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  1. a girl in college
  2. Dancing/Grinding Kino Escalation
  3. Do I Mention that I'm Also a Virgin?
  4. this is a stupid question but im a newbie so help me anyway
  5. Alpha male by job description
  6. mixed signals should i drop this chick?
  7. Dealing with Fluctuating Form
  8. Social Proof - Are You In Control?
  9. Hb 9 asked for my number.
  10. I'm throwing a hugh party with some techniques
  11. Going to bars by yourself after work?
  12. Advice, how to approch in the GYM
  13. College Parties and Dancing
  14. Is Dance floor game possible?
  15. Disqualifiers
  16. Sarging a girl you live with
  17. Patio vybes - use the damn patio
  18. club like pick up artist show
  19. getting back into the game...
  20. peakcocking?
  21. How do you develope strong Direct game
  22. Gaming at parties
  23. I Had no idea i had this kind of power this night was fucking awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Amog re-displacement tactics
  25. Everything was awsome exept for this???
  26. Opening and Transitioning
  27. Help With Potential Buyer's Remorse from College HB w/ Hidden BF
  28. Please Help - Girl Friends with lots of guys
  29. Tattoo Appeal
  30. girlfriend?
  31. awkward situation
  32. Going on 2 dates on MTV...
  33. Spanish Kino....
  34. Sarging tonight, tips to get amped?
  35. having unwanted erections, help.
  36. In the end FUCKING is all that counts...
  37. Don't be a Girly Man
  38. what did i do wrong?
  39. How to be in a good state?
  40. Gaming as a Bartender at Party
  41. Alright guys heres the details on the 3 naked chicks yall wonted. LONG POST!!!!!!!!!!
  42. Number close too fast...
  43. Short and Creative openers for Nightclubs
  44. Ex calling me after break up.
  45. Recording in field
  46. Sarging A Masquerade Ball Tonight
  47. i want to seduce my teacher, shes a 10!!!
  48. I work in a pick up artists paradise but dont back till sunday so help me out damit!!
  49. Mother hen
  50. University, Girl not wanting a relationship but hates seeing me with other girls?
  51. She has a boyfriend.
  52. Playing it Cool
  53. Drama and a Fancy Social Gathering... solutions?
  54. HB9.5 at the bar
  55. i need a hand
  56. Closing a 2&up-set
  57. Losing interest
  58. Recalibrating the Game
  59. whos developed an ego lately?
  60. WoW Great Night Lastnight
  61. hb thorow me a arow i think.
  62. Older girls asking ur age
  63. my spin off on c,s vs u,s routine i think it sucks but you tell me
  64. If conversation stops ..?
  65. Seducing a target in a work enviorment???
  66. Special situation; sarging and social circles involved.
  67. good openers for college girls
  68. Need some advice with Girl Hitting on me
  69. Walking A DLV??
  70. I dont know what to do.
  71. i was called a crazy kisser
  72. i kissed a different girl...
  73. girl flakes for 3-4 weeks then calls
  74. Stuck at stage cuddle
  75. 3 things that are frustrating the hell out of me !!
  76. Need help: The Subway Train/ Look I just wanna read.
  77. Burned bridge won't stay burned!
  78. Is she abusing me? Need advice fast!
  79. Make a girl jealous
  80. Wow, way to get slammed back to the beginning
  81. I need some advice.
  82. Text Game At A Standstill
  83. Best Halloween Openers
  84. Bar Kiss Routine
  85. Super Solid day game
  86. Turning a kiss close into a lay!
  87. Don't have social group
  88. Shy girl, what to do?
  89. go for it?
  90. How not to be AFC past Attraction?
  91. How do I cope with my age difference?
  92. AFC Behavior.
  93. First post, field tested college game
  94. Is it worth doing this?
  95. She agreed to do my laundry?
  96. Opener Help
  97. IOI or IOF?
  98. Sarging in Oxford Mississppi
  99. College Girl with Guy back home
  100. acidently blew out of a FK close
  101. Older girls Know the Game!!
  102. I had a night which could define the word "horrible"
  103. girl likes me with boyfriend
  104. Phone game
  105. Wanna Make A Challenge!!
  106. Club game 101
  107. Gaming a girl I've already gamed
  108. Relationships and the sound of your voice?
  109. A bedtime story?
  110. Tough Love.
  111. Sticking Point: Esculation
  112. How to be a good wing woman
  113. I need to pass this shit test so please hurry and respond
  114. Glow sticks and Zinc Cream
  115. Online Dating? I don't think so.
  116. How do you avoid the ineveitable?
  117. Red Flags.
  118. Newcommer here!
  119. Is she gaming me?
  120. Cortland PUA's
  121. How do i Respond?
  122. Need some advice
  123. Games you play...
  124. How to get a personality and become more outgoing
  125. Good jobs for gaming????
  126. Running Game
  127. Avoiding looking like a "Player"
  128. Neutralizing the "Friends"
  129. bringing the dick
  130. Need some help...
  131. Bootcamp in Cancun
  132. Heading home for christmas
  133. I have no idea whats going on
  134. K-closed girl finds out that I'm a player after I leave
  135. small town girl gone famous so help me navigate through this one
  136. Past Ex Boyfriend Testing, HELP
  137. Have you ever..?
  138. Old flame, New Game... any advice?
  139. GOOD habbits versus BAD ones...
  140. K-closed shutdown to meet up 3 days later howto proceed?
  141. Conversations and how to be less boring
  142. My perspective on fraternity life
  143. Affirmations
  144. Being too available???
  145. To ill to see friend, how to explain without mentioning illness
  146. The reason why im bitching
  147. Where to start?
  148. Do u have a girlfriend
  149. The Freshman Neg
  150. IM chat with bitch shield HB9 (critique plz)
  151. Turning it off
  152. How can I recover?
  153. Feeling Down
  154. FB at 16
  155. High school
  156. 2nd date - going to the movies
  157. Line that worked beautifully.
  158. College friend HB8
  159. Is she worth going after?
  160. What to do when a girl is clearly drunk...
  161. First step to curing one-itis revealed!
  162. Peacocking
  163. How to deal with flaking at college
  164. what should i do? (high school)
  165. negs
  166. HB 8 with BF - how do i move from here?
  167. House Party Game
  168. Places to go For people of age of 18-20
  169. Good kino and bad kino
  170. Kiss close failure.
  171. Shy girl, what to do? UPDATE
  172. Ask my secretary
  173. Online self v. in person self
  174. how to carry on after opener
  175. why is this one different
  176. my real target is a friend of the girl im railing tomorrow
  177. Bus Game
  178. Looking For An Image Change Here...
  179. Last night
  180. she's never been considered anything...
  181. Didn't ask for number. Friend got friends number.
  182. Im a bit confused....
  183. Went to club last night..
  184. Need Help with Transitions/ AMOGing
  185. Living with Your Parents
  186. Day Game Question
  187. Number close
  188. Transitioning and Disqualifying
  189. long time no see
  190. How to run game on a "slut"?
  191. Useless Drama.
  192. Gaining interest without kinoescelation?
  193. Day Game (DO A SEARCH)
  194. Shit Tests
  195. Can't tell if she's interested or just LJBF zone.
  196. Game Stalemate (Facebook Overtime)
  197. A little help with Girlfriend
  198. Bad Wings
  199. The Staredown
  200. re-kindling
  201. I know what i did wrong, i just want to hear it from other people to
  202. Hey Guys Day Game Addvice PLZ
  203. Very weird situation...but positive. (pretty long)
  204. Old Highschool girls...
  205. Finally met up with target; complications
  206. Help with this girl before i go to work!
  207. Need help with an uninterested girl?
  208. Feeling so good!!
  209. ssg or daygame
  210. aww i shit i got a puppy now aka the best wingman ever!!!!!!
  211. Clever and un-orthodox girl
  212. Is she attracted
  213. Girl says, "your so mean haha"
  214. Lets go for a ride...interesting number close
  215. What to say?
  216. How a broken toe and AA ruined my night!
  217. need help, guys!!
  218. GM Style
  219. seriously need help
  220. Amoged- not even. Horrible cockblock.
  221. two whole days of DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA
  222. Best advice to date a friend
  223. How to Phase Shift into DHV
  224. Kino w/Girls in Study group???
  225. Collge Game Help?!?
  226. what to do for working girls (cashiers, drive thru, etc)?
  227. Lil, Game Help. & Field Report
  228. Whats next?! HB8.5
  229. disqualification after opening direct?
  230. Age objection?
  231. Anticipation, Turning the Tables, and open ended statements
  232. Being Alpha Day Game
  233. Need help! gf's finding out about gf's!!
  234. Formal Game
  235. Confusing mixed signals...help please
  236. Facebook Critique what to WB
  237. Pick up 101 did i fail or pass??
  238. seduction
  239. Illinois coaching (Tantralogic)
  240. keeping her interested
  241. Warming up the girl
  242. Got many ioi's from girl at party (should i still approach? Situation inside)
  243. Wing vs solo?
  244. Met a woman with high social status, lives in a different state (# close)
  245. My Routine
  246. I'm almost 19 and still a virgin, don't feel hopless, just need advice?
  247. About LTRīs
  248. She Says, "...
  249. .. how much bullshit is too much?
  250. Ok to game another PUAs girl when she says she isnt interested anymore?