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  1. Bartender 10... Need quick advice!
  2. Jealous girlfriend at club block?
  3. You don't really need to disqualify females
  4. Intimidated vs uninterested
  5. Asking her out: In person, Facebook, phone-call or Text?
  6. forgetting a girls past
  7. Need some advice for my son...
  8. Joined a club at school,she knew where i was from. how to proceed
  9. Girl has a bf but keeps texting me.
  10. COLLEGE SARGERS!!! Please Enter with caution
  11. Claw open
  12. Is there hope in this type of situation... next step?
  13. texting girls?
  14. being where I am suppose to be
  15. Dry Humping = Good or Bad?
  16. Hb 9 hb 10 is the games different?
  17. Contradiction
  18. Triangle gaze/make out look
  19. Girls with boyfriends, are they interested or just seeking attention?
  20. Specifically not a date, should I still escalate?
  21. Damage control help!
  22. Fuck-buddy on the cards. IF I can play them right...
  23. Subconsciously wanting to be less attractive
  24. is she into me or not???
  25. New to the game. Help needed.
  26. Date this friday night....what to say?
  27. Try to repair myself!
  28. Getting rid of a girl gently?
  29. Need a good response to "what a creeper!"
  30. I must break her!
  31. INTJs and Pickup
  32. Harvard needs Advice
  33. Marks with Personality
  34. What do I do, and how do I interpret this?
  35. sweet=friendzone
  36. Strange way to Qualify/Flake?
  37. 21 y/o viring, just got back from her house, almost went all way. HELP!?
  38. going cold?
  39. Can anybody think of a good cocky and funny response
  40. Wouldn't want to slip into no man's land...
  41. One chance with this college girl i met, HELP!
  42. Need some advice on teasing girl
  43. Ex text me back ...
  44. how to talk to strangers
  45. New Here, Getting an ex back?
  46. How to pick up a female friend you know well ?
  47. well this sucks..
  48. Can you be too skinny?
  49. Dose this count as a flake?
  50. Feeling weird?
  51. Does anyone do daygame on their campus?
  52. Mixed Signals
  53. sticking point
  54. Only had sex with one chick...need advice
  55. I deserve to be slapped
  56. My Story and Personal Pickup Rules
  57. "I HAVE A BF" response
  58. HB8 Fucked up.. What to do?
  59. Girl Has Boyfriend But Has Showed Clear Signs of Interest...
  60. Negs for the cocky bitches
  61. How to DHV on female celebrities?
  62. Friend problem
  63. How do you know when its time to ask her out?
  64. Keep moving on ...
  65. Fear of advancing with girl in class
  66. Escalation help please!
  67. How do I get her into doing oral?
  68. A little story...
  69. Is there a nice way of telling her.....
  70. Critique how I flirt, oneitus prevention, What do i do next to further things along?
  71. What's wrong ... !!!!!
  72. Im boring, women are boring, everythings boring. :p
  73. IOIs in front of her boyfriend?am i wrong?help.
  74. too sensitive?!?!
  75. anyone here good at college game
  76. Hep with this girl--need some outside input
  77. ms. bulgaria
  78. Is this a trap?
  79. Breaking Things Off for a Bit
  80. need advice for this situation
  81. Do I have a chance or am I FriendZoned? PLEASE HELP
  82. Complex Situation
  83. Good answers if a chick asks if I am a virgin?
  84. How important is kino
  85. How to start your own social circle?
  86. girls frieds try to pair her off with some other dude
  87. Askin this girl on a date
  88. Opening the door again?
  89. GFTOW Complete, My Experience, and One-itis
  90. Girls with boyfriends!
  91. situation
  92. Wording/Phrasing
  93. I didnt make a move when i had many chances tonight. im an idiot
  94. During Concert, How Could I Have Made a Move
  95. Got her number. Now what?
  96. Displaying social intuition/ skills at an unfamiliar place
  97. How can I escalate to a kiss smoothly?
  98. Why do girls flake??
  99. Her BF found our flirty messages
  100. How to ask her out. Help please :)
  101. Potentially date her, or one night stand?
  102. Turning a long time ex into a lay?
  103. Tainted IOIs
  104. if a chick starts grinding with you at the bar/club....
  105. Girl not believing that we study medicine
  106. ok, i approached her......what now?
  107. To all pro PUA, the time duration for number closing.
  108. Do I still have a chance?
  109. Chick just wants to wrestle?
  110. Crazy siutation, met her last night, lots of IOI but she's got a BF?
  111. College girl gives iois/ initiates meetup then flakes help
  112. Logistics
  113. I JUST DID MY FIRST APPROACH (give some comments :) )
  114. My Most Important Rule for Any A.F.C - Dealing with Rejection
  115. Have had sex, Never been in a relationship
  116. Something I should work on: opinions
  117. Comfortable/Friend Zoned?
  118. Is she going to lose interest in me?
  119. Should I be mad, or just forget about it?
  120. Good text to maintain attraction or comfort?
  121. Need help re-attracting a girl
  122. What to do to get my ex girlfriend jalous (she now have a boyfriend)
  123. Girirls are the most amazing creatures on the planet...
  124. Told Her I Like Her, Now Need Advice, Here's My Situation
  125. Long story made short
  126. Sex Appeal in our face
  127. my text game? solid?
  128. attraction
  129. Loev is
  130. List: For when the dance must be floored
  131. best friend's younger sister situation...I'm stumped
  132. How often should i text ?
  133. My general idea of flirting, is it right? Problem is, my confidence is low.
  134. To persue or not persue
  135. I can tease, but I can't get past that.
  136. Hmmm, need some advice
  137. Really Hot Girl but she has no confidence, how to act?
  138. Working in a club a lot of opportunity missed - help
  139. will magic bullets help if i wont be going to bars/clubs/parties?
  140. Who likes this forum?
  141. Women Dancing - Sticking Point
  142. Conquering a tease?
  143. Any threads on getting rid of a chick? (Prolly dug my own grave)
  144. Same Problem Night over Night at the Club
  145. So Confused
  146. Hard to get? tease?Im confused
  147. How to go after a girl i just met, but goes to a different school. 30 min away?
  148. Looking for wingwoman!
  149. Change myself and inner game is it possible ?
  150. Idk Wat to Do
  151. Overprotective mother ---> Inner Game Problem
  152. Field Report - Critique Welcome
  153. How to game on Facebook
  154. Feeling lost in college, what to do?
  155. comeback worth it?
  156. gaming a girl WITH A LOAD OF ATTENTION ...
  157. Become a Learning, embrace learning as part of your lifestyle
  158. girl i'm getting with teases me and i wanna slam already
  159. Ex-Fbuddys slutty behavior
  160. Tough problem...
  161. hb9- i'm in a bit of a pickle
  162. HELP me pls
  163. First date... ever. Need some advice.
  164. Help with women at the bar? Specific situation.
  165. Building Sexual Tension Quickly
  166. What if HB ...?
  167. Girl in the library
  168. Kiss Close during the day-school
  169. Officially Lost My Game.. How to Recover from this?
  170. College Game Sticking Point
  171. Turning 21 soon
  172. Sticking point- I know how to attract, create comfort, but cant K-close
  173. Help me on my inner game!
  174. Need help attraction part
  175. "Will you go out with me?"
  176. Nail in the Coffin - Oneitus story and so near recovery.. but...
  177. That one sticking point?
  178. Psychological blocks
  179. is it possible to attract back an ex girlfriend ?
  180. Teasing
  181. Hard to get #1
  182. Number closing On Facebook
  183. Girl I really likes birthday, few options
  184. College Opening Logistics - How to get yourself in the right place at the right time.
  185. Unusual Situation
  186. How to Deal with shy girl
  187. Girls wants to come home with me, but changes her mind 3 different times.
  188. Halloween Party's over. What can I do now?
  189. Girls keep saying they want to take it slow. Why?
  190. I need some insight. LR
  191. Nexting girl in Social Circle?
  192. Text day after drunken hookup?
  193. Joe.. back from serving overseas.
  194. How to get more time with a girl
  195. Decorating/Furnishing College Dorm Room
  196. Shows heavy attraction, but says otherwise
  197. How to pursue a girl after a drunken make-out session/hook-up
  198. Need some honest advice on this girl that doesn't make sense to me.
  199. Looking too young?
  200. Girl in a Set, gives a lot of IODs wtf???
  201. Last minute resistance with a virgin help needed.
  202. Difficult time thinking quickly on my feet
  203. Date a girl when you know she dated a sleazy guy?
  204. The Science Behind Cold Approach (I Suggest Reading This)
  205. Double date to movies? good or bad?
  206. Potential girlfriend hung up on ex.
  207. What should I do about this girl?
  208. Here's one for you!
  209. Ex-Fuck Buddy sending weird signals
  210. On-Off with coworker
  211. how come the girl am hitting on wnts my wingman?
  212. Direct Openers for the Dancefloor?
  213. (help) other guy in the picture
  214. Post legitimate game plan ?
  215. behavioral psychology
  216. Examples of bullshit baffles brains principle?
  217. Girl seems potentially interested/nice, but no ioi... Keep talking for practice?
  218. Best friend always attracts my target - advise?
  219. Girl gives positive/negative signals, what's she thinking?
  220. how to handle 'haters'?
  221. To respond or not to respond?
  222. Anxiety/Anger/ negative thinking..about previous relationship. HELP!
  223. K-closed...how to proceed?
  224. She flirts then doesn't want to hang out
  225. Why do 18-21 yo girls seem to like 25+ men more?
  226. College bars/parties: What do you do when you "go out"?
  227. Wild Girls
  228. Should I give up or should I confront?
  229. Apology to a FB/potential LTR?
  230. Newbie. NEWbie.
  231. Quick opinion - Needs quick replies!!
  232. Going to Vegas this Weekend. What to do when im down there?
  233. Hooking up
  234. Need quick response. Me and my friend asked me to wing night..
  235. All these quick advice threads, Should I do this or that... Read here...
  236. Looking for a right time to reframe.. Help
  237. Need help with older woman
  238. Handling emotionally unstable women
  239. Dealing with Party Girls...
  240. Is she interested, but scared?
  241. what frame am i supposed to have after AFCing really hard?
  242. Heres a New Situation for me. PLEASE ADVICE
  243. Try again later or just drop her?
  244. Newbie needing help
  245. What does she really mean?
  246. when a girl drops bf bomb just when you go to kiss her?
  247. She's gone cold/borderline friendzone
  248. damn..i need some help
  249. She's a highschool hottie. (legal though)
  250. Am i good looking?