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  1. Hanging around guys that "dick" around?
  2. Starting a list of every relevant resource for your college years
  3. 10 hours, no sex- should I move on?
  4. Hesitate making a move
  5. responding to bitchy girls
  6. college class # close need help
  7. Asked to visit, not sure what to do.
  8. Older women and game
  9. "hit me up"
  10. 2nd direct approach?
  11. End of school holiday weeks.
  12. we party harder than...
  13. LMR: "I want to have sex just as bad as you do"
  14. Moving to London this September.How should I start dating?
  15. Schlitterbahn
  16. Game, Image, Social Value. Help
  17. Where do I go from here?
  18. Going to go college, but living with parents...problem?
  19. Fledgling PUA looking for movies/kino advice
  20. 20 HOT and Sweat Babes in One Room!
  21. she told me she likes me, what do i say?
  22. Never been on a date before, so I need help on this one
  23. Any other book other than Conquer your Campus?
  24. Meeting Up with Old High Schol Teacher
  25. Phase Shifting and Searching IOIs
  26. Burnt Out
  27. Dunno what to do...
  28. Braces
  29. Going on a date with an HB 10.
  30. add girl on facebook?
  31. Facebook game. Girl likes me, how to initiate
  32. Wifey material, too sexist???
  33. 20 yr old in Disney World
  34. Girl is hurting about ex..
  35. Will having $$$ ruin my chances?
  36. text or phone game
  37. what should i do now?
  38. My Mom hates her. What should I Do?
  39. frame control and knowledge
  40. She loves me?
  41. Philosophocal opener
  42. College: how do i move from studying together?
  43. Cutie I've never met adds me on Facebook ...
  44. 21 Year Old Virgin Being Hit On By Milf Neighbor, ADVICE PLEASE
  45. College: What should be the order of events on Move-in day/week?
  46. What if the set only is one woman?
  47. church mouse turn out
  48. depressed about this girl......what to do?
  49. I dont know what to do after an opener...
  50. A few situations i'd like some advice on :)
  51. My college gameplan!
  52. wtf is this crap
  53. how can i game older women?
  54. my story
  55. Question: Gaming for good looking guys
  56. Help please! I'm 18 and she's 28!!!
  57. What College Are You Going To?
  58. I'm confused about this girl's withdrawal
  59. Stuff for your college pimp pad
  60. The College Openers + College Problems Thread
  61. Sometimes I can't stop thinking about stuff this upsets me.
  62. Id appreciate some advice on this girl
  63. Having Friends That Are Always Looking to Game Any Girl You Bring Along..a bit annoyi
  64. Sticking Point Analysis
  65. How to game at the gym
  66. DHV sticking point
  67. How to get rid of a competitor? - Please help!2
  68. Do girls really like accents?
  69. Advice on Pickup at work
  70. Senior Year Goal: No more shyness/failure to close
  71. Style 30 challenge. Recommendable?
  72. Dont know what to think of this
  73. Does anyone go to york university?
  74. I want to flip the script of humanity
  75. Can i fix this?
  76. "Im not even f*cking you!"
  77. punked by hb in class, what kind of game is she trying to play here?
  78. Whats with the frat hate?
  79. New/Old Girl, Looking for advice before I move
  80. University/college. Frosh week.
  81. help me
  82. Sports Bars vs Clubs
  83. Best clubs in Toronto
  84. I'm (finally) moving away from home to another apartment
  85. Third time's a charm...I hope
  86. Drunk me
  87. changing character, depending on the interaction
  88. Chat Feedback!
  89. What are your thoughts on this, I would really appreciate your opinion!
  90. Change Drunken Hookup into something more?
  91. what helped you guys get over an ex?
  92. How should I play this one?
  93. Tomorrow i have to talk about me at english class at college. Some DHV ideas?
  94. Old friends & kino
  95. How to proceed from situation with HB 9
  96. Texted a girl i dated for a month, after 3 weeks. now what?
  97. Goal for the Fall Semester: Get a Serious Relationship
  98. How to DHV in this situation?
  99. F*cked up Royally. Clubbing!!!
  100. Club Opening (Loud envoirenment) HELP
  101. First Attempt
  102. I think I might be hooked!!! HELP ME PLEASE!
  103. those arm punches
  104. Something that happened a month ago. Need opinions!
  105. noob vs player chick
  106. Virgin Energy
  107. Recover from skipping comfort building?
  108. From attraction and kissclose to a rude flake??
  109. 2 girl flakes to college party
  110. Odd Dilemma - Hot Asian Fobs vs Real Canadians
  111. just turned 18 where should i start?
  112. IOI's are there but she has a boyfriend?
  113. Didnt have a reply to this, and Im rarely lost for words
  114. Kinda shy HB9...What to do?
  115. When should I pounce on all this college poon??
  116. 'You are so funny!'
  117. CockBlocks in loud places.
  118. my mom anoys me! what to do??
  119. are all girls bi sexual?
  120. Female you were gaming tells you this.
  121. weekend wingman, 'Style' on not being a douchebaggy PUA!!!
  122. oh my god ...!
  123. Anyone else here go to the University of Alabama?
  124. So yeah... i need help
  125. HB 8.0 - Guys im stuck! -- Great minds please advise
  126. Broken up- Feel like my life has ended
  127. The BIG Question -- A Guy's POV
  128. College Campus, Where to start?
  129. "How are you?" The age old question I still say "Good, you?" to.
  130. You owe me!
  131. Is this a shit test?
  132. Reinitiating Contact After a While
  133. How to open a girl that sits a few seats away from you?
  134. virgin going to college
  135. HELP! D: haha.
  136. Anybody els with same problem? (bit of a pointless one but here we go)
  137. Attraction and Qualification after a cold read?
  138. College Female count high, clubs are always sausage fests.
  139. Seducing the Hairstylist
  140. Need a confidence booster, any help?
  141. friends look eachother in the RIGHT eye
  142. I quess looks do matter sometimes..
  143. how to approach women?
  144. Talking to a girl from a year ago, after being out of the country for a year..
  145. craigslist, can anyone explain it to me
  146. Trusting Women After The Game
  147. Hickey?!
  148. HB 10 in class
  149. A few random things that are great tools for college game.
  150. Getting Mixed Signals From Shy Girl In My Class I Really Like
  151. College HB, Where did I go wrong???
  152. Greek Life as stategy for college pick up?
  153. Good Books to bring on Erasmus with me
  154. Do you have a girlfriend?
  155. Share your kiss gambits
  156. negging 10's
  157. PUA Journey - Surely some one should come up with a structured approach?
  158. How to hint her that I may leave her if she's continue to give me a hard time?
  159. Getting over the upperclassmen barrier
  160. my boss touches me
  161. Next step - trying not to get stuck in the friend zone
  162. Going to see her at work tomorrow...Need Help!
  163. What did I do Wrong?
  164. EMERGENCY early signs of Oneitis
  165. I have her but so does he, why won't she drop him for me?
  166. Things are going sour
  167. Game always good?
  168. Advice? confused about HB 9 - (Free cookies for help)
  169. She feels too selfconscious to let me down there...
  170. Opinions Please
  171. Got kicked out of class... How to preserve social value
  172. Just got out of a flingy relationship,need some advice.
  173. College game and dealing with immature girls
  174. Is Society Becoming Socially Alienated
  175. Should I wait for her or move on?
  176. Drinking vs Not Drinking Kino
  177. Getting sluttly hb's early on in the night...
  178. ok what
  179. I cannot figure this girl out. Please help and afc whose been in game for 6 months
  180. Facebook
  181. Is there a point of her even spending time with me?
  182. College Game Question
  183. The Ethical Slut
  184. I wanna fuck my oneitis
  185. Transitioning to deeper conversation
  186. Pick Up and Porn
  187. What do i do with her now?
  188. Paying off!!!
  189. Never encountered this before.
  190. Is the Mystery Method viable anymore?
  191. Help, name failure.
  192. Have you found your niche?
  193. New York - Where to go out?
  194. shes flaking! what to do to now?
  195. Kiss closing on the car ride home?
  196. Reply to "I'll be late"
  197. She already knows I like her
  198. Time Constraints at frat parties
  199. How the term Alpha Male can hurt your game
  200. Feedback on this shittest please
  201. date resistance?
  202. "Why you want to me out on a date? lol jk :p"
  203. First FMF threesome set up for next week.
  204. Dominance Issues and Kino Escalation, and where I made mistakes
  205. A cutie from afar.. where to look?
  206. How do you AMOG when you're outdone?
  207. Is this a long shot?
  208. Am I completely over with her now??
  209. A couple drunk kiss' has to mean something right?
  210. How does she feel towards me
  211. Help me here! What does she want
  212. am i friendzoned?
  213. Thank you Attraction Forums! (Amazing and Hilarious read)
  214. Too much push, not enough pull...Help?
  215. well and truly AMOGed
  216. TIP how i got into "high energy state" all the week :D
  217. Drunkenly Made Out... "He knows we're just friends right?" Friend Zone?
  218. keep pursuing or not worth the energy?
  219. girl on my floor, i think im gunna go for it.
  220. It all started on facebook
  221. I dont like my name, should i use a nickname?
  222. She's so horny
  223. Need Advice
  224. So... Who knows what happens next?
  225. Laying the girl with a boyfriend
  226. Talking to a girl in college class setting
  227. My Signature from Friday
  228. 2 weeks college and..
  229. Biggest Success
  230. 5th week of college and
  231. Need advice on a girl i recently know on facebook.
  232. My Dad AMOGS Me :S
  233. how to lay the RA?
  234. Whats the deal with her ?
  235. Is There a Way to Pick Up Latina Girls?
  236. Is it possible to get out of a friendzone that you made?
  237. college game-need some guidelines
  238. Escaping the friendzone that i kinda created myself
  239. So the tables have turned with this one
  240. Approach feedback.
  241. Eye contact when you don't want it
  242. Laying a HB9 that is much older than you
  243. Facebook pics..tag or detag
  244. Suggested Reading
  245. Do You Have to Be Good Looking to Attract Women?
  246. Yuck! I've just had an buyer's remorse :(
  247. 2 important college game questions
  248. Eye Contact
  249. Sharing opener !
  250. Hidden meaning to this?