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  1. back in the game...
  2. Opinions on awkward FB message
  3. Advice on College Game (love, not f-close!)
  4. Just Missed An Opportunity
  5. What frat are you guys in?
  6. I kinda freeze DayGame
  7. Picking up girls in class you don't sit next to.
  8. When to strike
  9. girl showed interest, i skipped steps, she flakes
  10. Help with HB8, failed to k-close, where to go from here
  11. Clingy girls, is there a cure?
  12. shit test response
  13. Wondering how I used to get so much when I was a freshman in college but struggle now
  14. First time out - too aggressive?
  15. How to deal with this?
  16. I've been acting like a dick all the time
  17. help with alpha guys on campus
  18. So friend zone or just kinda stuck
  19. Sets say im weird
  20. Awesome Weekend!
  21. Studying to be an engineer, how to make this interesting to women
  22. Girls are rude when in pairs, groups
  23. Date Tonight
  24. Meet her at her sisters birthsay party at her house - Please Help
  25. Needy, need to bounce back
  26. How to fix this huge mess... help please!
  27. How do I advance with this Portugese cutie?
  28. long distance ex girlfriend
  29. College game: is it better to live near the girls
  30. Goody goody/innocent
  31. How to make ex girlfriend jalous?
  32. Opening Sets Without Specific Targets
  33. Building Attraction
  34. Outrageous situation: 2 girls making fun of me in French class
  35. "All my exes were really sweet to me"
  36. Club Makeouts, how to Escalate?
  37. College Game: My personal article
  38. Very epic reframe
  39. Meeting girls in college
  40. Do I even have a chance with PUA if I'm handicapped?
  41. Should I be pacing myself?
  42. GF does not put out
  43. What's my problem?
  44. Taking advantage of being in a rockband.
  45. The Situation
  46. about talking about being single: 3 years without a relationship.
  47. AMOG threw me a hoop
  48. I need some good opening lines and negs?
  49. Next step w/ college girl
  50. She pays. good sign?
  51. Need Help and tips !
  52. ESP Exercise?
  53. Introducing myself, and a few questions.
  54. Mixed Signals..should i just move on?
  55. Orbiters on her facebook wall
  56. The Best Way To attract Girls ?
  57. Target puts umber in my phone?
  58. Need good date ideas!
  59. Interesting turn of events... help!
  60. She won't open up!
  61. semi-warm approach?
  62. College - class game
  63. Is she attracted? How can I be sure?
  64. new gf having some trouble creating sexual tension
  65. I'm a boring guy, people avoid me. what to do?
  66. HB7.5 wants me, Bad News: She's Psycho
  67. Rough Patch?
  68. Is she interested? Or toooo nice? (longstory!)
  69. It can’t just stop at Buyer’s Remorse!!! (if this is sorta Buyer's Remorse...)
  70. Asian guys can attract white girls, Asian girls or whatever girls
  71. What to talk about after drunk conversation...
  72. I can't forget about my ex...
  73. Campus Game, silent girl
  74. 2 set 30 minutes // comment please!
  75. Need an opinion on this situation about a girl
  76. shes falling in love...what to do!?
  77. Club Game
  78. New Dorm, New Residence Hall
  79. Did I fuck up?
  80. Girl at work
  81. How to keep her interested without letting her come close, long termain?
  82. How to transition to get the number. (College)
  83. College DJ, women approach me, dont know what to day
  84. How to reinitiate contact with text
  85. How to show Value in club ??
  86. What books or movies can I learn bad boy behaviour from?
  87. Ignored mid-convo?
  88. I dont know how to handle this situation?
  89. Help? Girl with on and off bf
  90. How to change their mind ??
  91. Choosing
  92. When girls peak/stare at you what do you do ??
  93. Do I have a chance with her?
  94. I just can't read this girl at all
  95. Why would a girl talk to me online but not want to meet up?
  96. Anyone ever used the 3 minute technique, or anything similar? Results?
  97. Is telling a woman that you're not into a long term relationship, a neg?
  98. Transition - Can somebody help please
  100. Building Connections and making friends with girls in College Advice please help
  101. Closing on the first date?
  102. Been working at this for a while now
  103. What to Talk to Girls About?
  104. Where did I lose her?
  105. Stupid Question
  106. Please point out what needs to be changed
  107. I need some helpful advice. I need help recieving complements.
  108. Charity Pussy
  109. Possible LJBF situation
  110. FR: Pulling f***-up
  111. University Skills: 2 HB10s Long stories, might make you cry... Of laughter!
  112. What should I do?
  113. HELP PLEASE! Two girls at work.. what to do?
  114. what everyone needs to know to get good.
  115. I turned a lesbian girl to like me and now the situation is going all fucked up.
  116. 2 weeks till homecoming
  117. "We're 15."
  118. Is She Interested??
  119. Would this be considered "chasing her"? (need help changing a personal belief)
  120. Birthday presents?? Do I get her one?
  121. Opened 3 hb 8-9 ... Ouchh!
  122. Confused Freshman.....
  123. Coming in later to residence hall.
  124. What to do at 10 p.m on a Date (I'm in seduction phase)
  125. Things might be heating up
  126. girl in my class giving mixed signals...she has a bf...more info inside
  127. DrakeTaylor :GIRL TREAT ME AS BEST GUY FRIEND @@@
  128. no confidence in my height, fucking need help!!!
  129. Its the dancefloor. Theres a couple of HBs in a circle. Your move. Game on.
  130. ex contacts me after ~7 months
  131. What did i do wrong?
  132. Probleme After Opener ...
  133. I need some advice
  134. Help needed: Struggling abroad
  135. Should I ask her if we are more than FBuddies's?
  136. flakey chick
  137. Im caught up, so caught up... I think i should let it burn
  138. How many?
  139. Halloween Costumes!
  140. College PUAs -- I think we can help each other.
  141. question about doing your thing in the city ?
  142. HELP ME! cant keep up the game, need proof !!!
  143. Ouch 1-10 how bad? lol
  144. Chick diggin me hard, got boy back home, puttin in triangle,need to crack her over...
  145. Why must I do 95% of the work?
  146. DHV for College Girls
  147. Helop, being tagged along?
  148. She said "we need to talk"! (story+help needed)
  149. need your advice on a specific approach scenario
  150. How do you make friends when you move to a new place permanently?
  151. help me out here? i have no idea what she wants
  152. Help Desperately Needed! already hooked up with her once
  153. I need tips on working on my inner game
  154. I am 19. How do you game milfs?
  155. advice on next move w/ grl whom I believe is attracted to me
  156. Big mistake or huge high five?
  157. Where Do Natural Alpha Females Come From?
  158. How do you transition from dating a girl to relationship?
  159. how can I create more stimulating conversations with this girl I like?
  160. WHEN should I ask out this HB 9 girl? she's partially deaf.
  161. Girls get intimidated by my looks, what to do?
  162. Judging intereset
  163. I don't want a RelationShip with her how to deal with it !
  164. When someone repeatedly disrespects your girlfriend...
  165. Honesty and Dating Multiple Women
  166. Sticking Point - Still Looking for a Reaction.
  167. Professor
  168. Need help with HB8.5
  169. Damage control help
  170. Role Playing
  171. How do you make yourself feel confident?
  172. What to do
  173. Bring a friend?
  174. Club////opener////haloween ???
  175. Books/Tips On Improving My Ability To Better Connect With People?
  176. How do you use a false time constraint at a party?
  177. for 4sets and above, how do you transition?
  178. Halloween Outing
  179. Thinkin of sexy stereotyping as a greaser for halloween tonight... good or bad idea?
  180. How to get your GF to send a dirty pic?
  181. confused situation
  182. In university im a good looking guy depressed cuz I cant get ass
  183. a cold one and a hot one
  184. Are fraternities worth it?
  185. The Hardest approach EVER made… Period
  186. Trick or treating.
  187. Breaking rapport in friend zone
  188. IOI ... Help What To Do?
  189. Dance floor gaming?
  190. emotions are fucking up my game! need help please
  191. Age Age Age Age....
  192. Game On FaceBook?
  193. cuddly
  194. High risk/High reward romantic strategy
  195. girl thinks im a Player
  196. Keepin it real
  197. Critique this small chat
  198. number closed direct game.. never picks up phone call but txts well
  199. Lawlz you don't need perfect game
  200. Is this an appropriate neg?
  201. So what's the next step?
  202. Does she still like me??
  203. I'm a student, she's a bitch be crazy.
  204. Am i wasting time?
  205. Being in love sucks
  206. Text conversation with a flake
  207. How to sexualize after hookup
  208. "Exam study"
  209. What to say to women while you're still in a relationship
  210. What would you do in this situation
  211. girl says she needs time
  212. Attracted a HB9 -- READ & REPLY BROS!
  213. this problem is holding me back so badly
  214. Point out some flaws in my game....
  215. Study Group Routines
  216. Getting over the slut-disgust complex?
  217. Trying to game a lesbian
  218. Need tips for 4 night at the hotel + clubing!
  219. AMOG Problem...Different I guarantee.
  220. Need routine for club ! Help!
  221. Need advice on my confidence issue!!!!!!
  222. What should I do?
  224. LJBF and see how it goes - Advice needed!
  225. How to overcome my shyness...
  226. Help me fuck someone from Omegle
  227. Help me figure out if I still got a shot with this girl
  228. Girl says to me at dinner "Sorry I haven't been in a relationship in a while"
  229. How to Have Multiple Relationships in College?
  230. Analyze What Went Wrong
  231. any last attempts?
  232. This is how to overcome insane shyness!
  233. Rate the neediness
  234. Should I be mad at my gf?
  235. Number Closing in classroom environment
  236. second date coming up, need advice and opinion
  237. Advice on trying to get with a girl i know
  238. Does this girl like me? I'm an AFC
  239. on attidue & humour..
  240. how to restore attraction
  241. What if I told you I still liked you a little?
  242. NEED HELP!!How to go from opener to attraction?! (With my first night game journal)
  243. spittin game in the library?
  244. Dad hooks me up with a chick then she flakes
  245. I like you because you're different?
  246. I Attract Initially.. But I Dont Know What to Say Next - HELP
  247. Leaving her better than the way you found her?
  248. School Environment
  249. Oh your engaged? But he's a cockass? So you wanna F%#$ me right?
  250. Does this mean anything?