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  1. we have a problem
  2. Formal Game
  3. Cocky comedy is not working for me :sigh:
  4. first phone call done, I think Im going on LJBF path, need help for second call
  5. Theres just so many random complications.!!!!
  6. gaming school
  7. new k close routine...
  8. fat guys getting hot girls?
  9. awesome night
  10. Girl makes out with other dude
  11. I'm in over my head!
  12. Using pivots / preselection
  13. What to say when a girl calls you hot??
  14. Motivation to pick-up even on bad days?
  15. 2 guys - 3 girls
  16. HB wants a relationship i dont
  17. HELP: "reformed" a.f.c. with a few dilemmas...
  18. Baiting: A New Technique for College Game
  19. Can anyone get a read on this girl? (Mixed Signals)
  20. decisions, decisions, decisions
  21. Sarging tomorrow
  22. How to be interesting?
  23. Regain value in university
  24. Keeping a good rep?
  25. Unusual Situation
  26. This girl I like...
  27. Sarging 6 days in a row..
  28. Advice on where to practice sarging (don't want to wreck my social rep)
  29. hooked up with hb8, she sends me sexual texts, but i still can't get the lay
  30. Her mom is trying to set us up....What?
  31. Telling a Girl "I Don't Think It's a Great Idea"
  32. Ummm I beat her brother up
  33. Problem with HB9 - can't lay...
  34. Good places to pick up milfs/cougars for us 18-21 types
  35. how should this work??
  36. Advice is needed!!!
  37. Rusty Return to Game. Help
  38. How to get into the social mood?
  39. How can I still be a 3rd grade AFC
  40. Some notes on Classroom "game"
  41. strategy for HB8 with bf
  42. How can I follow this up?
  43. Going sledding!
  44. How do u respond to a compliment (ioi)>?
  45. Life in Mississippi
  46. Serious advice
  47. hot/cold issue
  48. Personal interests and hobbies
  49. Was i gamed?
  50. For guys in college
  51. College dorm game
  52. new years!!!
  53. Attraction hook point
  54. Analisis of my game and story?
  55. GF vs approaching girls via the Game
  56. the car effect
  57. Could someone please tell me where I f*cked up in kino?
  58. Should i get her a christmas present?
  59. Need abit of advice!!!!
  60. Advice on what to do next...
  61. Quick question, are 3 button blazers a yes or a no?
  62. Tricky Situation
  63. message to savoy / field report/ request for help
  64. Going on 4 years without a girlfriend
  65. It clicked.
  66. First Practice
  67. Quick question
  68. Books as discussion/attraction objects on the subway?
  69. Getting my AFC friend motivated, need help
  70. Help for a friend anyone?
  71. Work Game- Very Interesting Scenario
  72. Gaming New Year's Eve
  73. 18 years old going for 21 and over
  74. NEED HELP- BEFORE 9pm EST tonight....
  75. (speed dating)If this true this can be big, police case aww(ON TV)
  76. Girlfriend situation
  77. Number Close
  78. Bitchy girl from the past calls me out on mistakes. How do I react?
  79. New Year's Kiss, but what are the chances I might catch an oral STD?
  80. new years was sck!
  81. ex in the way of my new target
  82. I have a date with the girl that I want! Need some pointers
  83. Church
  84. Tough Guy Appeal?
  85. She says she doesn't need a boyfriend
  86. What should I say or do in response to a female "neg"?
  87. was asked why do you like me"
  88. Focusing on targets friends.. overboard?
  89. under pressure
  90. A New Start-Short Anaylsis?
  91. College classroom game
  92. Disqualification questions
  93. hbs opening me..
  94. College Game Scenaio/Chase...Help!
  95. Help ASAP on HB9
  96. Has anyone entered the game as a virgin
  97. freeze-out question
  98. need help asap!!
  99. Stuck in a rut
  100. How do i say shut the hell up about your ex without being mean or should I be mean??
  101. owning facebook game..
  102. Mixed signals
  103. Don't Be That Guy
  104. Need a good reply to opener I used
  105. Default Response
  106. I havent been in a relationship in 3 years so im kinda rusty .
  107. What makes people flake?
  108. Opener for a HB8 girl's set.
  109. Best Job to Meet HBs?
  110. got her number, now what
  111. gym pickup?
  112. When girls live with their parents
  113. Looking for sargers in seattle/tacoma area
  114. Confused about possible IOIs
  115. Girls being flaky or bitchy?
  116. Pro advice needed asap.
  117. PUA gaming 'my girl' What to do!?
  118. chick still virgin need help!
  119. Operation Status: Two highschool kids on the way to becoming the most popular.
  120. where is the easiest place to game
  121. Body Language
  122. Gaming anyone?
  123. "I cried while watching a beautiful mind"
  124. Help.. getting down
  125. Why are dimples so attractive?
  126. How to Change status
  127. How many missed kiss opportunities is too much?
  128. pre selection mm line help
  129. Time passed between meetings
  130. Losing the Frame/Power
  131. body hair...
  132. Sarging the mall with a wingman
  133. Fuck. My. Life.
  134. I couldnt do it...
  135. Help!
  136. SOOO close to F-close, but no CIGAR!!!
  137. Sexual Experience.
  138. Stupid friend
  139. She doesn't want to admit it to her friends
  140. She was sticking things in my mouth!!! (ok fine, i was at the dentist)
  141. afew questions I think everybody could relate to
  142. Energy and Vibes
  143. whats you're guys views on this Class opener
  144. can to much comfort after sex put you in the friend zone
  145. A question about age.
  146. Just had a pair of lips tattooed on my NECK!!!
  147. Would a girl agree to meet if she wasn't attracted?
  148. "The Game"" opener
  149. what's the story that ends "welcome to ____"
  150. Im not in love
  151. question: deflecting LTR
  152. best thing you own that helps you game
  153. Got hot night lined up!
  154. house partys!
  155. how to start being a pua
  156. College class. Girl and her best friend
  157. 2 weeks seing a girl dont know what to do.. please help
  158. Girl initiates wanting to meet via text with me continually but keeps flaking
  159. Best Friend's Sister
  160. Dance Club Game the answer?
  161. tonight
  162. smartass answer to this?
  163. HB8+'s act too cool for school around me...
  164. Girl from college - looking for some opinions
  165. Major IOI's, but declined date offer
  166. Do you just find yourself low status?
  167. 1 HB 1 OPENER: two occasions?!?
  168. An insight and a question
  169. looks dont mean shit without game. therefore this post..
  170. Combatting The "I was so trashed" Excuse
  171. Situation in-class
  172. Glad i drive a manual transmission
  173. Approach Challange
  174. @ College Campus.
  175. Need help for "school pick up"
  176. Need Help With Self Confidence
  177. Acting Class and How it will help your Game.
  178. Playing Hard To Get
  179. Situation Advice Lost Phone
  180. how would you approach the hs senoir hottie?
  181. LTR vs. MLTR advice
  182. WOW, i got insane attention with this peacocking :)
  183. University Student
  184. How to get out of the sexfriend zone?
  185. What are your thoughts? help please!
  186. I just want to have more sex in my life
  187. Bringing girls back to dorm room consistently...but dead end right there. (no sex)
  188. Hypothetically get any girl?
  189. Newbie Needs advice !!!
  190. What is happening here?
  191. transitioning from gym to hanging out
  192. chick in ldr came onto me, confused
  193. Making the Move
  194. girl has a bf what do i do?
  195. 6 girls and me bballin help?
  196. Have i crossed the unwritten rule of date etiquette?
  197. I need a date for Drag Queen Kareoke!
  198. Sticking Point: Sexual Transition
  199. 19 Tomorrow!!! woooott . need advice..
  200. Hotties in the...
  201. hb 7 problem
  202. HB8.5 driving me crazy
  203. AMOGs teasing girls
  204. can't believe what happened?!?!
  205. Help my AFC Buddy
  206. screw all this pickup stuff
  207. What does this mean?
  208. Major Life Problem.....:(##########
  209. No Idea What is Going On
  210. help with a group scenario
  211. Unusual Name
  212. How do I bounce to her place?
  213. The truth about your college hottie
  214. how do you open a girl in a computer lab
  215. HB 8.5, getting mixed signals??
  216. Semi flake? Says she has no money day before
  217. she knows I'm interested...
  218. I've been LJBF'd! But something doesnt fit! Thoughts helpful.
  219. Music festivals
  220. Valentines day is f****ing my head up right now
  221. Aussie Accent Appeal
  222. My mind is fucked up, any insight appreciated.
  223. Gonna be trouble tonight???
  224. To Chase or Not to Chase
  225. how can i recover?
  226. Celebrity Hook Up
  227. well, its saturday night....
  228. playing hard to get
  229. How do you deal with:
  230. A rock in a Hard place
  231. help needed please.
  232. Alot to say with only alittle time
  233. Is a confession in order? and how to bring it up?
  234. field tested hired guns opener
  235. Braces, hope or nope
  236. what to think of this?
  237. Sticking points
  238. Seducing My Sexy Neighbor Plan
  239. College Class Routine
  240. Im going on a date with a 9 in 2 days ....
  241. Is it possible to get her friend?
  242. What do you do to stand out?
  243. Help with contradicting situation....
  244. Being Alpha is the Way Forward
  245. im throwin myself out there guys.. help me out
  246. Opinon from ya'll
  247. Need Help With Girl From College
  248. Girl from the past....played me I think. None the less very funny
  249. Not sure what this girl wants
  250. I Think I Just Got #Closed By A GAY Guy