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  1. PARENTS: How do i pick a wing and do day game without my parents knowing
  2. hanging out with the girls...?
  3. HB9 mixed signals, am i handling this right?
  4. Kiss close, text contact
  5. Dry Campus
  6. What does it mean when a girls eyes water when shes around you?
  7. step-sister threatens my life.... Worst date!!
  8. need answers!! defining the alpha male
  9. can you be an alpha male and not belong? Defining the alpha male
  10. Basic help not too fussed on Hb8 flake
  11. still able to get out of the Friend Zone?
  12. The faux-liar trust gambit
  13. Looking for a wingman in NYC area
  14. How to break a woman who doesn't want sex until marriage?
  15. Girls friends texting me
  16. College: How to disarm guys in class?
  17. I need an iod! Help!
  18. Toy Boy?
  19. head hug
  20. little bit of kino advice
  21. Dealing with Freshman Stigma
  22. Came on too Strong: Need Help
  23. I'm lost, I dont know what to do.
  24. Confused about HB
  25. How can you make people need you... aka 'love you'?
  26. <Dont you have a girlfriend?>
  27. Ive been such an asshole, its working incredible!!
  28. The Ten Point Game
  29. Shit I used to believe in...
  30. On having fun thread
  31. I need a strategy for this situation! God has a sick sense of humor lol
  32. tell me your opinion on this.
  33. I would have rather gotten slapped than to have had this happen!
  34. Being a badass or a social guy at college?
  35. R.I.P My Social Life: May 17 1990 - Aug 17, 2009
  36. Teen Love Styles
  37. How long do I instigate communication after 'date'?
  38. Getting a Girl to prom
  39. HB 10 ADVICE getting the target to fall for me
  40. Natural game help
  41. Confidence
  42. College: Better late than early
  43. Living with parents. How will it affect my game?
  44. Does confronting female friends look needy?
  45. number closed a girl just to get her friends?
  46. should we take this serios or was it just a drunken idea ??
  47. What do I do between now and the date?
  48. Quick, texting dilemma
  49. strange fear of Sexy Body of girl
  50. Problem: I have a douche friend.
  51. did you buy Love Systems Relationship Management
  52. how many more fucking shit-tests!!?!
  53. A Nice Spread of Prospects.
  54. Watching DVDs at her house
  55. I can help anyone lacking physically.
  56. target rich locations in San Diego and LA
  57. How to keep group entertained on the dance floor?
  58. Diffusal of HB's Friend
  59. Full Closing a 19yr virgin?
  60. tattoo regret
  61. BF Destroyer Trouble
  62. Stuck in the friend zone or still have a chance?
  63. Teaching my younger brother "The mystery method"
  64. Advice on where to meet.
  65. Girl at Store, Revisited her after 4 months, advice needed
  66. Help me save my last two years in college - need feedback on my gameplan
  67. Hitting the Night Club for the First Time
  68. wondering what to do next
  69. I wanna watch a movie
  70. Friend to girlfriend?
  71. Seducing a teacher
  72. I wear a mask
  73. Advice on sarging/opening alone.
  74. Relationship Just Ended. Friends with Benefits Wanted! Help
  75. meeting a "ill kill you" father?
  76. Got the #, now failing...
  77. Just got first lay, now...?
  78. Running game in 18 + bars/clubs is bad (response to Braddock's college game)?
  79. need help for the weekend
  80. Not good at banter, could someone help me reply to this?
  81. Horny looks (approach invitations) from HB's in college...
  82. Summer game
  83. Negs for HB 9-10 in Bikinis
  84. Second best
  85. Going to a Barbeque party ...lots of HB's
  86. What now?
  87. She said: "We are going to prom as friends right?"
  88. Aggravated? Live above your nervous energy
  89. All Ages Club
  90. waittres close
  91. Her mother wont let her go out
  92. I Really Wish I Wasnt In This Situation.
  93. How to do a woman give a real orgasm
  94. I want to turn friends with benifits into a relationship but how do I do that??
  95. Party Game
  96. First Post - Funny # Close - Need advice now
  97. First Post- Number Close Sort of, First Date Tom.
  98. Having fun at your place
  99. Are girls at state schools a LOT easier to game?
  100. (Flirt_out) my journal/Life
  101. Need help sargin hb 9 back from highschool
  102. Your target Vs. Your good friend.
  103. The dreaded talk
  104. Shit test? Sex with others..
  105. my newb mission
  106. ****My First Mission!!!****
  107. Gamed too many girls at once.. How do I get this girl back?!
  108. Sarge her, she likes me, Now sarge her HB9 friend
  109. Las Vegas - Clubs
  110. Add a Unique piece to your pad
  111. PUA and Emotions?
  112. The "sleep over"
  113. How to continue...
  114. she tells me: "you have really good game"
  115. Where to go with my girlfriend tomorrow?
  116. Free Notes on Braddock's College Game/Social Circle speech at the under 21 convention
  117. Is this a bad idea??
  118. Need help with approaching..
  119. Date with the Ex
  120. Doing well but stuck...
  121. Older women and my age
  122. Disqualification Vs Social Proof - Removing Bitch Shield
  123. Winger tips
  124. College Gaming In disguise
  125. Help with f-closing a HB8 virgin from college!
  126. New girl at work, did good for a newbie
  127. Co-worker/date HELP!!
  128. advice needed
  129. Where did i go wrong? kinda long
  130. How to get a girl if she likes someone else?
  131. Is my thinking correct?
  132. Flop night at a club. How to make it better?
  133. good night...now what?
  134. My friends getting girls off of my aura
  135. Its like I hit rock bottom, and cant find a way up
  136. Gamed Online, # close, now what?
  137. Not looking for a relationship, I say BS
  138. I'm a girl and I need help with day game
  139. Framing : Confidence vs Arrogance
  140. Morals + Pickup
  141. Where to go from here?
  142. Need advice for Traffic Light Party for night of 6/18!
  143. This relationship ended on a really bad note.Im ready to get serios!!
  144. Attracting a hired gun
  145. Boyfriend Obstacle a bit too befriended?
  146. College Game and Facebook and Congruence
  147. Cruise ship Game
  148. Is she playing hard to get?
  149. Opening large sets at parties
  150. She brings a friend?
  151. help with getting laid at grad week!
  152. How to make a fraternity cool
  153. I can't tell if im stuck in the friend zone
  154. "Dealing with The Best Friend"
  155. I'm not her type???
  156. Take the step into a relationship?
  157. An in depth question: What is Fun?
  158. I want the Ex Back, I think she may Want me to...
  159. How do I go from "real" gaming a girl to online gaming her?
  160. umm hot sex.
  161. Jock game
  162. I am to sirius - How can i change
  163. ive known her for a while.. help
  164. Cliquey highschool... friends are rediculous.
  165. Shes giving me a guitar!!
  166. I didnt mean for this to work but it did.
  167. First night out to sarge - any quick and short advice?
  168. Younger European girl in my house -attraction
  169. I need to sarge alone
  170. I want to game MILF's - any recommendations?
  171. Need help upping my social status (Dont know if thats what I'm asking, but whatevs)
  172. Here we go again, another start - My lil bro
  173. Limiting Cold Approach Beliefs
  174. Girls being sexually direct?..
  175. Unaware Cock Blocking Friends!
  176. I want my Ex back :/
  177. I'm Overweight--Should I Still Game?
  178. long distance relationships
  179. Girls i Already Know
  180. Money money money money money money money money
  181. Storytelling
  182. girl is texting me right now..need help!!!
  183. problem with hb... everyones after her suddenly
  184. LMR on first and second date
  185. Is a boyfriend destroyer necessary?
  186. Maintaining comfort and attraction during 3 month seperation.
  187. How the funk! Do you remember your lines in set?!?
  188. Contributory post: A situational wingman move
  189. Sticking point: Her Room
  190. Loud music + other questions
  191. trust lost - HELPorTIPS
  192. is dhv'ing too much beta?
  193. Anxiety a Problem?
  194. Someone check out my instant message game..
  195. Real Gaming/Online Gaming Sticking Point! HOW DO I REPLY TO THIS???
  196. How to get them to invest?
  197. My first cougar!
  198. DHV to the group or the target on some routines?
  199. What If The Girl Says Thats She Is Taken?
  200. How come I typically receive shit tests from females in group settings?
  201. Dog Sitting
  202. I Fucked Up
  203. When they talk about boning other dudes...
  204. need help ASAP!
  205. The ExGf, awesome escalation, but denied at Kiss. Help
  206. Forgetting her name
  207. She wants me to call this guy who's being an ass
  208. Help! Just got bj from girl; i didnt want it and regret it
  209. Tables turned, ex wants me back - how should I handle it?
  210. Best Way to approach girls on facebook that i will be going to college with nxt year?
  211. hb10.. pissed after she asks for my number!!?!
  212. Just an Idea! (Possible Sticky?)
  213. when to close the deal with girl in class?
  214. Tough Cookie
  215. I hate bars and clubs
  216. A simple question
  217. Opinions on advance of game!!
  218. Hard to get?
  219. LJBF after Seduction!?
  220. Poison Ivy on my dick. Turning a negative into a positive.
  221. softly spoken
  222. Whats everyones general K/F-Close Routine??
  223. Help I Need all the Advice & Tips I Can Get
  224. does this make me unattractive?
  225. University and this summer warming up
  226. Lied about my age. What do I do now?
  227. Anyone know any 18+ bars/nightclubs in Manhattan?
  228. Going on holiday with a group of friends soon..any suggestions?
  229. Hard to get/ Boyfriend Destroyer Tactics?!?
  230. Facebook, HB added me, what should i say??
  231. Changing My Game
  232. Making progess...kinda?
  233. Living in the now
  234. im having problems forgetting a particular girl...
  235. Is she being cold with me?? Give her space?
  236. Lesbian or atleast she says she is.
  237. My First Post/Introduction of Myself/Seeking basic advice
  238. Girl I K-closed getting clingy.
  239. She needs time to choose between 2 (need an advise of skilled person,sharp situation)
  240. Need advice on nature of "relationship"!
  241. College DLV F-close a 7?
  242. Hmm....What do I do now?
  243. She doesnt want to date right now..
  244. Social Circle: HB7 qualifies her self, but then shows disinterest.
  245. no call back. first time ever!?
  246. What is the BEST place to practice in-field?
  247. How to start from fresh financially and get a good social life going?
  248. My voice is loud to me but sounds soft to others??
  249. doesnt respond to kino?!?!
  250. First Post: Getting Introduced