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  1. Where to get laid???
  2. How would YOU respond to this.....?
  3. 26 yo gaming on 18-21s
  4. She has feelings for someone else
  5. HB9.5 One-itis
  6. What to do when a female friend friend zones/ rejects you and wont leave you alone?
  7. Just met in class. What do?
  8. I am in a very interesting situation...
  9. Tricky, confusing, complex girl....HELP
  10. Quick Bar Scenario/Question.
  11. Hot stripper on the go. Need general advice.
  12. Does she seem interested?
  13. Transition from party to dorm room
  14. Guilt
  15. How to reinitiate talking to an ex
  16. What's next
  17. what should i have done?
  18. Only active in other cities... With foreign women.
  19. Chick With Boyfriend is hitting on me.. or teasing?
  20. Okay, met her in class, got her number, what now?
  21. Looks do matter
  22. Call me the rejection expert
  23. How to hold a chick's attention while she is at work?
  24. Am I overanalyzing this? Need help asap!
  25. Sap Stories....
  26. She's not really looking for someone to date at the momment??!
  27. Should I respond to this??
  28. Gay Wingman
  29. She Has a Boyfriend.
  30. Alright..So..
  31. Wedding date - how do I seal the deal?
  32. Is it possible to regain attraction?
  33. I want more than this..
  34. Going through a week without making a move
  35. So bizarre
  36. Did my First Set ever! Looking for advice. (Direct Daygame Classroom Setting)
  37. im in the best an worst situation
  38. Why class/college game seems so tricky
  39. how to pick up girls on the dancefloor at a nightclub
  40. Texting an HB8 I had a thing for this past summer
  41. HB8 Plays Hard To Get
  42. She's coming over for a "platonic" sleepover
  43. Anyone in a similar situation?
  44. What are you Younguns doing for Valentines day?
  45. "Bumping" into her
  46. Need some date advice with this chick
  47. Women's opinions on hickeys?
  48. Girl Keeps Mentioning Boyfriend
  49. She has a boyfriend
  50. Over reacted after break up like a punk,want to talk to her eventually how long?
  51. Bound by duty
  52. Death in family.
  53. I have a confession to make.....
  54. Did I get shit test
  55. In the bar
  56. What could have happened and can I fix this?
  57. is she into me?
  58. How to not seem weak?
  59. I added a girl on facebook without asking for her name, what should I say next?
  60. How to re-establish contact the next day if you havent had sex yet
  61. Asking a girl out on Facebook
  62. What did I do wrong? She didn't text me back?
  63. 18yr old HB9 playing hard to get? Help please :)
  64. Am I pushing it to fast?
  65. Need HELP ASAP
  66. Does attraction expire ?
  67. So I dont know whats happening here...
  68. The Clingy Best Friend
  69. TARGET girl sleeps with your friend and gives you her sister?
  70. What if she holds eye contact?
  71. Actions to take after LJBF'S?
  72. Is 2 weeks too long of a wait?
  73. Work Girl with Boyfriend?Challenge Accepted
  74. To the Death! lol
  75. Is her shyness the game changer?
  76. How do I get rid of the defeatist mentality?
  77. What is the point of cold approaching? & What's the point of dating Randoms?
  78. Did you have a good night?
  79. Travelling trip gone VERY wrong...
  80. Back up guy, need advice
  81. Is she interested? Briefly Met/Now Facebook?
  82. Should she be chasing you after a day2?
  83. Am I friendzoned ?? really confused
  84. Good text game, bad in f2f. Any suggestions
  85. New Opener Simple but highly effective
  86. Advices on breaking rapport..
  87. I can't find the right time to go for the kiss (READ DESCRIPTION)
  88. Question about phone game???
  89. Little bit of advice please
  90. Help me out
  91. how to talk to this girl whos in my lecture classes
  92. Sarging in Office Building
  93. 1st post, noobie here, need help with girls at the bar/club
  94. Spring Break - South Beach
  95. What is my problem ?
  96. "Hired Gun" Shot Girl, advice on opening communication.
  97. What does this mean?
  98. Help! What do I do?
  99. Help with opening and following up.
  100. Handling Compliments
  101. Need backup!
  102. I s||||ed up... What to do next time?
  103. Something that David X said
  104. Is it a DLV if I show jealousy towards my GF about her previous ex
  105. Looking for an experienced Mentor!
  106. Should I stop saying Hi to her?
  107. Getting bored with girls, only like challenges. Am I too good for my age?
  108. how do I go with this girl
  109. Girl gives IOIs but won't let me Kino at all
  110. Cute girl at work, Could use some advice!
  111. Need some help with needy girl.
  112. Personality (yang)
  113. Average thoughts after an average break up *cyclops smile -] *
  114. Small party to bedroom?
  115. quick question
  116. Forgot her name, follow up message
  117. Not sure what to do
  118. First Date
  119. is this a good idea
  120. Situation: Girl with boyfriend
  121. Curiosity for where I failed
  122. How to get the ball rolling. Initiate sex
  123. what do you guys think about gf keeping photos/items from ex's
  124. Trying for round 2
  125. Magic Bullets Question.
  126. Bad Game or lesbian? (Srs situation)
  127. Girl invited me to bar/club
  128. Young HB, do i have any chance?
  129. Looking for new magic
  130. ''I'm not like that''
  131. Girl only interested when she's drunk...
  132. 20 yr old upperclassman (transfer student), any point in rushing a fraternity now?
  133. gaming someone you already f-closed???
  134. Is she interested or not
  135. Bestfriend -> Girlfriend What Do? Major points bolded
  136. He likes me or is just doing that for fun?
  137. Help! Is she interested or am I LJBF'd
  138. HB10 Fitnessbabe for threesome, how to reel this in?
  139. Question to answer?
  140. Is it too late for eye contact?
  141. Things I wish I would've known at 21
  142. Please answer quick--need help tomorrow!
  143. Girls ignoring me and doing weird stuff
  144. What does she want? [body language]
  145. helpt with date tommorrow :(
  146. How to start talking to a girl you've been ignoring
  147. She showed so much interest, gone all of the sudden?
  148. What would you guys do in my situation?
  149. In A Situation
  150. im in a weirdest situation ever. lol
  151. Shit Test?
  152. Wtf does she want?
  153. My Situation & A Couple Of Questions
  154. How to make Russian girls kiss
  155. HB Scale ... Comparisons?
  156. What do you think?
  157. She said she loves me
  158. Long Fuse or what?
  159. Escalated to quickly?
  160. What is this girl thinking
  161. Crush said she's got a boyfriend, need advice on next move
  162. Strippers && Hired Guns
  163. Need help with girl from one of my classes
  164. Would like some opinions....
  165. One nighter's or dating?
  166. Where to from here?
  167. This girl I like has a friend who I think doesn't like me and I don't know why
  168. Guys, I need some advice and opinions on this one..
  169. I'm looking for some cool and cheap peacocks to buy from Ebay
  170. She gave me the fuck me eyes...Is it too late?(Please read)
  171. The Cubicle/IM Office Game
  172. Help with follow up please
  173. screwed up with HB8... how to recover?
  174. Why has she stopped texting me first? A bit confused.
  175. Setting up your room in College
  176. Need you guys help with CF & transitioning
  177. First post, used advice before I joined, but now I need help
  178. should i ask this girl out
  179. Girl I met at the club
  180. I'm constantly called sassy -- Good or Bad? +MORE
  181. Problems keeping girls post-game
  182. Small town sarging...can it be effective?
  183. Urgent please: Should I make move?
  184. Would appreciate some help please!
  185. TEEN PUAs (21 and under ONLY) NYC Summer 2013
  186. Are juniors and seniors in college less open to making new friends?
  187. Where to start with this chick?
  188. What Do I Do Now? Please Help
  189. Should I keep trying with her?
  190. I think i have an oneitis. FML
  191. What do you think I should do?
  192. why doesnt she reply to texts/messages? should i just give up??
  193. Ex's Friend?
  194. HB's friend asked me if I like the girl..
  195. long term work colleague i'm obsessed with. help!
  196. she has a bf but
  197. what do girls think about me?
  198. why im not succesful with women?
  199. Girls who are AFC and Needy.
  200. How to improve my speaking voice
  201. my gf still uses her ex's stuff
  202. I'm a soldier in the Army and I have a situation I have never been in
  203. Was I being used for her validation?
  204. HELP! Trying to win back ex gf...
  205. Some help Please
  206. Dealing with Attention-Seeking HB's (aka Attention-whores)
  207. Been dating a friend/work colleague - don't know what to do
  208. stupid comment from check out-chick
  209. Getting kiss-rejected from a girl
  210. F closed & need advice ASAP
  211. How can i fix it with my ex
  212. almost had a threesome, what should i have done!!
  213. Been messed around, but still into her
  214. Does she like me? HELP please
  215. Online Convo > Text > Date closed! Critique/Advice please!
  216. I NEED help with Logistics! Living Off-Campus :(
  217. No idea what this means
  218. Gym Approach
  219. For real PUA's only, please.
  220. Fucked up Date. Please help!
  221. Going out with a girl who has never dated?
  222. Girl trying to friend zone me
  223. Should I run a BF destroyer?
  224. Cocky comedy didn't work, AFC did....??
  225. Takin it to the next level
  226. Pick up videos
  227. Girl is outright evil, yet keeps texting me..
  228. I need some advice about facebook and college
  229. I'm Still not Getting over it.
  230. How do I get her back??
  231. Girl I number closed, but only texted a couple times
  232. San Diego near Miramar - Could use a Wingman
  233. This is probably common, but I really need some help. This girl has a boyfriend...
  235. What to do with girl who has mutual friends on Facebook?
  236. Feeling down
  237. First time nightclubbing, 19 y/o?
  238. Shotgun Kiss close
  239. Freshman in College.. PUA
  240. Are opinion openers still relevant?
  241. Weird club moment
  242. Girl got buyers remorse
  243. Whats going on in her mind..?
  244. One Night Stand to 2 Night Stand
  245. confuzzeled
  246. How to Approach FB situation?
  247. Memorizing names
  248. Need Help with next move!!!
  249. Would love some advice... ASAP
  250. Help with studying abroad