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  1. How To react/play along with jokingly flirty female friends?
  2. daygame/mood..Help please :)
  3. So I facebook/number closed this hottie...what to do now?
  4. day game/mood
  5. Hostel trouble
  6. striking oout?
  7. I have met the girl of my dreams and I don't want to lose her.
  8. Basic Question about Rebuilding Attraction
  9. girl with bf / trouble closing
  10. Groups
  11. new ltr, things gettin a lil boring, need some help.:confused:
  12. that fellow classmate...
  13. What to Do?
  14. Creating attraction in high school
  15. Time to approach?
  16. Mixed Signals
  17. Inner-game "state anchor"
  18. Has learning the game made me self fish? Is there a balance?
  19. How to ask girl out via text? Date location?
  20. Building a Social Circle from Nothing?
  21. Conversation
  22. Opening former chase I haven't seen in two years.
  23. Important!
  24. direct approach that could have been alot better??
  25. wow crashed earlier then I made another girls day 3 hours later
  26. question
  27. My Girlfriends friend and me
  28. So get this:)
  29. Rejection
  30. Changing Your Social Value
  31. bouncers writing X's on your hand
  32. How should you respond when someone does this to you?
  33. 90% of the approachs are crashes! xD (Feedback)
  34. holy shit, SHE FOUND THE BOOK?!
  35. Conveying that I have the POWER when she tries to STEAL it
  36. HB 9 is being somewhat confusing
  37. Attraction via car
  38. If you could have a free PI...
  39. getting a date with no car?
  40. Getting ONS in parties?
  41. Quick opion on something...
  42. HB8 in class, quick question
  43. HB8 Quick Question Is this a test
  44. ... So
  45. Friending Girls and Being a Value Connector
  46. weird problem
  47. Killing My Inner Game
  48. Best way to respond to a female negging you?
  49. Marker Party At College Campus Bar
  50. Switching Targets - this feels dangerous..
  51. Need Serious Help with HB9
  52. Negs.
  53. AMOG's Out the Arse
  54. What the hell is this girl thinking?
  55. Well I fucked up.. But I wanna fix it now..
  56. better late than never
  57. Weird situation, but not..
  58. What should I say to the waitress now?
  59. College student looking for PUA's advice
  60. Living with your parents
  61. Need advices
  62. When Its OK To Say How You Feel
  63. What should I do??? Help
  64. is this a hook-up invite
  65. In a slump!
  66. Lil advice
  67. need help to get back on top
  68. Is it a good idea asking her this?
  69. Critique for Text Game w/HB 8.5?
  70. Creating a close group of friends... How do you do it?
  71. Fuck up
  72. Just a quick question
  73. Help me understand
  74. Getting a mate in
  75. Why did she do this
  76. In class
  77. Real confused.. Am I in the friend Zone?
  78. Missed a opportunity, now what?
  79. College Game: Is it okay to be a "nice" guy toward your female friends?
  80. should I let her know she's in demand?
  81. I'm starting college soon but i have no social skills
  82. It sounds like she doesnt like me.. But still hits me up...
  83. To good to be true?
  84. What to do?
  85. Is this oneitis? Should he get over her?
  86. simple question
  87. a simple neg.. got her too mad...
  88. what should I do now?
  89. I dont run tight game with girls that have lower value
  90. Plan to seduce hb8, critique...
  91. HB 7, few questions
  92. Help my friend..
  93. Any advice gaming older women?
  94. LMR question
  95. st patty's day sarge
  96. Texts me then sends crap response?
  97. what the fuck do i do here!?!?!?
  98. How do you land a cougar in denial?
  99. Number-Close...now what?
  100. girls are worse than guys
  101. college student needs help
  102. Anyone In The Brighton area (UK)?
  103. Asshole and HB 9
  104. Please Help, LJBF/BF kinda issue
  105. Work Attraction or LJBF
  106. number close and fuck up
  107. advice needed, 10.
  108. Elevator openers
  109. everyone at work is amoging me, i need help, any suggestions
  110. Move to Bangkok Thailand?
  111. HB gave me heavy flirting...and then i bcame a pussy =S
  112. Are most PUA's just evolved nice guys?
  113. first date idea's
  114. Please, I need help with this hb10
  115. always get stuck at this part...
  116. How can I be a smart ass to this girl?
  117. Alright. Would boyfriend destroyers work here?
  118. "I Hate Men" Response
  119. What is the point of your conversatoin?
  120. nonsense shit
  121. Qualification (cool points)
  122. what you wish you should have done in the first week or college or university?
  123. Best Places to Sarge
  124. Short advice, to go for it or not?
  125. Asshole in my class
  126. Neighbor Flaked
  127. banged a girl! now in troublee....
  128. Friend of a friend!!
  129. Mild Neg's on 1st Call?
  130. Want to meet up with a HB9, what to do!?
  131. Good or bad idea
  132. Gaming Cheerleaders
  133. How to deal with their boyfriends?
  134. Dealing with rude female friends and self reflection
  135. Flase Time restraind??
  136. Anybody have any suggestions?
  137. Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  138. Same Problem/Mistake Everytime
  139. Getting rid of One-itis
  140. Stalker ex boyfriend
  141. Highschool Gaming Guide Basics!
  142. Living with parents
  143. sargin in a small town?
  144. Her but crack is showing again and I dont know what to say haha
  145. dancefloor game... electro styles
  146. HighSchool Club Promoter - tips? + FR
  147. Stupid Friends
  148. Never good looking enough??
  149. Cocky and funny problem
  150. gotta get this out, sick of holding it in
  151. Cocky Funny response to "You say that to all the girls..."
  152. Lowering Standards shit-test
  153. how to get over a crappy first impression???
  154. Does being a bad boy work?
  155. i want to improve my conversation skills
  156. Made it to this girls house and then nothing happened...
  157. sharing room at hotel for the 2009 convention
  158. She said "when im back surprise me with flowers Hint hint!!!!"
  159. Minor Advice..
  160. PROM! help!
  161. Encounter at school
  162. First Time Clubbin Monday! help? =]
  163. HB10 from high school gave strong IOI's back then. Today, we're at the same college..
  164. too many amogs spoil the broth
  165. Want some words of wisdom!
  166. One sends IOIs, one sends hate...
  167. Flake reinterested?
  168. Am i doomed?!!!
  169. a flood of hb 7's
  170. Amog-wannabes = insecure ...What's your take?
  171. How would you guys have handled this??
  172. Politics and game.
  173. Well this caught me off gaurd
  174. Forgot her name.
  175. It All started with a question...
  176. how to deal with jerks?
  177. worth going after?
  178. Dealing with girls PARENTS!!!!
  179. Dealing with losing a freind/ oneitus
  180. Going into a big college as a sophomore?
  181. Long story about challenging girl need advice on what to do.
  182. stuck in comfort
  183. small connections
  184. Wanna learn to DHV, with tons of magic?
  185. what should i do about my ex (bad situation)
  186. Advice + Field Report I suppose
  187. mentor??
  188. Girl from math class. Need some TIPS.
  189. FR: Classroom Game
  190. HB8 - Taken - for now... Advice?!
  191. Aim
  192. what am i exactly feeling at this point
  193. WTF to do now
  194. What should I do in a situation like this?
  195. Magic Bullets or Conquer your campus?
  196. PUA's at the University of Washington?
  197. Why would she want to?
  198. "you're just a baby!"
  199. comment please, Superpower opener, Cocky/funny style. (my own invention)
  200. How to work game in this environment?
  201. comment please, supermodel opener, (cocky funny style) my own invention
  202. is prom really that great??
  203. I have trouble talking over the loud club music...
  204. i should have listened
  205. does confidence not equal success?
  206. Alpha problems
  207. Living on-Campus. Having trouble gaming here. Any tips?
  208. fresno
  209. need some advice
  210. Fun Ways to Say "Hi" to Familiar HB's
  211. "who do you like?" -shit test
  212. Problems with my Girlfriend
  213. HB9 in my class.. Direct or Indirect?
  214. ugly orbiters
  215. Same dorm HB strategy and library PU strategy?
  216. Good respsonses to "I broke up with my boyfriend"
  217. I need a Game Plan
  218. friend getting involved.. : /
  219. how do you interpret this?
  220. Should I keep making my court to this girl?
  221. Social circle issues..
  222. Starting Anew
  223. names
  224. Fucking bitch
  225. When her Parents are protective
  226. Insecurities Vs. Getting The Hint
  227. Pick Up Regiment
  228. What went wrong?
  229. Amazing kiss close (ft)
  230. Magic, when should it be used?
  231. First Post: Rekindling a fling with an old fling
  232. HB at work
  233. Confused/pissed at gf
  234. What to Organize
  235. PROM she already said YES.... now what ASAP
  236. fashion show
  237. Best place to live in college
  238. talking to a friend about a girl?
  239. Social Circle Game Help: Comfort & Number closing HB Friend
  240. I have a problem guys
  241. Im loosing her pretty quickly.
  242. I've been told that a woman is like an abyss but this is wayy more! PLEASE HELP
  243. with 2 hot girls in sets....
  244. HELP!! HB losing interest!
  245. quick question
  246. Being in a band
  247. Sarging Sober
  248. 1st time going to college (on-campus vs. off-campus)
  249. Back to square one.
  250. Body Language