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  1. Severe case of oneitis, I need to act on it, I'm going crazy, help!
  2. My top 5 tips to get laid on Spring Break!!
  3. Girlfriend's Best Friend is a Guy
  4. Made a mistake in class! Advice
  5. Never ask about ex-boyfriend?
  6. Quick Response Please: Girls That Are Teases
  7. Made mistakes with Girlfriend, Need help fixing.
  8. What is this effect ? - seems very powerful :D
  9. Last night out, meet older chick, what should I've done better?
  10. What can I do about orbiters?
  11. How to succesfully escalate a girl....need some opinions!
  12. How would you approach/work if you had your knee in a brace temporarily?
  13. rejected by girl who has liked me
  14. playing hard to get?
  15. God damn confusing, I really need you guys for this.
  16. Trouble Phase-Shifting
  17. Back and forth with ex--any advice appreciate
  18. recovering from shooting myself in the leg?
  19. Girl wants to hang out, then ignores me
  20. girls in class
  21. Teasing always brings sex ... need to find out what does it mean
  22. Girls who "run with the boys"
  23. Valentine's Day
  24. Tips on how to slow down
  25. Been thrown a curve ball..
  26. Gaming a girl in my college class?
  27. I'm getting irriatated on my girlfriend
  28. Advantage or Disadvantage?
  29. Seduction time ... Here we go baby come see!
  30. How to handle this?
  31. best alc to get for an after party
  32. Empty Slate
  33. DHV reaction
  34. How to ask a girl out that is always with her girlfriend?
  35. Successful first date. What now?
  36. Photo Comments
  37. Italian hb 9 chick?? What went wrong
  38. In need of advice
  39. JUST practice comfort?
  40. Need a lot of help here...
  41. Dating one girl, but find myself going for other girls. Advice Please
  42. How Do I make a Move on the girl in the Apartment Down the Hall?
  43. Need a little bit of help.
  44. She doens't let me escalte? HELP
  45. 'plz help! i'm little confused' which way should I use to approach a girl?
  46. Good answer for "Do you like her"
  47. Did I Ruin It???
  48. HB 'taking me out for 'V-Day'' - where do I stand?
  49. Problem: My friends GF
  50. Answer my question please!!!
  51. Now what?Need serious help
  52. Do attractive female friends make it harder to pick up girls?
  53. Talking to two girls in the same sorority. Good or bad idea?
  54. Getting too attached to girls. help needed
  55. some help for Valentine's Day
  56. Two-fold: LJBF and a coworker
  57. Journal
  58. To chase or not to chase?
  59. Girl from Chem Lecture
  60. Changing Nature (communication balance)
  61. Overthinking it?
  62. Test
  63. I "overdid" it, need some advice
  64. How do I get girls to bring me to parties?
  65. Gentleman?
  66. Need advice on this ASAP!
  67. Direct opener transitioning
  68. How to act with a new girlfriend
  69. I think I messed up
  70. Vday Blitzkrieg
  71. Peitho's Daywalking Progression Journal
  72. What does this mean?
  73. Just turned 21, what to expect at clubs/bars?
  74. wtf..
  75. the Cube in Seduction?
  76. Played my game perfectly, but my phone didn't save her number...should I email her?
  77. Girl I attempted gaming before, saw her today...
  78. Lesbians, what's the verdict.
  79. Ex Boyfriend trying to get her back - Advice Needed
  80. How do I isolate a girl for confort building, when her friends are near?
  81. Need Help Understanding
  82. IOIs but Boyfriend, how to proceed?
  83. Mindset?
  84. What you thinking about this scenario?
  85. Girl is in love with you.
  86. First rave last night, question.
  87. Valentines Day Game
  88. Last minute advice for this VALENTINE'S DAY!!
  89. Girl I see around campus... for past 2 years
  90. how do you get a girl to dump her BF for you?
  91. Back in the game but having trouble creating Attraction
  92. What did I do wrong, and how can I fix it?
  93. Sarging at multiple colleges/universities that you don't go to!!! [HELP]
  94. So... Im getting surgery.
  95. Crazy bout this damn girl...
  96. Always the same issue
  97. Mixed signals.
  98. Does she like me? -Thoughts/Opinions needed-
  99. Met a girl...
  100. Goin to Vegas for Spring Break, tips?
  101. Quick Q
  102. 19 YO Chica I'm supposed to be seeing tonight -
  103. So i'm wondering, what did you guys actually think about the book 'The Game'
  104. Where did I go wrong?
  105. Finally back into gaming...Need URGENT help! Qustions.
  106. Is Magic Bullets for me since I want to seduce my colleague?
  107. Help: Analyze this situation, my first "blow out"!
  108. How to Reinitiate / How do you attract when she's already attracted
  109. Im making progress, but still im stuck
  110. asked me to go to a club with her?
  111. i looked like a total afc can i fix it?
  112. Fingering a hb while kissing in a club?
  113. how does one be unreactive as well as punish/reward her behaviour
  114. How do I recover? Club pick up, and number close
  115. please help, amog competition, and may have lost a HBgoodfriend
  116. quick advice please!
  117. Text Game - Girl innitiates attraction
  118. Creepy? I don't get it
  119. HB 10, very short fuse, playin cold now, is she busy or did I blowout?
  120. How do I keep this girl interested in me when we're out of the bedroom
  121. How to proceed ?
  122. Being too indifferent, can this harm? Where is the border line...
  123. possible relationship. please help
  124. Question to Cold Read
  125. Creating drama / arguments via txt on purpose?
  126. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. so ima learnin. feedback plz.
  127. "Why, do you want to be spanked?" situations
  128. For under 21: Where is your favorite venue to sarge?
  129. Can specific lines make women tingle down there?
  130. First #-close, HB9-10!! How to get day 2??
  131. During the k-close she told me she had a boyfriend
  132. I do many things right but then become too nice
  133. Question...need help!
  134. Just Opened 3 Chicks
  135. I look very young. what to do?
  136. Insecure about my looks, girls?
  137. Friend Zone'd?
  138. Living with two girls. What do u think?
  139. Advice on what to do AFTER a good date
  140. Meaning behind music?
  141. movie date tommorow night with an hb 9 at my place
  142. Once in comfort I still push/pull, is this bad?
  143. Amog and Verbal confrontation!?
  144. Uhh so is she having BF problems or is she looking for a upgrade?
  145. How to get that sexual spark back and turn it into a flame?
  146. HB bearly responds on facebook chat
  147. Is this freeze out possible?
  148. newbie, need help
  149. Is this push/pull?
  150. How to Grind? My question is a little specific (big party weekend comin up need help)
  151. This is not actually what I should do but what I should have done.
  152. HB 9 Thinks She's "Figured Me Out"
  153. magic ring?
  154. Orbiter
  155. Back at Uni - How do I get the girl?
  156. Is it possible to get girls even if you have a facial deformity?
  157. Overcoming nerves?
  158. I dont want to go out tonight :/
  159. effects - becoming a GOD !! :D
  160. Friend zone test, anyone ?
  161. Might sound weird, but I have too many female friends?
  162. Afc
  163. Just met a player, and he scared the shit out of me. Are we hardwired differently?
  164. 21 years old almost 22 never had sex or a GF
  165. I wanted an opinion. This post became so much more.
  166. she refused a relationship with me, now she might want one. what to do?
  167. What do you guys think about NLP ?
  168. Body language "improvements"
  169. Friend Zone Help
  170. Going to prom with HB
  171. Dating advice
  172. Great ending with girl, but now no response
  173. Virgin with crazy parents!
  174. Hello
  175. Curious about the note slip....
  176. How long should you wait till you kiss close her..
  177. Getting her to take out her fake-colored contact lenses
  178. Question on texting
  179. Need Help
  180. New here
  181. How to Game without spending too much money?
  182. Can she really be set on being with one guy?
  183. What is like to be in Frat?
  184. *HELP* I dont understand this girl
  185. I just cross the line with a joke, with my hot friend... should i apologize or not??
  186. Has she lost interest?
  187. I need a lecturer!
  188. How would you explain this line?
  189. Girl that got me into game is back ( stay out of friend zone!?)
  190. You look familiar?
  191. Robot?
  192. Don't really know what to do now...
  193. What should I tell her?
  194. SHE kino escalates at the last minute and I don't carry on :/
  195. She said "yes" to be my girlfriend...but we haven't talked since??
  196. Why does this always happen?
  197. Advice for Guys Already Getting Pre-selection?
  198. Little question about a Ring
  199. So all this time I thought I had some game, turns out I have none
  200. cant get her to come to a date :/
  201. need advice on this one fella's
  202. Not a PUA
  203. Did i drag the conversation on too long?
  204. Inviting chick out to bingo?
  205. she says shes to old
  206. Do you like me?
  207. First post here - Need some help with an HB9
  208. LJBF Follies
  209. Tips on making this Banter line better
  210. Getting a girl to dance with you
  211. Where's the best place to meet great single girls/women?
  212. Quick Question
  213. Rate me please..
  214. I seriously need some help.
  215. #closed a hooters girl, need help tonight!
  216. Lining stuff up
  217. confusion!!
  218. explained the situation, now she wants monogamy - HELP!
  219. How should I approach this girl...?
  220. Pseudo-Friend Zone?? Need Clarification/Advice
  221. weird Hb10
  222. Wing Chick
  223. Will I still be able to get action even though I am broke?
  224. LJBF Situation Control
  225. Have you ever gamed someone who looks like your ex?
  226. Oneitis kicked but resurfacing.
  227. Great interaction trying this stuff what should I done better?!
  228. Are women trying to increase their sexual value?
  229. Get back with your ex? leaving in 4 month to the other side of the world
  230. How To Get A Girl To Be With You If You've F-Closed Their Best Friend?
  231. Getting a girl at the laundromat
  232. Eye contact and violance
  233. Age problem
  234. Platonic freinds with girls or not? even if they are good looking...
  235. some girls smells like yeast
  236. How much should you let her see you talking to other girls?
  237. First HB10, it's going well but.. (need some pull/push advice)
  238. Last chance in a classroom situation
  239. What an asshole woman. Flake; but unable to avoid her.
  240. Girl with two different personas
  241. Dam women
  242. So I've been qualifying this girl but I need a little quick assistance.
  243. HB8 Girl to the next level - Convo included. Help Appreciated
  244. I just don't understand this girl
  245. Girl that knows that she is HB10
  246. How to Pick up Chicks: Johnny Bravo Style. (kinda helps get rid of AA IMO)
  247. Still having problems with a fluent conversation; any tipps guys ?
  248. How to regain her interest?
  249. How to close this girl in my dance class?
  250. Being sexually agressive with girls when you are a virgin...