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  1. Called out, BY A DUDE!
  2. My asian girl story.
  3. Uhh uhh I don't want a girlfriend!!
  4. field report / question
  5. Do girls toss hair out of habit or to flirt?
  6. akward first meet. help
  7. 19, vcard, and hopeless?
  8. Any 18 to 21 year old Sargers in Pasadena/ Los Angeles?
  9. help with draught must read
  10. Gettin my rank up, but need more advice
  11. fucking up social life at college
  12. Kind of awkward situation, funny story
  13. Social Circle HB's blog post
  14. Asian girl Opener
  15. Problems at Back to school party
  16. setting up a college party
  17. New ESP Routine
  18. Living with a Hot Chick
  19. Adjusting/Gaming in College
  20. Awkward AMOG Situation
  21. College clubs: initiating the dance
  22. one of my summer stories, DHV ?
  23. Possible GF?
  24. Working at a club
  25. The Problem Of Regret
  26. Myspace profile.
  27. Class situation, unsure of what to do...
  28. Feeling Embarrased...
  29. Day 3 (social networking and first party)
  30. wow, dont know what this means?
  31. Eye contacting in High School
  32. Yes. I Do have Oneitis.
  33. Getting with this hot friend
  34. How do you punish flaking? Emily
  35. Are you picking up girls to pick up guys?
  36. places to practice
  37. ** Back to College/ School openers**
  38. How to go from here?
  39. Number closed a girl at school.
  40. Holy crap
  41. How do I know if she sees me as just a friend?
  42. Indecisive Women; Plagues Us All.
  43. Hilarious convo ... possible good ending
  44. What's going on?
  45. Opening sets in bars and dance clubs
  46. My unusual situation
  47. need some advice
  48. Pretentious College Girls
  49. Peaking to Early in a Night
  50. f-closed HB8 last night
  51. Conversations When You Don't Know Much About Anything
  52. Older woman wants to hook up...?????
  53. Day 4 Report (excellent openers, personal progression and funny mistake)
  54. moment 22 how to move in the right direction
  55. After you make friends. Then what?
  56. how do you game girls whom you are grinding
  57. wear did my game go
  58. should I give this a shot?
  59. Manage with 21+ younger ones seem harder
  60. help! i need to cheapen club sarging
  61. Party Banter Pick up
  62. How To Nail My ClassMate Help!!
  63. Traffic light party
  64. Problem with college party girls
  65. Am I Trying too hard?
  66. To call or not to call?
  67. Gaming Foreign Exchange Students
  68. great elevator opener!
  69. is there still hope?
  70. Gaming girls on campus and in class
  71. Interesting opener for college game
  72. girls approach but dont know what to do
  73. Audio Introduction
  74. Trouble with boyfriend
  75. phone game
  76. friends or foe
  77. "Maybe"...
  78. Attracting in College
  79. How can I move into qualification at this point (class situation)
  80. Pledging Frat thats not recognized on Campus
  81. Dealing with Alphamale
  82. Hopefully not a flake and can get a chance?
  83. Girly posters in bedroom
  84. fake id risks
  85. Older Women's
  86. Re-Do's
  87. "Highlight Parties" at College
  88. possible problem within a sorority
  89. Being attractive means i can skip the attraction phase?
  90. So she says "no sex before marriage"
  91. Good openers for College Library?
  92. The changes i've made to improve my game (drastic) will it help?
  93. Dating a stripper
  94. Restart the game?
  95. Best way to ask her out/Is she interested?
  96. soooo yeah, need some friends.
  97. hb8 gives number, but..
  98. Alpha Male body language
  99. Bad Rep in College
  100. Openers in College Computer Class
  101. Fitty at college!
  102. HB9 that I don't want to screw up with!
  103. Is pickup really that important?
  104. Dealing with your elders.
  105. Community College
  106. Stuck att seduction
  107. i refuse to have my hand be my best friend,RESPOND TO THIS!!
  108. Wouldn't usually ask, but dont want to scew this up!
  109. closed last night. not sure what to think
  110. changing from gaming to friendship
  111. Wing Betrayal
  112. The 'Friend' Vibe
  113. The Bookbag guy
  114. What did i do wrong??
  115. Sexy girl on webcam
  116. stop masterbating??
  117. Myspace generation is creating the AFC generation?
  118. Joining social groups in college
  119. Some motivation.
  120. Where do i go from here????
  121. How do u hang out with women
  122. Phone number, but not what you think..
  123. College Flirt
  124. The Re-Surface of the Summer Fling
  125. How Do I Sarge Solo
  126. Surrounding yourself with what you want.
  127. Club Game - convos
  128. Strategies for hosting small get togethers
  129. To call or not to call
  130. going to a girlfriends home, 15 girls 2 guys going to be there
  131. perfect sarge. relationship started. LJBF'd
  132. losing it???
  133. Vin Dicarlo
  134. finding other PUAs on campus
  135. Looking for relationship advice
  136. Transitioning Out of the Jelous GF Opener
  137. Getting a girl to cheat
  138. HB9 met at work...
  139. Bootcamps
  140. "i can't kiss you because i wouldn't want him to kiss other girls"
  141. advice needed
  142. At first i was to sweet now im to mean??
  143. My Boss
  144. Girlfriend issues Arising
  145. No facebook? Lack of 'social proof'?
  146. I want to make this girl my girlfriend. Help?
  147. How would u handle these situations? Give full detail.
  148. Trouble at college
  149. So I got a bad case of One-Itis... one month GF-- Feeling Really Shitty..
  150. Is your sticking point that you rely only on the vibes?
  151. Dealing with Buyer's Remorse
  152. How long to wait until texting.
  153. Party Girls With ADHD!!!
  154. Too weird after the kiss?
  155. how to get the girl to change her mind?
  156. How to conquer the world? Any tips ?(deadline tomorrow)
  157. Interesting Scenario
  158. tips for clubbing solo?
  159. Why is it i get nervese when im going to do it with the hb 8 or 9:s
  160. Running game in school
  161. Height, and how to make up for it.
  162. What should I do with this girl--stay close friends, or try to date her? (long post)
  163. Daygame easy - Packed Nightgame hard
  164. TIME SENSITIVE: need feedback on a line
  165. picking up hbs at concerts???
  166. I need help in the classroom
  167. How do you approach in the cafeteria?
  168. Why do I have to like the shy asians…
  169. Group Situations
  170. College HB
  171. Question about GIrl I've been seeing--
  172. College HB
  173. My very first opener !!!
  174. Full EPM via text, now what?
  175. HB thought I was intrusive with cube routine
  176. College Party Advice Needed
  177. Girlfriend for the night
  178. What is the quickest way to improve your game?
  179. I just got LJBF/ What went wrong?
  180. How do I show 'me' without bragging
  181. How do you start grinding?
  182. Two girls on same date
  183. let me see what you got hit on me????
  184. Facebook/Myspace Opener
  185. Social Problems
  186. How to progress from here?
  187. facebook
  188. Get her to qualify herself
  189. College Again :D
  190. Having problems Moving on from A zone
  191. Going into college
  192. What a tease.
  193. Day Game
  194. Easiest F-Close i ever had
  195. I think ill be needing some help on this...
  196. Setting the frame
  197. The cube
  198. Sarging
  199. I treat women as conquests. (in clubs especially)
  200. Burned a chick with my cigarette!!
  201. Flirty Friend
  202. Old broad shit tests
  203. Damn consciousness!
  204. Club Dancefloor
  205. Dhv
  206. Need encouragement. Please rseond to this!!
  207. My answer to annoyment. Whats yours?
  208. HB smokes, I dont. Suggestions?
  209. Virgin Question.
  210. Quick Way to Show Interest
  211. Getting great reactions (peacocking)
  212. Why us?
  213. Escalating for the kiss
  214. First proper sarge tomorow
  215. Girls Calling Me A Skank
  216. Routines on girls you already know?
  217. Pick Up Advice needed Read Below !!!
  218. best response to this myspace comment.
  219. Ways to help approach anxiety
  220. Sarging didnt go to bad
  221. girl returning negs
  222. girls think im psychotic
  223. Social group hates my game
  224. Is this an IOI?
  225. Advice
  226. help me before i do somthing crazy!!
  227. The game in action
  228. Two lil sisters..
  229. What do I do next. Still barely gettin laid
  230. Fellas Am I overthinking This?
  231. HB9's my friend..
  232. How to break up.
  233. Routines versus genuine confidence?
  234. Meeting Outside of Class
  235. Dating older women?
  236. potential threesome here so help me out
  237. hey heres 3 new routines for you and YES THEIR FEILD TESTED AND THEY WORK LIKE MAGIC!
  238. how much potential does this have?
  239. Breaking down the bitch sheild
  240. Girl act distant
  241. How do you deal with ass holes?
  242. The dancefloor, is it really that bad?
  243. How to pick up in ten days
  244. general "releases"
  245. Shy college girl
  246. Gaming your friends
  247. "keep friday free..."
  248. Intimidating ?
  249. Escalation
  250. Help with HB10... kind of declining... !!