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  1. What Im doing wrong?
  2. Advice needed please
  3. Need Advice....
  4. 20 Factors You Should Start While Still In HS!
  5. kansas city shuffle kiss close
  6. blaming the girl?
  7. How your swagger translates to the girl?
  8. She still likes him but was with me all night
  9. Bam!
  10. EPIC CB! - The 'I can't believe that just happend thread'
  11. hi i have known this girl for 4 months
  12. The Ultimate Turnaround-read for the lesson to be learned, give a suggestion!
  13. I have to sarge 4 nights per week starting tonight!
  14. Need some advice
  15. car issure
  16. closed but no more interest from her? soooffft
  17. Any suggestions on how to handle this shit-test?
  18. Being the fun guy=the question "are you gay?"
  19. punched in the face
  20. we are in a kind of relationship but she want to keep it in secret
  21. golden handcuffs keeping my ex from being friends
  22. i need pua help.
  23. How would you guys game this girl?
  24. Girl show signs she liked me I screwed up how do I fix?
  25. Issues with sweaty palms. Need advice.
  26. drunken hookups
  27. I'm tired of this shit!
  28. number closes
  29. No kissing rule, but wants to lay
  30. Witty response
  31. Heading to CANCUN -- tips needed
  32. 100% Direct
  33. Minor gaming issues
  34. Disappointment
  35. Advice please... friendship maybe turning into something more?
  36. The Under 21 Convention 2010 July 22nd-25th Orlando,FL
  37. LJBF Advice!
  38. College-Why do girls flirt...but have boy friends?
  39. y am i such a bitch
  40. Getting OUT of the f-zone
  41. Girl players
  42. how to overcome my shyness?
  43. bad boy vs cool guy at college
  44. The Under 21 Convention 2010 July 22nd-25th Orlando,FL
  45. Gaming in America.
  46. Shut up and make out
  47. Need your help!
  48. Turnaround of the Century
  49. I lost my "Girl" ...?
  50. another ljbf situation mentor needed
  51. A Good C&F Line?
  52. The power of a...
  53. How to be hot? NOT cute
  54. Getting wit a friend of mine suckkaa
  55. My life be like...
  56. Cocky/funny Push/pull convo
  57. Sits Next To Me In Class
  58. She's got a bf; Twist: he's your friend
  59. Need your advice
  60. HB 9 - Trouble keep her goin' on the foon
  61. help me with a good C&F line
  62. What to do now?
  63. A Day 2 Question: Cookie Baking and Fort Building!?
  64. Clubs/bars in Berlin?
  65. Going out alone
  66. Dealing With Insults/AMOGs
  67. Docter needs lovin: Meet up question
  68. shyness of sitting closer
  69. How to # close HBs in class?
  70. When she tells you a secret
  71. How to AMOG a....good friend?!
  72. comfort after negging?
  73. really hot girl who i see around campus
  74. Should I?
  75. college number game
  76. Mechanical Bull
  77. Posture and body Language
  78. HB8 Text Game Dilemmas
  79. Deep Conversations
  80. Why do girls care if you start talking to her girl friends?
  81. Whats a good balance of humor?
  82. Its hard for me to connect/game guys. Any tips?
  83. Right attitude when hitting a sticking point
  84. Distant Hb9
  85. she broke rules, how do i punish her
  86. gaming women older than you?
  87. need help with girl in college
  88. sexual tension before kissing?
  89. Quick Question-Could I use this "material" while living on residence
  90. Books/Movies to help understand a woman
  91. In a sticky situation...
  92. I caughy myself doing too much depreciating humor. How do I recover?
  93. Opening
  94. how to invite her to a party
  95. universal direct routine
  96. Need a few pointers here
  97. She wants a massage.
  98. the club!!
  99. Classroom Game *Unique Question*
  100. Sealing the deal
  101. Turning this into a regular thing
  102. man whore/ jealousy
  103. "good" friend tells my chick that I read books on how to pick up girls!!
  104. Continually Hooking up with Multiple Women in College
  105. Valentines Preparations (singles only)
  106. girl gives number to be friends. is she retarted or am i?
  107. Confused once again, help please
  108. Chick at work
  109. layed an Older woman...HELL YEA!!!
  110. Waited too long......now what?
  111. Atraction is fading away how to I get it back?
  112. buying roses?
  113. Run me down
  114. when girl said "that's my future husband"?
  115. perfect girl for me right now
  116. Bringing "targets" to parties
  117. Lied to girl about age.. Now what..
  118. Sex partner and potential sex partner in 1 roof, help!
  119. This might sound a little too ambitious, but thats what being young is all bout ;)
  120. Asked her out... and she said she'd bring a friend???
  121. College
  122. CARNAGE: Field Report
  123. Coming out of the dungeon
  124. Neg/disqulify and social circle bombs lol
  125. Valentines date.
  126. Do you tell the girl you like her or no?
  127. How do you become more reactionary to drawing boundaries in the moment?
  128. troubleshooting w my game
  129. date with oneitis
  130. how to approach a HB8.5 on campus when she is always with her friends
  131. should i initiate or is it her turn to reciprocate
  132. I thought it was on lock but....... comments please
  133. need serioussss help w/ HB9.5 virgin
  134. Help Girl talks but no meet up.
  135. My confidence grows as I talk to people through out the day...
  136. confused on how to act
  137. afc at ASU.. conversations with girls
  138. Help on tooth and speach problems...
  139. girl issue?
  140. Going direct with guys in the set
  141. Classroom/college specific game
  142. finally made a move on that HB8.5 but problems....
  143. Handling IOIs from the teaser chicks
  144. How to handle shy girls?
  145. Buck Fuddies / Jealousy
  146. AFC Regression
  147. The girl from class
  148. One BAFM (Big Ass Fucking Mistake), Nickel
  149. Asshole...Asshole..Asshole...
  150. AMOG's in groups.
  151. When you neglect women, do they search for confrontation?
  152. first sight of new AMOG i'll be working evenings with... need help staying on top
  153. First post help
  154. sarging my roommate...yes or no
  155. How to bring my classmate home?
  156. good response to "you have a really deep voice"?
  157. Help please
  158. How to remove my dork personality?
  159. Booty Call Advice
  160. gettin coool male friends
  161. Concerts and Kino
  162. As You Change, Do Some of You Start Losing Friends?
  163. Need quick advice please, date in a few hours!!
  164. kid keeps on asking to run a train on gf
  165. (question never asked b4)guys help serious question.....a dilemma in identity
  166. Communicating more with a potential GF
  167. How are my DHV stories?
  168. HB 7.5 has bf
  169. So i got AMOGd. what would an alpha do?
  170. Kino escalated too quickly, fixable?
  171. Bridging from Classroom to Beyond
  172. Isolation hielp?
  173. How can i get her number, should I even try on the first meeting?
  174. Why does my confidence get sucked out when I talk to an alpha
  175. A game for an old friend, need advice
  176. Over ex, but want to set up Fbuddys with her somehow
  177. How should I read this?
  178. 'Talkative' and running out of things to say.
  179. Cockblocked on day 1
  180. picking up old classmates
  181. Hb8 found out about hb9
  182. Is this a shit test?
  183. Is this girl an option?
  184. My Challenge
  185. Problem Need Advice Should I or Shouldnt I?
  186. End Goals
  187. FR #3 --- Stripper!
  188. Out of the friend zone for one night only
  189. Need some serious help guys!
  190. Community Colleges
  191. Say something
  192. Shy girl cockblock...how do you handle it?
  193. Rock and a hard place
  194. 2 girls wanna do an "experiment" on me
  195. Prom the PUA way?
  196. So, I seem to be in a relationship
  197. how to change the way people call me?
  198. ABC Party Ideas
  199. Bad Faceboook pick?!
  200. Shy girl at school
  201. Girl approached me.
  202. girl with a bf
  203. Out in public my game face is on, at home its not. Why?
  204. LR + question
  205. Live at Home
  206. I need some help......
  207. Pros and Cons of Game, Please give it a Look
  208. how to i interpret this? is she interested?
  209. Big campus (45,000) vs Small Campus (10,000-20,000)
  210. i'm meeting new friends tonight, How to do a good impression?
  211. Do I have a shot here?
  212. A Hopeful Romantic
  213. Anxiety Problem with girls at university.
  214. my next step
  215. Meeting Girls in College!! :D
  216. How to tell her i honestly don't wat to go?
  217. College Dating Gurus
  218. The I dont know what the hell to do blues
  219. What's Considered Awkward Humor?
  220. Quick questions, really quick
  221. why would she be ostracized?
  222. She flaked... give her a strike 2?
  223. how to be shrewd?
  224. Getting MAJOR IOI's, how to open
  225. My ALPHA mate cock-blocked me
  226. the time is now
  227. Is she interested or not?
  228. This girl making me jealous?
  229. Girl is allready attracted but has a boyfriend
  230. Has "would you like to kiss me" ever worked for anyone
  231. Developing Tough Skin
  232. Walkways/Girls at work.
  233. She flakes AND then stops talking to me?
  234. Transfer student with no social circle
  235. Beyond gaming, I need some help
  236. Flake? or just playing games
  237. guys PLEASE help me with this!
  238. Date ideas for girls under 21?
  239. I'm having problems keeping conversations going
  240. Language Barriers (German)
  241. hey
  242. How not be be a pushover.....
  243. When's the last time you've had sex??
  244. Should I shoot for the number?
  245. Do you like my friend ____ ?
  246. Droppin the sexual frame
  247. Need help with a girl I met online then arranged meeting...
  248. Why do I keep hearing this?
  249. I'm getting a bit restless
  250. another girl with a bf