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  1. Help Needed Hot Girl in Neighboring Locker
  2. Studying...anyone?
  3. best friend blues
  4. Group date? HELP
  5. plz check out my stories
  6. In the Shadow of Another
  7. What are your favorite openers/routines/stories?
  8. Cockblocked in class?
  9. Attraction Generating Lines For School
  10. Shit Test Question
  11. Junior and Freshman to big of a gap?
  12. Conversation skillset
  13. a little help here guys
  14. What Does This "Female Code" Mean?
  15. how to deal with the "I'm so fat" problem =)
  16. How to reply when she says..
  17. Help Quick
  18. -21 Newbie mission
  19. HELP! Afraid to attend class tomorrow... UG2 stalker.
  20. Friend wingman?
  21. High School Weird Stuff / Shitloads of AMOGGING
  22. cocky funny phone routine
  23. Can it really be this easy?
  24. Jack Sparrows appeal?
  25. My long tongue...
  26. basic info
  27. making an approaches seem coincidental
  28. books to read
  29. How to read reactions and gauge approach invitations
  30. Gettin my one-itis
  31. Your first sexual experience
  32. Need Help with Kino
  33. too forward ?
  34. So... Whats different?
  35. High School Book Report: THE GAME
  36. what to say when an older gal asks your age?
  37. weird reactions when kissing
  38. Sarging at a store
  39. random topics
  40. Started a very personal blog.
  41. what to say after pulling out of a kiss and how to reinititiate
  42. Crib Ideas
  43. Sudden Nervousness
  44. My Peacocking Sticking Point
  45. A party full of underage models... oppurtunity knocks
  46. marriage
  47. Need help with trophy gf..
  48. Seducing The Ice Queen
  49. problem for mystery
  50. The neg-a-day rule.
  51. High School Sarging: Under Classmen HB
  52. I am terible with woman! I need help ASAP
  53. This Is Fucked Up
  54. Will girls try and hide it?
  55. *new amog"* killed me
  56. Gaming over 21 year old
  57. Should I go for an this girl? Watch out...there's a twist at the end!
  58. Is it too late to become the "cool guy"??
  59. i am having a ridiculously HARD time getting the game to work...
  60. what's the right way to peacock?
  61. Proximity Issue.
  62. My looks are the problem
  63. shameless womanizer
  64. Can one be perceived as a true ladies man by public after 4 years of goofyness.
  65. peacocking and openers?
  66. OMG, I cant even talk to you anymore...
  67. Post-opening: Set has super high energy level
  68. "Are you a magician or something?"
  69. Unsuccessful examples anyone?
  70. Kino girls..
  71. OMG!!! Ex- One-itis in contact with me..AGAIN >_<.
  72. Target rich venues under 21 for weekdays
  73. Do you need a nice neg routine? Here is one.
  74. Body Language
  75. help after kiss closed (she thinks its going to be a relationship :( )
  76. WTF, THESE are the kind of guys I have to AMOG in school!
  77. Isolation Problem
  78. Getting in to social circles: The cube works wonders on guys too!
  79. Malls and the social proofing phenomenon
  80. Where to F-close
  81. advice for a 14 year old!
  82. Taking the Next Step
  83. Going on a coffee date with an One itis *should I go for the kiss*?
  84. Carrying Condoms
  85. Teen clubs
  86. Newb needs opinions
  87. how to be emotional
  88. Gaming 2 HB's in tight set.
  89. Video Game - Pickup Routine
  90. what to do next??
  91. When your friends dont respect you, should you change groups??
  92. Alpha struggle - my fight and how to move on from here
  93. Most social proofed night ever!
  94. sealing the deal- so close
  95. So...It's a competition then...
  96. Something New
  97. she complements me a lot
  98. She says she loves me?
  99. Invested in her frame :(
  100. Need Advice!
  101. Think you got game?
  102. after a LJBF
  103. Admin research for Under 21 - What are the most popular/annoying topics in Under 21?
  104. MY GAME (please Help!)
  105. Goin out with top HB of school tonight!!
  106. is this good idea for getting a bit more comfort?(read plz)
  107. Tips for a 9th grader
  108. Movie night
  109. How to do day 2's with 2-3 or more girls
  110. Gettin Out Of The Friend Zone...
  111. How to make conversation more interesting? (you can't bold a title - but imagaine...)
  112. And I Suddenly Met Her After So Long
  113. Picking up a friends new interest?
  114. Short guy!
  115. So it is *literally* impossible for me to sarge
  116. Help with a virgin??
  117. what comes next?
  118. Build social circles around you- Aye! But with who?
  119. How do I handle this?
  120. Gamekillers/AFC Friends...How do I deal?
  121. love them and leave them
  122. Advice
  123. 'the player'
  124. Should I teach my lil bro game?
  125. School Dance: Don't know what to do
  126. Identity
  127. Need Help Picking Up Freshman
  128. Neg openers
  129. Bad night at the Club
  130. just looking for some input (college situation)
  131. I'm At The Crossroads Now.. And My Friend Is Trying To Steal My Target...
  132. Sticking Point-Isolation
  133. fase IOIs? anything I can do to get this chick back???
  134. How do I keep myself from crossing the line into ass hole territory?
  135. My University Material
  136. some help for a friend in need... boyfriend destroying help.
  137. Last Night
  138. If your not invited to a gathering/party, should you ASK to be invited?
  139. WTF is this!?!?
  140. any peacocking advice for a glow in the dark dance?
  141. I am really Confused.
  142. Pickin Up Miss Popular
  143. Talking with a girl about previous problems between us
  144. Need More A and C with GF
  145. The power of humour on teenage girls.
  146. Wikipedia for DHVs.
  147. Why won't these AMOGs go away?
  148. How is this real?
  149. Pulling The Girl With A Guy Already!
  150. what do I do about this?
  151. Book Spinning
  152. Ok guys where did I go wrong?
  153. What do I do now?
  154. Crazy scratching bitch
  155. Uni question
  156. vocal attention grabbers
  157. I Have Cock Block Issues
  158. Review my game
  159. Question about one-itis.
  160. When can you class yourself as a PUA
  161. Strange places..
  162. Campus Material
  163. Buffalo Under 21 Sarge 10-11-06
  164. My princess on her way!
  165. Initiating the Kiss
  166. was this an IOI?..
  167. IOI's
  168. Greeting people at school
  169. One Night Hook-Ups with a girl from your school...
  170. how should i go about this???
  171. interesting new find
  172. so what now?
  173. He-said-she-said Shit
  174. my sarging week at school...
  175. A Question for those with experience
  176. Quick help for homecomming next week
  177. What's the best way to transition from opener to regular conversation??
  178. Shows making us PUA's look bad.
  179. Mayday!
  180. intiating contract with old girls
  181. Newbie Mission Under 21
  182. Under 21 Psych Prob
  183. The Trouble With The X's (Under 21)
  184. She's got a Boyfriend, whether i should proceed
  185. what do i do now??
  186. A little question about a little school
  187. Getting Stuck at C1.
  188. I need help with my pivot
  189. Favourite opener you've ever invented
  190. her friends keep asking me about her??
  191. Control
  192. Which method is the best if you are very good-looking?
  193. Sarging while under 18?
  194. classmate...
  195. Advice Needed
  196. This is what i want!
  197. NEW TO PICK UP!!! Anyone wanna give some help?!
  198. AMOG ruining my game
  199. What went wrong?
  200. Question: Girls that AMOG
  201. building value through her friends
  202. If anyone needs financial help for under 21 convention
  203. Any Given Day
  204. Who ever said age mattered? (Pic included)
  205. Starting a Competition, whos in?
  206. Being rude, or negging?
  207. shes a virgin whos parents got her on lock lol
  208. Is this a good neg or is it going to make this girl stop talking to me?
  209. Sticking Point: Behaviour inside school =/= Behaviour Outside School
  210. Under 21 Bar Sarge (10-20-06)
  211. what is this behaviour?
  212. Alpha Male Characteristics
  213. Is this alpha?
  214. So I got a HB8.8's number tonight, need some advice
  215. worried about being too much of an asshole
  216. Taking over the school!
  217. Guys are ALL OVER my girls
  218. Wooh! Went on date with high HB8
  219. You find out she is in a relationship, should you still go for her?
  220. party rules, whos got em?
  221. Hyper-vigilance - (Another Carlos Xuma)
  222. You know you look like...
  223. Is this Absolute
  224. Height Issues
  225. weird thinking! about some prom
  226. Best Magic Tricks
  227. Sarging in clubs/parties
  228. I now know how Style felt...
  229. where to sit
  230. Need help for Halloween!!!
  231. "grr... your driving me crazy"
  232. Too much banter?
  233. Gaming HBs when your driving
  234. Easy Magic! DHVs !!! :D
  235. Great dating ideas, a must read for all of you.
  236. help a brother out with an HB9
  237. First Sarge
  238. Conversation Skills
  239. help with an HB 8.5
  240. What would you ask the coolest guy in your school about pickup?
  241. Advice Needed...
  242. Going to go Sarge this Friday night. What should I change in my game?
  243. My F*close
  244. need help /w married female ASAP!!
  245. material-city
  246. Initiating the conversation
  247. HOW To get a Fuck Buddy
  248. Guys i REALLY need help whit my A2 problem
  249. My "Did you know?" Opener - For use in class
  250. Using MM while working in a restaurent