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  1. It's been really messing with me...
  2. Things to say when she wants me to buy her a drink?
  3. Paying
  4. How Do I Pick Up the Girl I Allready Knew?
  5. New evolutionary bio theory on why girls fuck alphas
  6. Who Pays For Who???
  7. what to say too attn whores........
  8. What if she suggests to bring a friend of hers
  9. Strip club
  10. When every girl is your best friends X
  11. Gaming on the flurty 9 of the rebound
  12. Flurty HB10 hard to pull...
  13. Jealous
  14. 1 on 1 instructor under 21.
  15. Texting and instant messaging
  16. How to deal with girl going away on vacation
  17. personality problem!
  18. trying hook-up with an Ex-fling again, help.
  19. How to talk to the Shy Ones?
  20. What to do for her 21st B-day?
  21. Was it a good or bad DEAL?
  22. when do i text her?
  23. Did I fuck this up?
  24. FB said im too pushy, any tips?
  25. Another sticking point(don't know where to continue from here)
  26. Dont know if i have another chance?
  27. Is there anything that can be done but eject?
  28. Hb9 situation
  29. Sexual Frame
  30. maintaining the sex
  31. Gaming with a group of friends! HELP
  32. Day 3 Time
  33. She don't know!
  34. How to pick up your ex girlfriend?
  35. Need some ideas to girls comment?????
  36. Met HB9 the other night.....how long
  37. Can't dance
  38. what would you do if you were in this situation?
  39. Check it Out
  40. Beyond AMOG
  41. Do I call her out on being a total B on the phone?
  42. I need motivation...I'm hitting rock bottom
  43. MagiC
  44. The most awsome week 5 girls in 6 days
  45. part 2: dont know if i have another chance?
  46. A weird situation...she likes me/doesn't want a relationship
  47. Under 21 section, flooded with stupid threads?
  48. I'm Stuck in A3
  49. theRiver: complete makeover, starting from SCRATCH
  50. I dont know what got into me
  51. When you're holding a stare
  52. Extremely Difficult sticking point..help.
  53. when she asks about playing hard to get and u agree with her.
  54. Facebook Game
  55. Is wanting a Day 2 on DAY TWO DLVing? *text sarging report too*
  56. Im suprised...
  57. Very tricky situation, any ideas?
  58. Amogged? Did it deserve an asskicking?
  59. when to be serious
  60. lost frame like crazy
  61. Is She Ignoring me? (a facebook situation)
  62. Is my friend trying to show he has higher value than me
  63. She's rich. how to react to lamborghini in plural
  64. Whats your opinion ?
  65. Telling a girl how many times youve had sex
  66. How do I keep my female wing from seeming like my GF?
  67. Strangest cockblock (/AMOG?) I've ever seen
  68. gaming girls with their family
  69. At a new neighborhood...
  70. Bartending!
  71. Inner game durin confusing times
  72. on the rich girl..
  73. Sarging Panic Attacks
  74. Please help... for the socially uncalibrated
  75. Funniest ways you've been rejected
  76. My problem.
  77. Weird Situation.. She thinks That I'm Someone Else?
  78. Constant flaking is getting me down
  79. Holiday Love(r)
  80. How do you deal with a work number?
  81. woman who flake
  82. Hard time getting off the phone...
  83. Gaming younger circle...My circle gets mad
  84. Friends or More???
  85. How to escalate
  86. sargin
  87. When shes angry
  88. Dealing with misinterpretations.
  89. Getting out of comfort
  90. NYC! === Getting together a weekly sarging group 18-21
  91. My Girlfriend's Best Friend...
  92. Jealous LJBFriend
  93. Lines to use infront of foreign girls
  94. Waitress
  95. neg / disqualifier...tell me whatcha think
  96. So I crashed, and burned
  97. Help with previous girl that bombed
  98. Best College Opener
  99. Haha..was she a skank? "Buy drink bs"
  100. Hi-jacked my brain & jealousy
  101. IOI's ---> disintrest????
  102. Re-initiating contact after damage control?!
  103. # stalling and blurring-need help on that last text
  104. NYC Date Ideas
  105. What do you do for fun?
  106. Making her my F-Buddy for the next 6y weeks
  107. dance floor problem
  108. how can she get over her ex BF
  109. Guidelines with women as wings
  110. How to approach in a dancing club?
  111. GAMING girls with BOYFRIENDS.
  112. New at this
  113. frustrated... what am I doing wrong?
  114. Picking up girls on a subway?
  115. Doing all the work with this girl
  116. Little issue.
  117. First Date- Just Okay...
  118. Sticking point; mentions BF
  119. IOI - Do you dance?
  120. Dancing ability... Is it important or not?
  121. How to turn this bad sittuation good?
  122. Ugly girls always pulling away sets...help!
  123. I F'd the 90s
  124. I NEED YOUR HELP.......D2 with a "taken" posh british HB9
  125. Starting Over
  126. Girl in my Class
  127. Great number close tonight....
  128. Not drinking a problem?
  129. wow.. So i thought this was a good problem to have....
  130. Summer fling
  131. What woul you do....
  132. Valuing your friends (not from pick up)
  133. I Don't Know what to say!
  134. My mate needs help pleasee [urgent]
  135. Phone Game
  136. Having trouble getting her out 1 on 1 date...
  137. My Freak Oppertunity...No Clue How to React...need help plz...
  138. How to be more than just an AMOG?
  139. This chick has got me stumped..
  140. Logistics and Seduction Locations
  141. Festival Sticking point
  142. lost and confused about a old crush
  143. Find out who you really are
  144. I've decided.
  145. Question on Priorities
  146. Criss Angel PUA
  147. Day game openers and seduction
  148. Approaching with magic
  149. Learn from my mistake...PULL THE TRIGGER!!!
  150. I got a mission for you guys.. operation free stuff
  151. Need help on this one.
  152. A little sticking point
  153. "Here, hold this"
  154. Where to go from here?
  155. I want my ex-girlfriend back!
  156. Is she into me?
  157. target away on summer vacation
  158. Is my friend holding me back?
  159. She read my messages!...Good or Bad?
  160. Thinking of visiting this girl...
  161. has anyone ever closed a chick like this before?
  162. How do i respond to this, i feel like i am helpless
  163. Tip for the approach, works nicely for me
  164. Getting frustrated with game...
  165. How to deal with competition?
  166. Not sure if i'm reading her right
  167. Shit tests, texts, confusion!!!
  168. needing some quick advice for this wknd ASAP
  169. anyone else here sick of some girls ONLY texting!
  170. Tonight finally going to try my first routine...any good? Help!!!!
  171. Inner game sticking point - Do I want great girls...?
  172. Having problems meeting up with a girl
  173. First Sarge help needed
  174. Need advice and new to MM
  175. Help with dancing gamee
  176. How to woo girls with boyfriends?
  177. does race matter?
  178. My approach or lack of
  179. getting cocky
  180. NY..PUA's / chat room ..Serious maaaan.
  181. What the fukkk!!!
  182. Need some input on weird reaction
  183. I'm going to visit her, how should I act to get laid?
  184. Possible to disappear from friends zone??
  185. If/When to buy her a drink (supplicate)?
  186. Bend (or break) the Rules of The Game
  187. Leaving the friend zone
  188. How to leave friend zone
  189. help with milf HB9
  190. "You're just full of yourself arn't you?"
  191. being thin instant next.
  192. Virgin Game
  193. "I think that you think i fancy you"
  194. So this girl dropped her tits... what next?
  195. new idea for a false disqualifier/neg
  196. so this girls proper into me n then *poof*
  197. Getting laid is th best way to get even...NEED HELP
  198. How to work on your Game?
  199. Getting rid of intruders of the female kind
  200. Foreign Exchange Girl (Asian): Need assistance
  201. Are all women trying to use you?
  202. Diary - Want to be Choser
  203. First ever approach and i'm 20!
  204. Finally seeing results... Need tips on arranging a meeting
  205. sticking point: number close
  206. Finish F-close with hookup
  207. Just need a little help
  208. being introduced by a wingman
  209. Routines Manual stack advice
  210. Any waiters get numbers?
  211. Quick Question
  212. going to mtv canada dating show
  213. Run High School Like A Thug
  214. 18 and 19 year old girls
  215. where to go with this?
  216. Transitioning Mixed Sets
  217. "I'm So Attached To You"
  218. Quick b.f objective
  219. Leaving mid way through
  220. getting started as a youngster - 16 years old?
  221. New to the game.
  222. Opening probs
  223. i need extremly help here with a girl Please!!!!!!
  224. A valid reason to not make out with a girl?
  225. How to deal with mistaking one girl for another
  226. Phase Help
  227. Good night! compared to the night befour
  228. Dating girls that already know you. (with a twist)
  229. Next Move
  230. is she having a joke?
  231. I need to stay in control, but how?
  232. Gaming longtime friend but not close friend
  233. How do you expand ur network
  234. Help
  235. Day 1 Report (advice desired)
  236. How do u deal with Amogs u dont see
  237. moving forward (new job)
  238. A gold digging 30 yr old woman? help!
  239. There's this chick at work, right...
  240. College Routine Stack
  241. Really into this girl, but I'm going off to college. Advice?
  242. How to work on your game with a busy schedule?
  243. DHV story
  244. A cure for shyness?
  245. Quick question
  246. my first day of college.. anxiety
  247. The girl im seeing is off to uni and so am I. . . Can she be trusted...?
  248. How to make girls ur friend?
  249. First day of school, social openings and a #close by accident!
  250. Day 2 Report (baby steps and discoveries)