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  1. Guys I need a little advice
  2. Peacocking help and/or personallity help
  3. Girls and there lieing habiat?
  4. GOING TO GAME IN ESTONIA! Help with my partypack?! :)
  5. Ex girlfriend :S:S:S
  6. is she sending mixed signals / being conflicted
  7. Gum
  8. find a great hb10! then shit happens?!
  9. attraction switches for under 18 girls?
  10. number + kiss goodbye close a HB 9 at a club
  11. Win/Win help
  12. can some of y'all give me some pointers on party basics?
  13. First Run-In With an Older Woman
  14. Some Questions that have been on my mind!
  15. Now What
  16. Lied About Age, Will Tell Truth, Judge This Speech
  17. Not so bad Id say
  18. Dosnt work...need help..?`?
  19. How to improve convo skills?
  20. Fun College Routines
  21. HB who wants to be a friend yet gets into bed with me
  22. Almost 24 yr old grad student too old for frats?
  23. Starting off at a new college and I want to have a party.
  24. going out without a wing?
  25. Looking for a Room in Berkeley CA
  26. Decide my next move on HB8
  27. Thanks guys finnaly number closed...Now the fun part?
  28. Operation Craziness
  29. Social Circle/Seduction Question
  30. Good looking friend affecting my game
  31. Ex gf comments one of my pictures on myspace saying this
  32. ON OVERDRIVE...I cant get out of this gear
  33. Need help keeping HB9
  34. boyfriend giving shit
  35. Will she be back around
  36. Help
  37. Texted my high school teacher randomly and played it off like i met her recently
  38. Can gaming wrong mess up your perception?
  39. Sarcasm, too much of a good thing?
  40. Retail clothing store girls?
  41. Hanging out with my ex
  42. too many clueless friends
  43. date tomorrow night, help quick!
  44. is this a good way to ask for a date to a girl in a relationship?
  45. My Story
  46. What do i do?
  47. PUA tips for a woman seeking a woman?
  48. Virgin male, 19 years old, needs help fast!
  49. How to ask a girl to have sex
  50. Sms game
  51. Good Conversation
  52. Going to University (Freshman Year)
  53. 3 dates, 3 kiss-closes - what's next?
  54. Get me out of my funk
  55. Need help to isolate and close target at a multiple set
  56. I fucked up.
  57. Dealing with a friend in need of help
  58. Girls set up for you.
  59. im getting played..
  60. Roommate a DLV
  61. trying to make me jealous or
  62. Urgent help
  63. pivots and wings
  64. Creating C-Blocks
  65. insta relationship, help!
  66. Anyone ever get bitter towards females?
  67. Pre-College SC Building
  68. It doesnt matter
  69. Movies/book about pickup
  70. little advice
  71. HB 7 in Pac-Sun pu video
  72. Alpha Male Attraction Help
  73. going against everything i learned!!
  74. Hooked up with hb8's best friend.. before i met hb8
  75. cocky & funny ansWers for typical questions on college.
  76. buyers remorse is the bane of my existance
  77. About to take an old friend on a date - suggestions?
  78. Help with high school
  79. critique this opener...
  80. how to make look her boyfriend like an AFC?
  81. New job.. lots of ladies
  82. The Big List of College Essentials
  83. I came to realization....
  84. Behavioral traits of hot, 18-20 year-old, LSE, sluty, party girls?
  85. Any Advice on Classroom Sarging?
  86. Looking for Fellow Sarger in Ottawa
  87. Good bye One itis hello sargin'
  88. i have a theory
  89. How do I number close these 2 HBs
  90. How to find out if a girl's into you.
  91. This Girl gets what she wants..not with me.
  92. New Openers
  93. I need help making friends
  94. When girls call you dude or you call girls dude
  95. Friends of Friends
  96. Need HELP!! ASAP
  97. Got the number, but not enough attraction built ?
  98. Anyone Care To Test This Theory?
  99. Where in the progression model?
  100. ¿School Pick Up? ¿The Frist days and weeks?
  101. help any suggestions?
  102. Cougar Alert - Need Help
  103. how to act to be the alpha male, and how to act to pickup younger girls
  104. cRItique my routine
  105. I Need Some Advice Please
  106. player role icon on me!?!
  107. Im Confused On What To Do Next? Am I Wasting My Time?
  108. girl is into him but avoids kiss?
  109. Tips on opening/talking to a mans man
  110. Interest is there, Should I Follow Up?
  111. Damn, HB caught me off gaurd
  112. Girl With Boyfriend??
  113. Mixed Messages
  114. situation/college greek social circle/advice
  115. Musicians v.s PUAs
  116. Being Touched
  117. A little jump start please
  118. [Request] Remixes
  119. What A Girls Body Language Says About Them
  120. How do you freeze out a girl in class?
  121. What Next? How Soon?
  122. Didn't see this coming...
  123. My first sticking point - With helpful insight
  124. Some advice about a 10 who lives 2 hours away.
  125. What are the stages I have to go through..from AFC to MPUA?
  126. New Nickname (for her)
  127. What About Shy Girls?
  128. How was your summer?
  129. Berkeley
  130. Sticking point... help!
  131. Blind date help?
  132. college game
  133. It was a great help
  134. frat house prez beat me...NEED HELP?
  135. An Easy Way To Meet Girls And Practice Openers/Transitions & Everything Else
  136. Problems at the Bar w/ girl I like
  137. Where do I stand? Mixed signals
  138. Rushing a frat...
  139. I fell for my best friend. How to deal with this?
  140. new to it all
  141. Sweet Dreams?
  142. Where am i going with this?
  143. Tatoos
  144. Different types of puas
  145. Is taking a break appropriate
  146. Small City Syndrome
  147. Help, asap bf destroy!
  148. is this a dhv?
  149. Whats going on here? 3 girls
  150. Friend always trying to AMOG
  151. Jealousy move
  152. I really want to get laid before new year
  153. All girls are jealous
  154. Taking Things Slow
  155. Social Circle. Your own pad... question.
  156. Torn on What To Do
  157. Study Abroad?----Braddock's Help
  158. Question about dancing
  159. Im confused.
  160. A Debate on "Playing hard to get"
  161. phone game my down fall looking for some insight
  162. Seeing her everyday... then faded out...
  163. HELP with sitaution
  164. "Your nose wiggles when you talk"
  165. dont have a car, dont want to DLV.
  166. Cashier Girl
  167. Girl's "I'm a very busy person" frame
  168. One last fuck, options
  169. long but I NEED advice!! it's my life here!
  170. Joining a Varsity Team
  171. Standing out among ALPHA AS FUCK standoutters
  172. need some advice haha
  173. Field proven magic trick! Much success!
  174. Dealing with tension between a best friend
  175. Funny things to say about handwriting analysis - in college
  176. Should I join Salsa class to Pickup chicks
  177. hickey dhv
  178. Frats?
  179. Closing
  180. Are you Asian and need serious help in being happy/confident and getting laid?
  181. Need to get my ''mojo'' back
  182. Books to read
  183. Question about College Club game.
  184. Girls wont talk to me after one night stands
  185. 12 girls this summer... no closing deals.
  186. When ‘she’ becomes a friend.
  187. Facebook message out of nowhere
  188. alright help me out here
  189. how to pickup at young girls partys
  190. HB8.5 in my college...how to attract more
  191. I'm not a pervert (Well maybe a little bit) But do any PUA's have videos of...
  192. How to find the right college guy
  193. Club Situation and Advice?
  194. Finally an opportunity to sarge alone!
  195. What am I messing up?
  196. using too many negs
  197. Target is exchange student with no phone number, ideas?
  198. Energy Transfer
  199. How to sarge when bartending?
  200. Would it be smart to ask ex where we're at?
  201. What does it mean when someone pokes you on facebook
  202. Escalating frat party girls?
  203. Flakes and b.s.
  204. Need some help with my follow up.
  205. Way to act/respond when they say no to hanging out/doing something
  206. How to respond to girls playing hard to get..
  207. Difficult "college" number close, please help.
  208. Ok what now
  209. Dealing with snobby girls
  210. kissed her...still want to have her but not as GF
  211. making yourself a challenge
  212. playing hard to get..
  213. Can I contact this girl?
  214. HELP! for an aspiring PUA.
  215. Is she showin IOIs, IODs...or both?
  216. Need advice fast...College game!!!!!!!!!!
  217. frat HARD!!!!!!
  218. my sticking point
  219. my bestfriend is destroying/playing me!! Oh boy
  220. Thought I was IMPROVING until last night
  221. HELp me out guys. Is this an IOI or is she just nice?
  222. Can I considers myself born like Dustin type (The Game) whit women ? + My intro
  223. Remote Control Opener
  224. When she calls you a bitch
  225. Gaming a Girl Way Above Your Social Level
  226. The roommate..
  227. Loves being Chased
  228. How to FIRST KISS a HB
  229. the shy girl....
  230. Double date?
  231. Need Help F-Closing
  232. it was goin well but then faded out but maybes its rekindled... how to progress?
  233. debut date & how I should proceed
  234. Social circle groups 5-7 and 7-10
  235. Need some help on this issue.
  236. Foxwoods Sarge!
  237. On-campus Night game, how to?
  238. Never thought id come across this!!!
  239. How do you know when you're the AMOG?
  240. Tons of Game, but still feel lame.
  241. Extremely High Social Value Set Up
  242. Ive Chick coming to see me in from another country!
  243. Need A little help.?.?
  244. Damn shes a sexy bitch..a.. a sexy bitchhhhhhh
  245. Anyone know girls like this?
  246. Facial expressions?
  247. Disqualifying yourself at house parties, and disqualification questions
  248. I'm starting a college study group full of beautiful women, any pointers
  249. What should I do??
  250. How do you make a girl not clingy ?