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  1. Met girl on OKC, BJ on first date....
  2. Watch out for this, and, DO YOU CARE/GET JEALOUS? . [Critique] PLEASE.
  3. How do men handle creating JUST a sexual relationship or a one night stand?
  4. Frienzoned after kissing?
  5. Improv Game
  6. Game breakdown
  7. Fight with a girl
  8. I don't know what's happening between me and my girlfriend
  9. College Openers
  10. AFC girl
  11. Asked to be my girlfriend to early..
  12. The kiss, now what?
  13. How to Kiss Better?
  14. She says "I have a boyfriend" after we hang out
  15. [Quick] In few hours I will meet this girl. Need few pointers.
  16. So How Do You setup a Date etc
  17. Am I overthinking or is she just notninterested or...?
  18. I hate my face!!
  19. The virgin problem
  20. Awesome success with the bank robbery text
  21. I've got myself in such a catch 22 situation
  22. Whats the best way to pick up a shy girl
  23. I'm from the town I go to college in
  24. Negative Beliefs about Social Fraternities
  25. Girl went cold
  26. One-itis again.
  27. gaming a virgin
  28. Hey, need your opinion please!
  29. Lol general advice needed - wtf is her name!?
  30. Important!! Help!
  31. What Do You Think About Guys Wearing Skinny Jeans?
  32. What the f*** happened?!
  33. How do you play things off to the girl you're trying to get with?
  34. player reputation after 2 weeks of living somewhere
  35. Is it possible to get her back ?! when yes then how ?
  36. Drinking Games & Stuff
  37. How to get more social popular in school?
  38. How to be a better men?
  39. How to get her back or leave her alone?
  40. She just cancelled plans, I don't know what to think of her idea..
  41. Conversation Anxiety?
  42. How to hook up with a Friend. Please Read!
  43. I think I messed up a potentially good thing
  44. Should I move to a different room?
  45. Gaming the jealous ex?
  46. Need some input on when to make a move with my crush
  47. How do women feel about guys who smoke?
  48. Distance makes the heart grow more fond!
  49. Catch girls looking at me but NEVER smile?
  50. natural friend vs aPUA
  51. #Close - Boyfriend Knows ;)
  52. Gambits/Bounce to home
  53. Clubs/ concerts
  54. Question about this scenario
  55. The" who is this?" shit test
  56. Club Transitioning on the Dance Floor
  58. Am I being a pussy?
  59. I get intimidated when a girl brings her best friend along to get her opinion on me??
  60. Just met a girl, new to this, please help!
  61. Completely perplexed
  62. best way to get my inner game back
  63. Need YOUR help! Is this girl attracted or NOT?
  64. Girl said im only cute online..
  65. Jealous on ex? When is it time to move on?
  66. AMOGing tips to get rid of creepy guys?
  67. I think my personality sucks
  68. Is there a point in gaming a girl who is into you from the beginning
  69. This Chick at work...
  70. Things girls assume about good looking men
  71. Products to buy for a shy guy with social anxiety problems
  72. Emailed an old student
  73. I told A girl I liked her -.-'
  74. Do I use this card ?
  75. Co-worker issue, need serious advice!!!
  76. Freeze out?
  77. Advices on dating popular and wild girl
  78. Urgent Help Needed! College Problems
  79. Looking foward the best answer and personal experience on this one!! Haha
  80. How to kiss close
  81. HB who sits next to you in college
  82. Oral sex Guide?
  83. Im starting to realize I am a douchebag...
  84. How to Approach Women in a way that DOUBLES your Success
  85. Why Pushing through Approach Anxiety does not work & what to do about it
  86. A Trick i learned from NLP that you can use to Destroy Approach Anxiety
  87. What to do when a woman "rejects" you to avoid feeling like sh*t
  88. 3 Simple Ways to Destroy Approach Anxiety & Get Sex!
  89. Ive been being wayyy to nice. What should i do about this girl now
  90. I have this girl in college... me 18, she is 16
  91. About to Bring Her Home - She Hesitates - Next Move?
  92. Like a Girl, But Dont want to Fuck it Up
  93. Is most of pus only for avg and below avg looking guys?
  94. Need feedback, possibly blew it
  95. Advice for gaming my hot 25 year old boss?
  96. Bitch shield destroyer?
  97. gaming in a bad situation
  98. Suppose I say this to a coworker, how would it do?
  99. Kino logistics Help...where to go from here?
  100. Need input ASAP? Am I over reaching?
  101. Whats a good transition to get to know a girl in class?
  102. The one I want or the one who wants me?
  103. these girls are all attracted to me, but i dont know what to do?
  104. Scared to flirt - dont want to come across as creepy or with ulterior motive
  105. Ladies be crazy...
  106. Conquer Your Campus
  107. Unknown facebook girl I'm hung up on
  108. Read the wrong signs or did i do something wrong?
  110. Girl told me, she wants to fuck.. How to make it happen?
  111. Threesome
  112. girls that just throw themselves at you ?
  113. Talking to a girl in my college class
  114. Girl i like just texted after ignoring me for 4 days
  115. met this girl in class
  116. interesting situation
  118. Here's what I think about "game"
  119. Is she interested? Is this a date? Am I as confused as I think I am???
  120. Have you tried being rejected?
  121. Stuck in a grey area friendzone/makeout zone
  122. How to act in in class?
  123. Just a kiss on the cheek
  124. how to creat a need?
  125. Have I hung out with Her too much
  126. How to approach 2 mixed 2-set?
  127. to F close a virgin
  128. Opening at the gym
  129. I remind her of her Dad?
  130. gaming a girl
  131. Las Vegas Game!
  132. I need help getting back on track with this one.
  133. Transition from acquaintance to dating
  134. Halloween: San Diego vs. Santa Barbara
  135. Would this work?
  136. Meeting and growing
  137. 20 y/o Virgin Help
  138. What do I do next?! clueless
  139. rave game
  140. Should I ask her out?
  141. Same night lay
  142. Dangerous girl/ Oneitis
  143. I need to get this girl before she gives up and friend zones me...
  144. How to interpret "If you where gay, hanging out with you would be easier"
  145. I'm in an interesting boat
  146. I want to to make sure I'm approaching this correctly. :)
  147. List of childish games
  148. What to say if a girl says she's fat?
  149. either im a time ho, or shes just a social retard?
  150. Saying happy birthday?
  151. Lie about age or not?
  152. Being direct with a playboy model
  153. college parties
  154. When girls ignore you then come running back after? How is a PUA supposed to act?
  155. girl texting on date
  156. Just Back in the Game, Need Second Opinion
  157. Is this going the right way ?
  158. Critique me. Surprising reply from HB 9
  159. Once I get them back to my house...
  160. hot real estate agent how to game(text or phone)?
  161. Girl asks me out for drinks
  162. How to isolate a HB9 at a work party?
  163. Stuck in a rut
  164. No alcohol for a month, interesting....
  165. How to convince a girl that distance is no problem?
  166. Multi-day event
  167. Do her a favour?
  168. Serious Issue with this girl.
  169. How's this comment going to do in a normal convo?
  170. Is this some sort of pattern that girls use to tease guys or look more attractive?
  171. what do to with this girl? Persist or Move on?
  172. Senior guy and freshman girl relationship help?
  173. How to move forward once she has shown interest?
  174. help! i am losing my mojo
  175. What to say instead of "I Love You..."
  176. K-Closed tonight, bit of a problem, and how to act now ?
  177. Help with closing when being in a group
  178. Bear with me.. what's wrong with her?
  179. Not Sure How to act in this new relationship
  180. Games?
  181. Rejected Kiss Close
  182. untraditional college hookups
  183. Not new to the game, or this site, but back after a long break, need some advice
  184. First Date extra company
  185. Rejected F-Close
  186. Re-initiating sexual tension
  187. College game
  188. I'm losing what I got!
  189. Taking Control of my life. Q&A for forum please.
  190. What is action?
  191. Want to give her a last try. How to initiate appropriately?
  192. Has she lost interest?
  193. Your best Bullshitting!
  194. Girl gave me sign of interest and then she stoped
  195. Girls with ugly friends=easier to pick up?
  196. What can I learn from this experience...Comment please.
  197. HB10 but not making progress!!
  198. Breaking into high status social groups
  199. general texting question
  200. Should I freeze her out?
  201. She dosent want to move too fast
  202. Help! Short question!
  203. I Told Her She's A Bitch
  204. The Paradox of the Alpha/Leader
  205. Depression of a 18 years old virgin
  206. funny story
  207. Friendzone and Kissing?
  208. Charm worked too well?
  209. How to get a girl to meet up?
  210. 8 Simple Rules for Attracting and Keeping Women
  211. 8 Simple Rules for Attracting and Keeping Women UPDATED
  212. What to do with flaking?
  213. hard to get
  214. Is There A Such Thing As a Good Friend Zone?
  215. Help!
  216. How to get started in a new area
  217. College Library Opener
  218. It's Killing me inside any tips do stop feeling this way?
  219. Going to a party....should I bring a HB?
  220. Could this work as a DHV?
  221. College Party Dynamics
  222. How to ask a HB out?
  223. I just don't want to mess up, please help.
  224. Club PRoblem
  225. F-Closed... Getting lunch this week
  226. How can I be as confident as I used to be?
  227. Help with the f-close
  228. Could do with some advise!
  229. Adjusting my game ?
  230. Getting my girlfriend of 4 months lingerie for Christmas-Good/Bad idea?
  231. Celebrity girls... yep
  232. Sexual Tension
  233. Inner Game Question
  234. how to know when a dhv story hit
  235. How to meet potential f-buddies?
  236. Progress stuck with a care-free woman
  237. 2 Girls...need some advice
  238. Looking for some honest perspective
  239. Don't know if she's being friendly or what
  240. Had a great night and I want to share it!
  241. Even when working multiple girls, I fall too fast, for all of them. GTFIH please.
  242. Christmas girl - your opinions!
  243. How to deal with bad logistics
  244. Not The Greatest Phone Call
  245. Back in the game
  246. Approaching a 10
  247. Fear of rejection. Fear of being uncared-for.
  248. Going from gaming to relationship?
  249. I Must Redefine/Reconstruct My Game Please Read
  250. Met at a Bar - Her Friends # Closed for me?