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  1. Idk if this girl likes me or if i messed up already?
  2. So, this one time, at band camp...
  3. Hitting a wall
  4. Scenario: Call Center Pickup
  5. Need insightet
  6. Need insight, on a compliance and on a possible shit test
  7. Approaching, please help only if you have some experience
  8. Need help with a shy girl.
  9. HELPPP! I never thought I'd be dying to meet my own gf crazy for me!
  10. Friend Zone
  11. Views on young game
  12. He told her i thought she was cute, she thinks im good looking. What do i do next?
  13. Go Slower for Inexperienced Girls?
  14. I'm really lost here... Insight would be appreciated
  15. Have You Ever Done This ?
  16. Need help closing at the "gym"
  17. back in the game
  18. No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Smoking
  19. To anyone bored and looking for a good read, here's my story...
  20. Ready to Deal with this.
  21. Black Women
  22. Please help here. I'm in wierd situation. (You'll laugh also, but please help me)
  23. Should I go in for the kill
  24. back in the game first number close
  25. Second date dilemma! Any advice
  26. Talking to Ex after over 1 year and a half
  27. Am I Misreading This Girl?
  28. What does this mean?
  29. A word about envy
  30. What about insecure girls?
  31. Weird Walls Up, With Girls 18-21
  32. getting tense
  33. Graduation Dance in 2 days.. need advice to help make it a great night
  34. Need some help
  35. Girl wont shut up
  36. Whatsa Smart Man to do?
  37. Drawing a blank here..
  38. What happenend ?
  39. How to K-Close the "Nice Girl"
  40. how do i get my mojo back
  41. Hot Spots for people Under 21?
  42. What should i do?? PLS HELP BRO
  43. Trying to find a girl, but how do I get them interested?
  44. Been Seeing this girl for a month or 2.. How can I spice things up?
  45. She texted me late last night saying she cant stop thinking about me. What shold isay
  46. FML. Need help.
  47. Personal Insecurity
  48. HBrose w/ BF- crack the code...
  49. whats the next step?
  50. Attraction + Building Comfort?
  51. Going to a festival
  52. Thanks....but no really....AM i to mean?....
  53. Always being given shit.
  54. Why do women flake? What causes this to happen?
  55. Help, I really don't want a GF and girl I'm dating may give the talk
  56. Turning HB9 into my Girlfriend..?
  57. Improvement for next time
  58. How do Deal with SUPER conceited!?
  59. Stuck with girls question "What do you expect from me?"
  60. Need help breaking a fog..
  61. Throw some advice my way.
  62. Girlfriend wants to turn just best friends
  63. Where can a young guy get laid without his own place?
  64. Disqualifying herself or IOD?
  65. Getting things back moving
  66. Kolevras challenge-Hired gun story....
  67. Validation or Honesty?
  68. (very long)(reply)does she still like me ?/ why wont she take me back ?
  69. How to turn ex into f-buddy
  70. She's 5 years older than me... can I still game her?
  71. Community College game
  72. how can i get this girl to be my girlfriend, we've already hooked-up...but?
  73. kiss close problem
  74. Disqualifier for younger age group
  75. NLP, do you know any books for beginners ?
  76. How to confirm date?
  77. Codeword: Cuddle
  78. is this a signal or what?
  79. best way to break the ice in this situation
  80. Do you want her to think you're a dickhead?
  81. Number close in clubs...little success afterward
  82. Europe?
  83. How to initiate random contact?
  84. College Scenario, HB May Be Using Me.. Please Read
  85. I'm not a player
  86. Big question about gaining experience...
  87. getting to 2nd date
  88. Game for a date?
  89. girls just don't want to talk to me
  90. Do I call her?
  91. College Life; She's in a Rut
  92. Dealing with Big Groups of Girls
  93. Havent talked to her in over a week coz she lied. Whats next?
  94. I feel like I'm more into her than she is into me
  95. First College Lay; BetterThan
  96. My First College Lay; BetterThan
  97. help with 18 year old HB few years younger than i
  98. How can I back to the ex-girlfriend ?
  99. Should I go back? Which electric razor should I buy?
  100. Female used to male role? or not interested anymore
  101. The 5 lies game
  102. "Come find me"
  103. DHV problem
  104. Older Women. Can i get with someone 7+ years than me? How can i?
  105. I need to break ground, but how??
  106. Stuck in friends zone.made a slight break thru but am now stuck again.help please :)
  107. Help a brother out
  108. is this crazy?
  109. Alright it seems all girls love hearing bedtime stories, what's yours?
  110. Is this called woman flake?
  111. Adding Girls to Facebook that You just met
  112. Help with next door neighbor
  113. Eurotrip, hot girls?
  114. Rejection is Fundamental Learning (BetterThan)
  115. How to deal with a house party when you possibly might know a few people?!?!
  116. Fclosing ???
  117. New here, looking for advice for a possible sticky situation
  118. European foreign students in my Indian College?
  119. Calibration -- "At What point did you become attracted to me?"
  120. help would be appreciated
  121. Mindset -- I LOVE BITCHES
  122. Pretty high chance of buyers remorse . . how should i go about this?
  123. Oneitis
  124. How to get back attraction from ex girlfriend?
  125. taking "risk" during pick up?
  126. How do I know when the conversation is over/advice?
  127. Help needed on upcoming "date"
  128. I think she likes me, does anyone else agree?
  129. Bad if they do all the talking?
  130. Your head: "I'm not good looking enough"
  131. My theory: Will it work?
  132. Need ideas for a date
  133. Friend or Boyrfriend?
  134. Hard situation HELP PLEASE !
  135. Urgent help
  136. Taking a cruise with a girl
  137. No response situation
  138. Pick up went great, no txt back though....why ?
  139. Facebook/Social Networking Game...Can It Be As Effective As Face-To-Face Game?
  140. Been in a few months, need help
  141. Breaking up with her today..? Take a look and help me decide guys.
  142. My own opener (probably been done before)
  143. Need help on date- advice is substantially appreciated!!
  144. Date Ideas ?
  145. Girl from way back when..
  146. Is date worthwhile if friend/lover is visiting next week?
  147. Anyone one have any good openers, ideas or tips for a college campus?
  148. My 4 years of gaming
  149. HB 9's and 10's
  150. Christian virgin girl - bang or pass?
  151. Pua Bootcamp
  152. Looking to do some self-improvement before College, advice?
  153. Is she trying to flirt with me?
  154. Dating a girl: I feel I may be turning into a nice guy
  155. Was my neg to rough?
  156. Need a opinion on this..
  157. Sex Appeal VS Charming
  158. Ways to deal with age "shit test"..
  159. [IN SERIOUS NEED OF HELP] In college and i got no game or experience
  160. A girl GIVIN you her business card
  161. How do i move past it?
  162. Other "games" like The Cube
  163. Yes!! Ex story getting better come help!
  164. Need Help !!! Fast !!!
  165. Dating via Cold Approach
  166. 'Friend zone' Its all I know......
  167. Is it worth it to make a last attempt?!
  168. Weird stuff happens when you go shopping with your mom :s
  169. so i got picked up last night! pretty cool. (story time)
  170. Met this girl last night, did not number close though.
  171. Bar Game
  172. have I skipped attraction phase
  173. Need help. Girl no longer feels safe with me
  174. What am I afraid of?
  175. Girl with a Boyfriend?!
  176. Using marriage material as a neg?
  177. Girl all over me, but constantly flakes?
  178. Should I smile at random girls in the hallway?
  179. College PUA's....lets keep in touch
  180. Campus game questions
  181. Need help with amazing girl
  182. Fun night ends with me forgetting girl's name and phone number, how should I proceed?
  183. Bad boy tips
  184. Dealing with girls who try control
  185. Need advice on a chick I work with
  186. Breaking it off with a girl with no hard feelings?
  187. She isn't ready?
  188. met girl in bali- help
  189. Is she loving me or is she unsure
  190. Triad model
  191. girl texts you a lot but is "busy"
  192. I am unable to accept myself....
  193. i want to be class rep this year, is a mass email too nerdy/needy?
  194. How to get the friend?
  195. Dealing with a tease
  196. what to do here?
  197. Hot sposts LA, OC , Fullerton. HELP!!
  198. follow up game/BF DESTROYER (HELP)
  199. Im 21. Never had a girlfriend, kiss, sex, etc. Thoughts, advice, similar stories, etc
  200. Some advice about this girl at work
  201. It's kind of a funny story ...
  202. Wat to do
  203. Need advice on this situation
  204. Emotionally attracted or Physically attracted?
  205. Changing your attitude and personality
  206. I'm attracting all of the 16-17 year olds, wtf?
  207. Should I say Happy Birthday to my Ex?
  208. Constantly asked if I have a girlfriend
  209. girl cant stop laughing whenever we kiss...
  210. Some advice for those of you starting a college semester
  211. Game On
  212. I'm confused
  213. So i'm going to vegas with two hot girls
  214. Ran into high-school crush. Advice!?
  215. College classroom or OkCupid?
  216. A Cold Read that (Almost) Never Fails
  217. Would You Rather...
  218. Wing/Sarging in London
  219. GOT 2 - 3 HOURS TO ATTRACT HER // SLEEP WITH HER , alcohol + SPA
  220. Make her a Fuck Buddy
  221. phone gaming this girl in college
  222. Dhv - working in a club
  223. Gettin my ass socialized in college...
  224. help me game this girl!
  225. We've been dating for two months and I haven't seen her down there yet.
  226. I'm a 19yo that looks 15
  227. My Sticking Point is Transitioning Advice Please?
  228. I just don't understand this girl
  229. Career vs. Getting Laid
  230. Crazy story and need help!
  231. Wondering Why This Happened
  232. Wordless Intention
  233. Hit and miss
  234. So I'm a freshman at college...
  235. Dhv - at work
  236. What is wrong with meeeee!!!!
  237. Day 2 in a club
  238. IS THIS GIRL giving me a lot of IOI
  239. Really want to bang my ex and her friend.
  240. her boyfriend told her he wants a break
  241. Fading From Low-Quality Women
  242. How to play it?
  243. college party game help!
  244. what if they know im gameing them? :(
  245. My sticking points (if this should go in another forum please move it)
  246. Timing of Verbal Escalation
  247. 21st birthday..
  248. Birthday party
  249. girl said she's go out with me but her texts couldnt be less negative about it???
  250. College Game Audio