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  1. Friend zone or is something happening?
  2. College Game Writeup
  3. Your opinion is wanted
  4. Assistance needed, Really dont want to sound like an AFC????
  5. is this a shit test ?
  6. Opening in college lounge areas.
  7. NEED HELP PLEASE! Asked girl to go out casually but she asked to bring her friend
  8. IN LOVE lol...girl from the gym who has a boyfriend. What to do!
  9. Did you miss me?
  10. text game
  11. Showed too much interest too early, want to reinitiate as friends.
  12. Is this girl into me?
  13. Your ideal first few minutes going in direct
  14. Help, very strange night
  15. First date. Advice needed
  16. Picking up Women When Looking Really Young
  17. Cocky /Funny and Qualification STICKING POINT
  18. How to keep her interested when you're out of town?
  19. Need Advice- With Girl in the House
  20. Being an asshole
  21. What does He think of me?
  22. Colorado
  23. My Experience: Most girls want friends first???
  24. Confusing girl! (help, going out with her tomorrow)
  25. college text game
  26. Is it a problem with my game?
  27. Inner Game, Mastering Your Emotions.
  28. Help..please i don't know what i am doing...
  29. Approaching Seated Girls On College Campus
  30. Girl PUA ish kiss closed, but hard to get or not interested
  31. How to change her from dating material to friends with benefits?
  32. Old girl help!!
  33. How do I bring uo something she is self conscious about???
  34. Ultimate amog? I mean wtf?
  35. halp!
  36. Picking up a working girl
  37. new to the community, need inner game help. thanks for your time
  38. A problem in day 2 land...maybe?
  39. bootcamp?
  40. Her controlling ex boyfriend is texting her
  41. Can women sense that you've been with other women even if you're alone?
  42. A new opener and other piece for you to try out
  43. Rules for Eye Contact
  44. So... She has a boyfriend, but she shows me IOI's?
  45. Turning my love life around
  46. A new beautiful girl I met.
  47. Having Difficulty Transitioning from Openers
  48. Told her I liked her before we had sex...
  49. Funny situation!!! Please click to laugh!!
  50. what abt HER BIRTHDAY!!??
  51. Jealousy from girls that rejected you? I need clarification on some points please..
  52. Hooked up with this girl at a Dayglow concert, but I forgot to ask for her number!
  53. How to make women fall in love!?
  54. Friend Zone Recovery? Shit Test? Thoughts?
  55. I need some advice please! How would an alpha handle this situation?
  56. FR: Do I still have a shot?
  57. Introverts
  58. finding motivation
  59. Regret sleeping with a girl
  60. help i dont want to fuck this up...
  61. Shit Test?
  62. To all those starting out: My mistake...
  63. I think I like this girl in my uni
  64. Smooth talker no trouble getting girls but think im about to mess it up
  65. Taken but interested? Need Advanced pua's or mpua help
  66. I am very very confused, help a brother please!
  67. How to Approach Girls in the Mall or Starbucks?
  68. Confusing girl
  69. Confused about this one.
  70. Need ideas for places to meet girls.
  71. Constant Awkwardness
  72. British version of the word dork?
  73. Weird Situation
  74. Manifesto for you Lucky Young Guys!
  75. This girl confuses me...
  76. I screwed up with this girl.. What to do now?
  77. Her abusive ex boyfriend got to her
  78. Re-gaming a girl you already had something with?
  79. How to be confident again?
  80. Getting here back to my room (House Party)
  81. In A Bit Of A Rut
  82. Just got rejected by a female friend that I really cared about. What next?
  83. Picking up a random HB 8 on facebook
  84. Got her number but idk if it's worth it.
  85. Huge opportunity. Give me advices!
  86. Don't know what to think of this one... Help.
  87. Update.. tried to K-close and got the "I have a bf " line
  88. How to respond to "I can't today"
  89. How to use this to my advantage to pick up?
  90. Tried Daygame Skills at a Festival
  91. Friendzone or just give it a time or go for it?
  92. Night Game problems
  93. FR: HELP!! I Always Fuck up after the Fuck Close!!!!
  94. Has Anyone recovered from a failed pursuit?
  95. HB9 iois?
  96. The Girls got a Girlfriend challenge accepted, working... advice?
  97. Sleeping in same bed as friends = game over?
  98. How do i get her in bed?
  99. sincerely: I want to fuck a milf
  100. Should I ask her out ?
  101. Need some last minute tips for some Cottage game
  102. Playing hard to get?
  103. first date ever
  104. Next Step?
  105. Missing something?
  106. Getting Started Under 21
  107. what to do? freaking out
  108. Still cant manage to lay her after a long time
  109. How do I go from 0-60?
  110. She swallowed the gravy!
  111. Quick question
  112. Made the stupidest mistake ever!!!
  113. hooked up 3 times, need help
  114. Is she friendzoning me?
  115. How Do You Guys Feel About Social Media?
  116. Complicatet situation.
  117. Abundance Mentality & High Standards
  118. How can I bed this girl?
  119. Fetichism : a burden ?
  120. Never Seek Approval
  121. gf doesnt wanna make the relationship public (fb)
  122. What are the best humorous openers you guys have used successfully....
  123. How to DHV/raise my social value in this situation?
  124. Can't get her out of my head
  125. Mastering Identity
  126. How to get your ex girlfriend back.
  127. Relationship advancing way too fast ?
  128. Just friends or is she testing me?
  129. Does cussing heighten your value or lower it?
  130. 22 year old me V.S 30 year old hb
  131. help with DHV story for my 4cm scar?
  132. Girls texts me "You better come out tonight!"
  133. How would you handle this?
  134. What should I do?
  136. What are some indicators of disinterest?
  137. Where do i go from here, advice!
  138. What is going on with this girl??
  139. How do I make that first move with this girl? No relationship.
  140. Things went great, now she says she feels bad for rebounding??
  141. Not sure what to do here.
  142. Going into College Problems
  143. MILF situation. Need help/advice
  144. Bartenders
  145. Summer college game
  146. How do you ask a girl to bed? Pure N00b
  147. how to deal with chicks that flirt with everyone
  148. Gf doesn't want me anymore?
  149. Get in here guys! Got a serious problem!
  150. Framing issue, how to reply to the girl in this situation?
  151. I Make Things to Complicated
  152. Is a girl being flaky on purpose or by genuine reason?
  153. 1st and 2nd date went amazing, then serious flakiness
  154. Close friends or something..
  155. 20 yo sex problems, lowered self esteem, bad social relations
  156. "What are you thinking ?"
  157. What is going on with my friend's girlfriend?
  158. How to Deal with a CB?
  159. Hitting on older coworkers as a intern
  160. MILF Situation.. Get in and Please help guys
  161. Co-Worker Showing Sexual Interest?
  162. How to approach females at a club ?
  163. 2 MILF enounters gone WRONG. What would u guys say?
  164. I'm 19
  165. Top 3 Methods, Sarges, Type of women
  166. Dont know what to do with this girl??
  167. I really need help with this!
  168. Cant Get This Girl Out Of My Damn Head
  169. Did I fark it up? Help please.
  170. Nightclub Busboy/Barback PUA Advice?
  171. im 15 and this stuff is great
  172. Bi girl says shes into girls but still makes out with me?
  173. Ace of Seduction
  174. Magic Bullets? Is it good??
  175. Friendzoned and beyond
  176. Got a date invite, what to do next?
  177. Gaming an old teacher.
  178. Funny story.Girl wanted to hang out. I got a wrong number. Will see her again. Ideas?
  179. Few questions about a very specific situation
  180. Venusian Arts Handbook?
  181. This girl starts ignoring me and is now talking to me again? Please help
  182. Sober Follow-Up
  183. Blew up the first date?
  184. social circle game
  185. Mall game?
  186. An unusual tact... Will it get a second chance.
  187. Need some help with this girl.
  188. HB10 Freeze out ended. How to proceed?
  189. trying to be a little more interesting/creative with my women
  190. can someone rate my looks?
  191. Incoming LJBF situation. How should I proceed?
  192. First Date With A Girl I Work With
  193. Things are going the wrong way
  194. Day two -> flake
  195. Routines you use with wingmen. COLLECTION
  196. Going direct while theres people within earshot
  197. Try harder stupid
  198. Verbal escalation routines.
  199. want to know where i went wrong
  200. Cold direct approached a college girl. Rejected. I Need Help
  201. 20 years: old grooming questions
  202. What can I do right now to get better?
  203. Question about FWB, please help.
  204. Playing the "social theater"
  205. Approaching at the gym
  206. Special 2 set situation
  207. How do I make her fall in love with me?
  208. I messed up but now...?
  209. A confusing woman... big surprise, isn't it?
  210. where to go from here
  211. grinding
  212. Need Social Help ASAP
  213. Need Help with this girl i like? and she likes me?
  214. If she asks you how many girls you slept with ...
  215. Comfort routine - Youtube Playlist
  216. It's kinda complicated
  217. Question about gaming an HB10
  218. Failed Opener, Funny Story
  219. High School... Down on my luck
  220. 18 years - no relationship, no kiss, no girls. Kinda depressed
  221. Awesome Opportunity for Me! Any Advice?
  222. 18 year old virgin - Should I start sex with prostitutes?
  223. Want to turn friend into "lover"
  224. How should i go about dating this girl
  225. Taking the easy way out.
  226. Help me land this girl, would be ultimate revenge
  227. Voice exercices?
  228. Torn ACL, How can I DHV myself with this
  229. Played.
  230. I want the cake, but I don't want to buy it.
  231. Help with HB10!
  232. So, I switched things up...
  233. hey to talk to a striaght forward girl?
  234. am I being friendzoned?
  235. Kissing on the first date, it's killing me.
  236. Need some serious ass opinions
  237. FWB with this one girl looking for some advice
  238. Flirtzoned, Friendzoned and now she wants me?
  239. Weird but interesting situation
  240. am i heading into friendzone?
  241. How to grow some balls?
  242. Rejection text, this one stung
  243. Friendzoned?
  244. hooking up with this girl who has a bf
  245. So lets Critique me
  246. How to handle girl in public?
  247. Gaming HB9 I'll be seeing in college; shit tested me, next move?
  248. How do I become the guy people want to take pictures with?
  249. GUIDE: Get girls to approach you in the hot tub
  250. Introducing friends to pick up