to close
  26. Is a girl consciously aware of value susceptible to DHV's?
  27. Re-Upping Buying Temperature
  28. Teenager on the newbie mission
  29. Need help quick! HB on bed
  30. Sticking Point: When Another Person Interupts Your Set
  31. I could use some help here?
  32. How important are looks in highschool/college?
  33. self motivation
  34. Making eye contact
  35. I want to throw a KILLER party..Need assistance
  36. Anyone want to give me some tips on being funny?
  37. opinion? was I to cocky?
  38. Morality Questions
  39. Really messed up
  40. "Are you a virgin?"
  41. Totally confused... need help
  42. Simple advice plz
  43. Oh no... not another LJBF question....
  44. Can I fix my reputation in College?
  45. Bad memory
  46. My school librarian. Yes? No?
  47. Need to get off my crutch
  48. Hey I'm new! Can I get some help wth opening one-on-one?
  49. she plans the next one?
  50. I never get the girl I want!
  51. Verbaly raped
  52. college date ideas
  53. what is she thinking?
  54. Mkay lads, another one needs your help!
  55. Inner game in high school
  56. Need help with Buyer's Remorse
  57. A piece of Magic
  58. My Personal DHV story
  59. amogs want to fight
  60. the negatives of peacocking
  61. Taken by surprise...
  62. Girl giving many IOI's
  63. being the MAN
  64. I need some good advice on DHVing
  65. resparking a hot girls interest
  66. Aeg
  67. 3 question from FR
  68. First Date: Hookah Lounge?
  69. Just want to be friends.
  70. Notes in College
  71. What does this mean!?!
  72. Rebooting The Game
  73. Did I break something?
  74. Girl At Work
  75. An interesting question...
  76. Different Races.
  77. I hate this. Recognise it?
  78. Am I being the wrong type of asshole or am I doing it right while DHVing
  79. How to counter amog-ing of size
  80. Drunk Older Woman Hitting On Me
  81. okok i need help with this situation i was in! what can i do better next time???
  82. HI, just a question.....
  83. defeated inner game
  84. Cheer up-Inner Game
  85. any Australians here
  86. Help needed to kick AFCness!!!!!
  87. My Sticking Point
  88. When girls compliment YOU ...
  89. A little help please!!!!
  90. best friend sex.
  91. some techniques ineffective on younger audience?
  92. Grooming?
  93. one-itis
  94. First Post Need Help
  95. doing girl a favor
  96. Going on a date tomorrow, any suggestions for places to go
  97. Watch "Lets just be friends"
  98. Advise me because this chick makes no sense
  99. 2 girls same time same place meet
  100. Showing Interest
  101. Wedding Crasher-ish game
  102. Amog wont leave me alone
  103. Achieving Day 2's
  104. authority position
  105. Better Openers
  106. How to get a girl to buy you coffee?
  107. A girl hooks up with you in HER dream?Whats it mean?
  108. Help! Girl Problems! Need advice
  109. I need some help w/ HB9
  110. A little trick I found lol
  111. An urgent call..
  112. How To Recover From A Drunken Argument?
  113. lacking field experience. help
  114. get this chick off my dick
  115. Help with cock-blocking roommate!
  116. Good ways to flirt
  117. I want to get to know everyone in this age group..
  118. this forum is astoundingly good!
  119. Wrote a Routine, give me thoughts
  120. Starbucks- working to pick up girls.
  121. Approaching for a 17yo. Places to approach/interact?
  122. Becoming a man - READ THIS BOOK
  123. I can't stop thinking about it, ADD Girl!
  124. A Perfect 10. A Rise and Fall story.
  125. Desperate help needed for an AFC
  126. 2 set double openings
  127. how to get chicks off your back ?
  128. Help passing AA into the Newbie Mission
  129. How to become more alpha in highschool.
  130. best friends test
  131. When a girl DLVs herself in comfort..
  132. Friends with benefits..?
  133. How would i number close in this case?
  134. WTF Neg from MILF?
  135. Sexual Communication
  136. Is blogging detrimental to the game?
  137. get control back after a false move
  138. She's sicckkk....
  139. Newbie mission in Sydney!!!
  140. Posture and walking.
  141. 'Sorry for taking up your time' - LSE?
  142. picking girls in class?
  143. Using me?
  144. Should I Have Gone For the K-Close!?!?
  145. This girl at school... hm...
  146. Comfort & Takeaways - quick decision needed!
  147. WHERE do you all sarge??
  148. Where should I look?
  149. What to do in this situation?
  150. Meet up to play the field.
  151. tough girl... would like more from her
  152. HB insisted on sitting next to me.
  153. girl AMOG's
  154. When to apologize.
  155. Decent 18+ clubs in LA?
  156. Running A1 at Dinner with people from work
  157. Good? Bad? No idea how to answer this!
  158. Categorizing HBs
  159. How to game a 21 Punk HB9, My buddy's sister!!
  160. Fighting....
  161. Bars and Clubs
  162. How to decide who to have an LTR with
  163. About AMOGs
  164. Question about LMR
  165. Pledge of allegiance.
  166. 100% flake rate?
  167. Alpha = Asshole?
  168. Tips for a 19 year old FTEmployee
  169. shit test
  170. Help with this Sarge . .
  171. Introduced to a girl...
  172. Letting her go...
  173. Is this alpha or asshole?
  174. All the Innergame you will ever need
  175. Being Alpha: Disinterested vs. Funny Guy
  176. OK this guy and I are trying to pick up the Same girl
  177. Underage Drinkers Beware (A Field Report)
  178. Desperate Help for a Friend
  179. Small little msn report
  180. What do you guys think of this opener?
  181. What are your goals you wanna achieve
  182. How do you react to girls talking about...
  183. Caught out
  184. I feel like a rock to a friend of mine.
  185. Text message opener - improve?
  186. Am I being played?
  187. Am I slow at seduction?
  188. When she takes a neg the wrong way.
  189. Be You.
  190. What should I do next?
  191. The ice is broken for me... opinions?
  192. Is high school game really necessary? + advice
  193. need help with an HB9
  194. Mystery's Kiss Close.
  195. MEETING w/ HB8?!?!
  196. Need some help, bad night.
  197. Shy Girls?
  198. # closed and dont know what to do next..help
  199. Blown Out
  200. field report (kind of)... advice needed
  201. Approaching in a mall for a AFC- openers/topics?
  202. Shit Test - "what do you want from me ?"
  203. Field Report/Advice Needed
  204. Can't grip this HB.
  205. The Spin Maneuver
  206. 15/16/17 yo party
  207. so im finally getting serious about this stuff
  208. Advice on throwing a College Party
  209. Society's view of PUA
  210. Lots of parties & the college scene: bother with dates?
  211. Going back on one's word
  212. lake tahoe that land of a thousend chicks
  213. Practicing at my university and some rather interesting findings
  214. Me and her ex
  215. help me guys...
  216. Two girls and me...follow up to last post
  217. friend to FB
  218. What to say what to talk about ?
  219. Why do I consider Everything a Shit test...
  220. A huge roadblock in my road to becoming a VA
  221. Confused on how to Act.
  222. I've had a hard day.
  223. get my touch back
  224. Perfume Opener - Help-
  225. 18-21 Guidelines
  226. A situation
  227. Bad case of One-Itis...Trying to Get Over it...
  228. Top Places to "Get Back into The Game"
  229. Picking up chicks in high school/class
  230. Best friends
  231. Beating social cowardice, how can I? Read more
  232. How to approach a girl that you've been checking out for a LONG time
  233. What should i do Now?
  234. Being Called Annoying?
  235. Hurry Help!!
  236. "Game" Defined
  237. Interesting situation
  238. Dance + Showing Interest
  239. women as animals???
  240. Game as Twins- What to do?
  241. Really cunning, bitchy highschool girls
  242. Become The Man
  243. Girl's Fears?
  244. pay for a girl?
  245. The girl I want...
  246. Need Help
  247. Email I got
  248. Have you ever sarged a mom?
  249. Then she suddenly left....
  250. Should I, Could I??