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  1. College Game: Mastering Social Proof
  2. Biggest problem: Never liked sports.
  3. After she validates herself , do i reward?
  4. Intense Attraction or Intense Playage
  5. Is there any way I could have salvaged this?
  6. Masculinity in modern society - a great screwup?
  7. Openers for the younger crowd
  8. going to a new school
  9. Date Help?
  10. Is you target a musical head ? then use this.
  11. US College: which is the best for P A R T Y!
  12. Things to whisper to her...
  13. Is it possible to save?
  14. a GAURANTEED Kiss Close Routine.
  15. HB8 coworker?
  16. Hello guys need some help here, Something wrong?
  17. inner game analysis, life and making changes.
  18. Need help with one of my insecurites.
  19. day 2 dating
  20. Need Moral Advice
  21. Apocalypse Opener + College Game = Great Results?
  22. Field report, party out of state
  23. Trying to Date this girl...Advice Please
  24. what to do about teasers...
  25. HB 10 need advice...
  26. how to make set laugh
  27. What the hell am I not understanding??
  28. I thought I can do it w/o MM method....
  29. Fleshlight?
  30. Some advice with next step
  31. If your Girl is jealousy and obsessive......
  32. How does this sound?
  33. Should I qualify myself to her friends?
  34. Girl in the gym
  35. More Direct game
  36. sarging a sport?
  37. advice on smooth sailing
  38. They were smiling from across the street...
  39. Lady friend, eeesh..
  40. After Sex - Feedback
  41. What if you're 18 and she's 21+?
  42. "Heeey sexy boy!" facebook
  43. Girl added me, and responded..
  44. What went wrong?
  45. fooled around with a random girl at a party, what next?
  46. How to game a girl after sex and she has a boyfriend...
  47. Day game is great but how to isolate
  48. Dating within a martial arts Dojo?
  49. Gaming at a pool
  50. Car Window Game......
  51. 18-21 NYC Wingmen Locator!
  52. senior in high school
  53. rockstar opener
  54. I'm getting women without 'game'.
  55. Girls and self-help books?
  56. Did I screw Up??
  57. Something to say to older chicks that's worked for me:
  58. College FRAT kegger.
  59. Bare with me
  60. I think I can get use to this...
  61. Situation
  62. Lost for words
  63. Go back for a number close?
  64. Fraternity Game Thread
  65. been a long time
  66. Becoming leader of men
  67. Can't find good places to sarge
  68. Lehigh university
  69. she pulled the "lets just be friends" line
  70. A Frequent, Common Problem.
  71. What's your pre-text and best frames?
  72. cousins ?
  73. Group Dynamics: Convincing lower-value people in group to come to event
  74. My Questions Thread.
  75. Need Clarification on my relationships towards woman please
  76. Antipathic?
  77. How do you ask the question?
  78. Thumb love.
  79. girl is testin me more than finals week...
  80. Social Rep
  81. Long Distance Relationship
  82. Help Help Help - What to do? Sex-Boyfriend-Dead
  83. Beer pong partner f-close
  84. Aeinma
  85. Back to School: Keep It Simple Stupid (Kiss...)
  86. The Scarlett Revolve(r)
  87. Life is knocking - REPLY
  88. Mentioning Harvard friend?
  89. Girls asking you to buy drink
  90. How to get girls to think about you when your not around?
  91. I didnt want to be a Tool...
  92. Inner Game
  93. Alone at Prom...
  94. Gaming @ a Pirate Party...(Frat Party)
  95. Is it a DLV to not have a job?
  96. girl down the block
  97. what do i do next? can i still bang her?
  98. condesending
  99. tips are awesome.
  100. Names Of Good Books?
  101. She says she's a bitch and I'm confused.
  102. Young squirrelly girl, need some vet advice
  103. Same thing every time
  104. how to attract older women?
  105. Cool!
  106. Cool Shoes?
  107. Did I fuck myself over? LOL help.
  108. shud i cut or continue?
  109. Not quite an LJBF: Start as friends, see where it goes?
  110. Does anyone understand the AMOG mentality?
  111. A Little Qn (Re)Framing
  112. Anyone advices for a newbie :P
  113. Girl from work and one from school
  114. is it normal???
  115. a question on instant attraction
  116. How to avoid the one-itus!!!
  117. Urgent help with HB9!
  118. Being fat/chubby
  119. Prom
  120. Re-engaging after 6 months?
  121. How to ask the prom/formal question?
  122. Drunk Kino Girls
  123. Girl creating pointless issues
  124. use it yes or no
  125. How to avoid choding around in a club...
  126. Gaming in Class
  127. So isolated. Can't move. Nowhere to meet girls.
  128. Dealing with girls being clingy!
  129. Setting yourself up for college on Facebook
  130. College, and not 21.
  131. Fraternities.........
  132. Help fast!!! Is she cheating on me...???
  133. large places to game
  134. Quantity over quality?
  135. Practicing in Class
  136. DHV or DLV?
  137. The whole concept
  138. Pledging a fraternity for 2nd time? Lowers inner game?
  139. Tricky sexual tension
  140. Too late? End of semester..
  141. which book to buy...MM or Rules of the Game
  142. What Is Magic Bullets Book?
  143. Senior Prom
  144. need help with this girl i met today
  145. Comfortable yet?
  146. NLP question
  147. My gaming plan for 2008
  148. A lot of people over complicate this...
  149. immature playful guys around campus getting all the girls...? GROW UP
  150. Prom: Its Late But I Want A Date
  151. My Rep
  152. Control Issues
  153. How to convey no interest in a relationship, only fun?
  154. The Reverse Admiration Theory
  155. The Journey to my goals
  156. Hopeless Friends
  157. Could use some help
  158. Amog Situations
  159. what the ef am i doing? opinions anyone?
  160. which is better
  161. Gaming in clubs
  162. How to quit?
  163. need help turning hb into gf
  164. Ex "girlfriend" into GF ? help..
  165. Is this a good summer job?
  166. Did something go wrong?
  167. Where to take the girl?
  168. Problems With Myself
  169. How to deal with a virgin?
  170. Rap song I heard about sarging what’s it called?
  171. where to sarge at age 18?
  172. Gaming on Facebook
  173. getting her to cheat on her bf... thoughts?
  174. I sure know how to pick em
  175. High school COllege Game 101
  176. Being a social being
  177. Confusion Mayham
  178. Night Game with College Freshmen Went Wrong
  179. My two cents....
  180. How to drop the girl without hurting her?
  181. Did I show too high independency?
  182. Good Girls not Bad?
  183. Tell me if you all have the same problem....
  184. girls calls me short!!!?
  185. What to do with clingy girls?
  186. Was it a Fling? :( Just Wait? BADASS CHICK Please help :(
  187. precollege meetup--some support needed
  188. 18yo HB6 virgin, never mastubated
  189. Why don't women get it?
  190. Here Is An Update On My Progress (Comment Please)
  191. Morals and reasons for your game
  192. LTR flex
  193. Prom Game
  194. Not giving a Shit.
  195. Really Funny Routines?
  196. HUGE Issue
  197. self esteem basher
  198. What to learn on the guitar?
  199. from the road of PUA thrown back to the road of AFC? what the hell is wrong with me?
  200. Prom is almost here! I need some advice.
  201. Summer coming up, need to get in shape with my game and get girls #'s
  202. text me to remind me...?
  203. Does Tricky Questions Works??
  204. Drunk T/D
  205. Making my own routines
  206. Is this just the normal life of a teen?
  207. i think she likes me but..
  208. Prom followup
  209. If she says something conceted
  210. I think I had success.....
  211. I need help w/ a sh*t test...
  212. Day1 as a disadvantage..
  213. New location, under 21, don't know anybody
  214. How do you disarm the obstacle in a 2 set?
  215. Should the attraction faze be different then a girl is already showing attraction
  216. stop sarging?
  217. reverse game, hb10 picks me up
  218. shit sorry about dat?
  219. being introduced to an HB through a friend
  220. So Close Yet So Far. (once upon a time, there was this one-itis)
  221. 8.5 doesnt speak english very well, now what lol
  222. Flaking on Women; effective?
  223. weird situation with hb 9
  224. How to remove approach anxiety in 1 day!!!!
  225. could use some advice
  226. Women wit BAD BREATHE?????????
  227. My birthday
  228. Diseases from kiss closing?
  229. Unique situation with HB10
  230. Where to go?
  231. Need help most awkward thing happened with chick, very funny
  232. In the back seat with two ladies...
  233. Making Friends...?
  234. Do you all feel the same?
  235. Atractive yearbook messages/signatures
  236. Need A UGA Wingman
  237. fear of the intelligent girl...
  238. Progressing into a relationship age 18
  239. New Routine - What do u think?
  240. Not sure where to go from here...
  241. Do you HAVE to kiss on first date?
  242. met an old friend
  243. how to make girlfreind let you game?
  244. Gaming the Ex who goes out with your best friend.
  245. Ahhh a fierce AMOG.
  246. Where to take her?
  247. Working the magic while in the wilderness
  248. Gaming in Class
  249. She said im "too sexual orientated" (bad)
  250. My lack of dance skills is hurting my club game......