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  1. How do you get reluctant pivots to help you?
  2. college football tailgate game/football game gaming
  3. Internet to real life. BIG DIFF?
  4. What to do...
  5. Good places to game 18-20
  6. Is this an IOD or neutral?
  7. the fear of rejection vs. rejection itself.
  8. My problem
  9. I will speak at your frat if convenient
  10. Dealing With A Wing
  11. Holiday Romances
  12. Bus Game (College) - help me out
  13. Goin to vegas!
  14. Finally I've made out, but now I've unleashed a new beast
  15. She tells me "she's sorry"
  16. technique to make u feel more secure-
  17. getting called out and blocking excuses
  18. A small high school. (help!)
  19. Boyfriend Destroyer
  20. Heres The Situation
  21. What kind of guys the girls love:sweet vs caveman
  22. PUA Inspirational Stories
  23. any ideas?
  24. nervous twitch????? any advice????
  25. The train girl
  26. Girl at School...(oneitis)
  27. hopeless in high school
  28. Left two messages, no return call, but I will see her again
  29. love routine
  30. Shit Test Or Playing Cool ?
  31. Clarification on Day 2 and Persistence
  32. Bitches
  33. QUICK- Is this an IOI?
  34. I use to think being young mattered
  35. I need help getting my gambits to demonstrate DHV together!
  36. College Game Tips
  37. Delicate situation.
  38. Body Language in the Hallways
  39. "your so mean"
  40. subconscious nervousness about this one girl??<<<< well just read it lol
  41. Have I gone too far?
  42. How to get a guy in the Seduction Community (Oneitis)
  43. School game, HB 9.5
  44. she already knows i like her... but i had not used PUA tactics<<<???
  45. which girl to chose
  46. Consistency and shaping your LIFE
  47. Sequence of events
  48. gohh..need help.
  49. Continue or drop her
  50. Cocky Funny Approach On Facebook; Taking The Next Step
  51. Possible hoop? not sure
  52. Friend or Foe?
  53. [high School] Nervousness
  54. Should I have a Birthday Party?
  55. Did i play my cards right?
  56. Controling the Conversation
  57. PUA Music?
  58. How do I handle this specific shit test?
  59. interesting situition
  60. Identity Formation
  61. On the need to cultivate a risk-taking image
  62. Going out
  63. How to deal with my body length?
  64. amog help
  65. Magic DHV as featured in my "Olive Garden" FR
  66. Bit of a mess
  67. shy girls in highschool
  68. Her house?
  69. Going to Vegas with HB 8.5 that I fingered 4 weeks ago on a dancefloor HELP
  70. F-closed ex from 2 years ago- need some advice
  71. DC/Baltimore -- Under 21s
  72. Question about a girl I hooked up with--- at a bar
  73. Random Wannabe PUA hitting on my girl
  74. College Student-- What to do when you call girls from BARS?
  75. getting closed by a girl
  76. What to do when she...??
  77. Puppet Master
  78. Prob Finding Social Clique & Finding Girls to Day Game
  79. Depending on MM and other methods to pick up girls
  80. Girl Complimenting
  81. Nlp?
  82. is this a good idea?
  83. Opening A Girl On The Train
  84. Confuzzeled
  86. the KING of college.. thanks mystery
  87. Where in the game am I?
  88. Hey guys got a big ol' stick point.
  89. First MM inspired opener *TIPS MUCH APPRECIATED*
  90. AMOGing amongst friends
  91. where to go with this?
  92. Dances.
  93. Starting out
  94. Dancing in clubs
  95. sisters? confusing situation
  96. Whats your opinion on facial hair?
  97. confidence - pulling the trigger
  98. Small Colleges, One-itis?
  99. #closing
  100. Indian Psychology hacked
  101. moving targets
  102. The problem with HB
  103. Weird Timeline, Can't really figure this one out...
  104. Oh jeez. Need some help.
  105. Boy Friend problem
  106. Virgin Freeze outs
  107. Clothing store game?
  108. Homecomming
  109. help with a situation.....
  110. Third Date and no kiss with amazing Hb 8.75
  111. objections/token resistance
  112. Evaluate my line
  113. writing on hand
  114. Energy levels
  115. Beat: Me and my friends' lines
  116. in a weird situation (let's be just friends)
  117. Dating a friend's co-worker
  118. If she rejects kiss on first date, when to attempt again?
  119. Met girl at concert but i want her friend
  120. Im Having problems fellow PUA's
  121. facebook
  122. Killer Ice cream opener
  123. Is a FTC absolutely necessary? (No, but it helps a lot)
  124. Adjusting my fundamentals.
  125. Need response to this please...
  126. Building a stack
  127. Hiding Your Job?
  128. Admitting You're a Freshman - DLV or DHV
  129. I'm too serious?
  130. Initial worsening of game/interaction
  131. Re-Invention?
  132. Hoop?
  133. problems with stacking
  134. Choir.
  135. Input please ?
  136. Double Dutch Jumproping [field tested once]
  137. French girl at uni who has a BF need advice
  138. Need Advice: How to recover from a bad "date"
  139. Girl at subway
  140. First kiss on first hang??
  141. Multiple Long Term Relationship establishment
  142. Is this common?
  143. AMOGs and Frame Control SPs
  144. shittest?
  145. Ways to initiate a hangout
  146. HB10 asked for my number...
  147. How do I salvage this Girl HB 7
  148. How to answer to rejection or attitude?
  149. Approaching in large classes?
  150. Flakieness, a gene?
  151. To talk about yourself or not talk about yourself?
  152. I'm rattled
  153. How to number close?
  154. what went wrong?
  155. Attract Women in the Rain
  156. Problem with a previous target and gaming ahead
  157. a new way to come up with routines???
  158. how not to make it awkward after kissing
  159. How long did it take you to close?
  160. Buyer's Remorse
  161. How do I inniciate hair Kino with a girl?
  162. a Question...how I would approach a chick significantly older...
  163. Female friend knows she has me wrapped
  164. Going out tonight to test my new opener!
  165. The Difference Between High School And College
  166. Need help.. buyers remorse?
  167. lets just be friends----help
  168. So is it a flake?
  169. her comfort/my comfort
  170. Rejected on the Opinion Opener....Help!
  171. Throwing a party (and trying to game during it)
  172. Blond problem in Poland
  173. themed parties
  174. confidence help
  175. Girls don't have mobiles
  176. New to the game
  177. major problem
  178. First Set
  179. Traps of beauty.
  180. New Artist looking for advice on a Target
  181. Sould I call her back or not? PLEASE HELP
  182. drivers school
  183. Girl asks if I'm a virgin...
  184. Sucks To Be Me
  185. Age is a BIG problem
  186. Card Ideas
  187. Phone Game
  188. Serious innergame issues
  189. Under 21 and Want help here?
  190. Last night was a disaster should I go through it again tonight
  191. Last Night
  192. saturday night fire
  193. Am I Trying Too Hard??
  194. weird myspace to life transition
  195. young game
  196. My best friend is an AFC, I'm trying to help him...
  197. How To Stop Over Analyzing?
  198. my trip to AZ
  199. Directed to Fader and any other NYC people
  200. Totally Cold/Making me jealous
  201. HB8.5 mixed signals at work
  202. This is the moment, Now or Never..
  203. Living at home and dealing with parents?
  204. Movement, Athletics and Body Language
  205. Shall I Actually Be Moving On Or Am I Being Stupid Not To Make A Move.
  206. girl in clas
  207. ways to use being in high school to your advantage?
  208. Motivation?
  209. The Power of Ignoring.
  210. Voice class
  211. Dancing HB's
  212. Best In-Class Opener
  213. To fuck a feminist.
  214. worst believe to have
  215. if im just super confident/cocky/funny, but use no pick-up lines what would happen
  216. Clingy X-BF wants to kill you if you touch HB9
  217. College with the ugliest girls
  218. weird situation..
  219. Drunk Girls and Street Fairs
  220. College Game: Gaming HB's walking on Greek Row at Universities
  221. Help with my routine please
  222. Getting Rid of a Long distance BF
  223. "Nice Guy" syndrome
  224. what do you do when...
  225. Shall I cancel the date?
  226. Advice for opening to sexy gym trainers!
  227. easy liners to pull her number..
  228. Looking forward
  229. Avoiding the dancefloor
  230. does mystery method work for black chicks?
  231. it is on?
  232. Sticking Point: Number Close
  233. a night of making out! where do i take it from here!?
  234. Situation I'm Facing, looking for advice
  235. Am i getting tested?
  236. Im in some MAJOR SHHIIIII.....Advice
  237. Sticking Point
  238. Could computer games affect my inner game?
  239. Alpha Question
  240. Fun Date Ideas! (Please Contribute!)
  241. Sarging Twins! I can't choose a target!
  242. Same girl, different personality
  243. What do I do now? I got a # close and MSN close and invite to a party?
  244. New to this and got 2 Questions
  245. Couldnt Make the Approach
  246. So a girl opened me, and I froze...
  247. Is it just me or could there be something...
  248. AFC nr. MMMXII
  249. Artificial skill set building walls?
  250. Sarging spots