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  1. Need Advice please help
  2. Hooked up with a girl, need serious advice from a pro
  3. When women tear you open...
  4. Need help
  5. Reading a girl I met last night (crazy night btw)...need opinions
  6. Met a girl in a bar a couple of times...number but hard to get?
  7. Jimmay's Journal, take two.
  8. Hb10 I'll keep it short
  9. Dating, who has the power?
  10. Road Trip!!
  11. Something Very Confuzzling - A Girl
  12. What the... LMR confusion
  13. college
  14. Arrogant HB10's and 9's and 8's
  15. help me read this girl!
  16. Highschool MILF
  17. I have moodswings?
  18. Asking her to lunch!? Advice?!
  19. i met the girl i like finally but.........
  20. The phone
  21. Getting the job done.
  22. If they ask if you have a girfriend
  23. Fucked Hb10, what now?
  24. how much is to much eye contact.
  25. Paralyzed/wheel-bound girl. Need help!
  26. Drugs/alcohol to be awesome
  27. have to add her on fb, but how should I plan day 2?
  28. ASD apprehension after first lay? Please advise
  29. Freind has a girlfreind
  30. The road to a better Raymond (rant)
  31. Ice cream shop manager - sarging girls while working
  32. Not sure how to continue on from here
  33. Girl I was planning on making my gf; I just foundout is still talking to her ex
  34. getting intimate problem..
  35. how to get more self-confident
  36. Relationship problems (how to maintain attraction)
  37. #close, 2nd date! NEEDY GAME!!!!
  38. Planned Massage Routine
  39. Need advice - Day 2 after ONS
  40. Where am I more likely to get laid?
  41. Complex lesbian situation
  42. Club game so poor = Depression
  43. idk what to call this
  44. Is this too freaky?
  45. Mixed Signals What to do?
  46. Pictures
  47. DHV Way to Start Dating a Friend
  48. How to take a HB10 away from the jocks - advice plz
  49. Give me little advice friends.
  50. dont do this!
  51. Gorgeous Russian HB 8,5!
  52. How do I game older women in a trance festival?
  53. Socially Awkward
  54. Social proof, but friend is more attractive.
  55. Dj Tiesto
  56. My Mentality and Will It Work
  57. Life to PU
  58. Re-establishing yourself as the prize
  59. Should i text or call a girl...which is better?
  60. cool games or tricks to DHV
  61. completely busted in club game tonight.........calling all puas
  62. If you were millionaire, Would you still pick up girls?
  63. Advice please
  64. First Date after Night Out
  65. I can't get a girlfriend.I'm too tired.Please help !!?
  66. Require some outside advice.
  67. need some advice on this girl
  68. Asian Girls...
  69. Props over here
  70. when a girl talks about another girl as a slut
  71. What I've learned about asserting dominance over males at frat parties....
  72. Nicname
  73. Is there any possible way to close a girl without an vehicle?
  74. Target loses interest after turning to obstacle
  75. How to progress with girls?
  76. I think I f'ed Up
  77. I have a fear of parties? Aniexty or I'm just not the type.
  78. friendzoned?
  79. Using BL on Dance floor to attract
  80. Advice on how to progress with HB 9
  81. Blonde girl at school
  82. Where to sarge if you don't like clubs or bars.
  83. New Girlfriend Very Indepedent
  84. Is she playing hard to get? Or hard to never get?
  85. Need some advice on what to do
  86. EX whatt?
  87. TheMack Challenge
  88. HB8 so nice to everyone, how do I know if I should make a move?
  89. Help please... advice.
  90. I don't quite know what's holding me back...
  91. Over Freeze
  92. Friend want's more then just casual hook-up's
  93. May have just cracked the friend zone in the most awesomely unexpected way!!
  94. Escalating a simple situation with a girl
  95. Age problem
  96. Mixed Signals? ..Oneitis?? Need insight
  97. Make it a simple nice response or be little bit of a jerk?
  98. How should I proceed from here?
  99. need help with girl who is too close with her mom
  100. Girls in LTRs
  101. Facebook message: Plan of Attack
  102. Constantly on my mind
  103. If a girl tells you her relationship issues
  104. Finding your motivation again
  105. ??
  106. Corny going for ice cream?
  107. What is wrong with me? How can I make it better?
  108. Is two weeks too late to ask her out?
  109. Girls talking about themselves most of the time
  110. College openers suggestions please :D
  111. Girl in class @ school - need advice (how to ask on date?)
  112. College Dining Hall Game
  113. She told me to txt her if i went out- i didnt, should i text her?
  114. What is flirting?
  115. Juice bar girl! How to go about it!
  116. 2 girls flirt with me alot the time but they have boyfriends?
  117. How do I get a girl to commit to a first date without flaking?
  118. Girl took my number and didn't text.Wth ? Help ?
  119. Laptop movie date thoughts
  120. She an 8 with some decent game. Help me out.
  121. This Girl's behavior is confusing me?
  122. My mothers friend.
  123. what the hell was that all about?
  124. How am I being too picky?
  125. 'psychic' games
  126. is it a no no to talk about social dynamics with a girl on a night out?
  127. Me (19) and a 27-year old. How to push things further?
  128. Jail bird boyfriend
  129. advice needed
  130. Back to the roots...
  131. Girls that have higher value than I?
  132. Guys, what should be my next move? Where to go?!
  133. Want to land a professor
  134. Can't seem to get the K close on day 2's
  135. Spacing between meetings
  136. Y is the Gym the hardiest place to pickup girls.
  137. Feild report: April 24, 2011: House Warming BBQ
  138. Need help with gaming hotter women.
  139. Met girl at a party, what should I do?
  140. Girl pulls a shit test or tease as i ask for number. what u guys think?
  141. help with cowoker
  142. How many days in advance do you schedule a date?
  143. Advancing forward to make her crazy
  144. Breaking through...
  145. I have attraction and comfort but no sex yet?
  146. Friend with Benefits?
  147. Getting angry with girls because they won't date me...
  148. Stuck.. college game..
  149. First time asking a girl out- done and her response
  150. Age Differance
  151. Girl acting flirty --> date?
  152. I love mario kart
  153. A distant and closed off girl who says her life's fantastic - She's single!
  154. Girl from friend group, solid amount of IoI's but no touching from her side yet.
  155. Great game when buzzed not so much when sober
  156. How to escalate and build attraction ??
  157. i need some help from more experienced people
  158. Going to Panama City. Need all the advice i can get before this Thursday..
  159. Long distance relationship - Would you move across the country for the one you love?
  160. "Relationship for a Day" text - is she hitting on me or testing me?
  161. Envy one of my best friends!
  162. Need ideas for crazy dream
  163. Help me out guys!!
  164. What is a good second date for kino?
  165. New to this board; confused by a development over the weekend
  166. Need Some Opinions and Ideas on where to go with a girl...
  167. girls gone wild pensacola beach
  168. Being yourself, with minimal PUA can you still get a girl?
  169. list of great games
  170. Help! Do I have any chance with this girl...?
  171. do all these openers and routines work in clubs??im not sure they do
  172. The HB10 has a boyfriend.... story of my life
  173. Steps to success....
  174. The next step with this girl?
  175. Rejected by housemate, what should i do?
  176. Going to USA for 3 weeks. How to game with family there?
  177. Sticking to the Basics (Any suggestions, I lost my balls!)
  178. Do you ask for date 2 on date 1?
  179. Date 1 and 2, in a row?
  180. In-Class Game - Anyone good at this?
  181. College and High school Differences in Gaming ??
  182. Should I slap this kid?
  183. Date 2, and correcting mistakes from date 1
  184. HELP! Normally I wouldn't do this but idk what else to do at this point....
  185. Phasing out the other guy?
  186. what should I do? need quick advice..
  187. Help!!!
  188. Inviting girl to spend weekend w/ me, she lives hour away.. details inside
  189. I Need some help , just came out of a long time relasionship ....
  190. Game for a shy girl ??
  191. First date in a bar what to do?
  192. 50 things women wish men knew
  193. A little help!
  194. I'm such a Newby. New to this site. Anyone keen to say Hello. lol
  195. First DATE?
  196. Not now cheif im in the zone
  197. Running Quick Game
  198. What am I doing wrong?
  199. In serious need of help!
  200. Serious help needed
  201. Pushing Past Girl friends of Target that Cock Block?
  202. I have a thing for my manager, what should I do?
  203. Any ways to test if a women is attracted to you?
  204. "Its a date"??? Wtf does that mean??
  205. Game at work.. and Customers that flirt.
  206. Going to college and its challenges
  207. LJBS or test? Needy or perservant?
  208. Confused
  209. "You make me feel like your little sister"
  210. Setting Boundaries
  211. Ideas if you can't "take her home"?
  212. Advice on HB9 from work
  213. Hygiene
  214. My biggest sticking point
  215. Shy girl, mixed signals
  216. shy girl, mixed signals
  217. very weird day 2, girl is angry at me, need advice
  218. Girlfriend doesn't initiate contact & doesn't seem to put much effort
  219. No sex location
  220. Getting to know a girl on facebook?? (lots of detail, please read)
  221. Overthinking initiating contact.
  222. Professional Advice Please?
  223. Sherman oaks/ Van nuys! Need to get the f#@* out the house!
  224. Phone the only option for girl who was working
  225. Sarcasm?
  226. advice on how to re attract HB 9
  227. My Mentality
  228. help ? Holding connection. 14 days +
  229. Wanting to become a dating coach
  230. Big List of PUA Routines
  231. Help me not get cockblocked
  232. Getting played!
  233. Cockblocked Multiple Times
  234. Best way to keep in touch over summer?!
  235. Modified routine< didnt need to approach and open at all.hope this helps a few people
  236. Language barrier
  237. Am I good to go or am I in the accursed friend zone???
  238. ways for your pivot to help you dhv?
  239. Keeping things alive while I'm away...
  240. game in church?
  241. I said LJBF. She agreed... sort of.
  242. A recollection of the last 1.5 years of my life: From total virgin to not virgin
  243. I just realized..
  244. Stuck being "cute"
  245. Valet pussy
  246. How to deal with "Too bad, you're too young for me" !
  247. NEED your advice! Seeing girl for the first time, wants me to sleep at her appt.
  248. Confused
  249. Stuck on developing Storys
  250. My shady girlfriend?