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  1. Love Note?
  2. Doesn't Like to Be Touched?
  3. Completely baffled by girl and Field Report included
  4. Dancing with target help!
  5. any good ideas what to do tonight?
  6. False Girlfriend Constraint ?
  7. Am I getting whipped?
  8. College library approach
  9. Not wanting to close.
  10. How to tell how physically attractive you are
  11. Does EVERY girl on campus know about you?
  12. how can i work this into my game?
  13. Cannot realte to other humans
  14. K-closed her, now I want her friend who's either super friendly or is there interest?
  15. Online Dating
  16. Advice
  17. Molding/training a girl?
  18. Homecoming assistance
  19. Peacocking question
  20. Receptionist Girl
  21. Sarging at work?
  22. How to not be so "cliquey"?
  23. Need quick advice on something..should I fuck a slightly chubby chick? Im a virgin
  24. HB in my lecture
  25. Did I miss all the signs with this HB9 and have no chance?
  26. where do i Sex Close?????
  27. Some advice?
  28. Classroom attraction
  29. interesting neg i thought of
  30. Interesting k-close setup
  31. Break advice
  32. Need more help
  33. Need Help with an Asian HB8
  34. Peacocking: How to react to massive IOIs?
  35. Quick advice for HB9!
  36. "Do I know you?" after fb add
  37. A friend, who is just an natural asshole
  38. is she going to call?
  39. Speed Dating night
  40. This doesn't make sense to me!
  41. If she says...
  42. Movie Night
  43. F- close then... huh?
  44. i swear i must b Hank Hill
  45. Sarging abroad!
  46. Dating Girls in The Same Residence?
  47. Bet Gone Wrong
  48. This guy has sick game
  49. Hank Moody
  50. Validation=Confidence
  51. Sisters Friend
  52. I suck at sex
  53. some advice needed HB9 ex girlfriend
  54. Bad situation any suggestion Plz need a second opinion
  55. Wingman guide - where to find?
  56. In a relationship? or just having sex?
  57. How fast should I progress with my girlfriend
  58. Extreme Desparation Please Help
  59. Cashier Girl - at work.
  60. Long distance, tricky situation
  61. Shit Tests
  62. Annoying, cock-blocking fat chicks. Need Help.
  63. Going Back To school! Need Advice.
  64. Library trick...
  65. Too much thought in approaching women
  66. Dating - Need advice
  67. Playing a little 2 on 2
  68. How to screw up a pickup
  69. What Should I do?
  70. need help
  71. how do U think we should handle this situation
  72. How to close on someone who has given me many IOI's
  73. College-I attract girls I befriend, but not girls I go after
  74. competing with another guy help me out plz
  75. A 20-year-old-virgin at college
  76. Geeze I think I may be a bad person...
  77. Guys Advice Needed Please
  78. Magic Bullets
  79. Interesting Massage Therapy situation - help
  80. Asking a girl to a formal
  81. no blowjob from girlfriend
  82. Return Trip
  83. UPenn Community
  84. How do I get back the girl I let go?
  85. 2 girls.. Party
  86. Community College Sucks!
  87. uc davis wing? and a few questions
  88. weird situation...
  89. Rez parties and college keggers.
  90. Rooming with girls
  91. Is she settling for less because i didnt show enough intrest
  92. HB 9 Progress. Thoughts?
  93. Floormates hb 5-7, keep giving me dlv
  94. routines, do they work?
  95. how would you reply to her?
  96. 'You went on my bus'
  97. Gaming at a Different College Than Your Own??
  98. Help/Pointers on getting DAY TWO with HB8
  99. HB9 Chick: NExt Move?
  100. New to this
  101. Blondes vs Brunettes
  102. Lecture Hall Scenario with 2 "stuck up" 5's URGENT 911
  103. AFC in College need advice
  104. Lecture Hall AA
  105. Lied about Virginity
  106. I'm eccentric
  107. HB8.5 - Question
  108. Girl Wants to Take Things Slow
  109. How do you Define Masculinity?
  110. What to do for success after k-close fails... not pickup, but friend.
  111. Progress so Far
  112. Confused of what to do
  113. day one no close at my house...help?
  114. first LTR, I'm in college, and feel like I'm missing out
  115. Need help closing
  116. How to game a teacher?
  117. Ex from highschool
  118. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn...
  119. Call for College Game Help
  120. Girl that liked me ALOT being short through texting. Opinions?
  121. Gaming got me my gf! should i keep gaming?
  122. Calling verses texting
  123. The way AFC's treat and look at HB's maes me sick!
  124. Dealing with a Disgruntled FWB
  125. When women tell you TOO much.
  126. Where to go with this...
  127. Carlessness and awkward walks
  128. Lost attraction
  129. Drunken makeout, thoroughly confused.
  130. When a girl is texting
  131. Is it essensial be 'hot' or cute to..
  132. question that my ebooks dont answer...
  133. Going to an event where there is a model
  134. college.. need advice please..
  135. cant seem to sexclose??
  136. Closing
  137. Using Pickup skills to advance your career
  138. Advice on a mother daughter set
  139. Hickies, DHV?
  140. HB across the room in quiet library
  141. Need some advice!
  142. My outline/guide to better Pick-up.
  143. confused
  144. Amog, keeps calling the Don on me
  145. wats with this girl?
  146. A little help please!
  147. How to night game (no talking)
  148. NEED HELP ASAP! Like within the next half hour
  149. Some advice please...
  150. 2nd chance to escape friend zone
  151. Are we Friends or not?
  152. Any suggestions - needy/clinging
  153. Number close fail with HB7 (facebook chat)
  154. Right time to stop a freeze?
  155. Eyes
  156. Is this one-itis?
  157. Possible Threesome
  158. I knew this girl 2 weeks before, she showed me many IOIs..
  159. What would you do?
  160. Need community help to see where i went wrong...
  161. first time in a gay club. suggestions?
  162. she's LJBFed EVERYBODY...or closet lesbian?
  163. too into myself? what??
  164. Not sure what I'm doing wrong
  165. How to handle Nice Girl?
  166. over teasing ?
  167. Need Suggestions!
  168. Cool things to do (Under 21)
  169. Am I reading this right?
  170. sent song...what is the meaning.
  171. What am I doing wrong?
  172. Ended relationship because i was bored - good choice?
  173. Help Me Get Her - (Will Update)
  174. Sarging with a Guitar
  175. how to kiss a girl in a way to blow her mind and set an extremily sexual precedent
  176. Just Friends need help
  177. Have the tables turned? What should I do differently NOW?!
  178. Should I tell this girl I like her?
  179. Where I am at and ultimate text game crash and burn and an extremely desperate AFC
  180. No idea how to proceed from this point.
  181. help needed
  182. High Vaule Vs Boring?
  183. how to be less obvious that your hitting on a girl
  184. School/College game?
  185. How Do I Convert
  186. She says you look young
  187. Girl has bf but lets things go so far
  188. writing/singing songs for girls
  189. Taking a girl to a concert, then crashing at her dormitory. Help
  190. f-closed older girl...any ideas on how to proceed?
  191. What do you want?
  192. How can i kiss a girl at a party?
  193. FriendZone?
  194. The apocalypse opener, is it working?
  195. AMog
  196. My situation
  197. how do you tell to an hb5,6 girl that you arent interested?but..introduce me to hb9.
  198. what to do when...
  199. Too many bad dates. Sarging for a certain type of women
  200. f-close on the plane anyone?
  201. Characteristics of the "cool guy"
  202. help with ltr
  203. Using artistic talent.
  204. How to f close this!?
  205. Just text chacha. (242242)
  206. I don't want to wait too long to contact her after getting her number
  207. FREE Excerpts from LS Routines Manual Vol 1. & Vol 2.
  208. Pushing into a relationship, the differences on my country
  209. OMG the worst situation is this cheating?
  210. real difficult situation need some advice BAD!
  211. Leave a Note?
  212. Question About Tone and Demeanor when Chatting up Planted Seeds
  213. How do I play this off?
  214. when do i say how old i really am?
  215. I am keep getting amoged in social circle
  216. Think I'm good to go?
  217. chick with bf situation
  218. Discontent
  219. Major help at work!!!!
  220. Winter break + My brain has been hijacked
  221. Party Bus!! any advice?
  222. Gaming girls from different parts of the country, Southern girls in particular
  223. Language Problem?
  224. Didn't close at the party, next plan of action?
  225. Girl thinks im mean?
  226. Finding out what she likes in guys
  227. How Well Are Your Cold Reads?
  228. She says shes ugly
  229. Dealing with girls that aren't having any.
  230. girl fresh off the boat--text lost in translation?
  231. Not to sure what to do next, Advice guys?
  232. IOD list?
  233. need some advice quick
  234. Magic in my routine...
  235. Is she going to bitch me out?
  236. From Grinding to...
  237. Help! Unique situation. !!!<<
  238. Hurt a girl physically - How to recover heh!
  239. Rage may have ruined a lay? Please help ASAP
  240. Suggested a GTG "depends what you're offering"
  241. Been talking to this girl lately? How long should I wait before I ask her out?
  242. What to do?
  243. Input needed
  244. Epic Inspiration - a video of why we game
  245. Gaming Amnesia?
  246. Texting a girl over break..
  247. she texts, i call
  248. What should I respond to this?
  249. Fixing Previous Mistakes
  250. My drug induced rambling on game smart girls