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  22. An Open Letter to Game Haters
  23. April Fools Boys :)
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  25. Mirror Mirror
  26. Mystery's Forum's greatest sex guides - positions, techniques, and more!
  27. Sarging on College\Uni ( Become a KING ), easy steps to get all girls on college
  28. Unique Bachelor Pad Items
  29. Malibu's Guide to the KamaSutra
  30. Dating at work, school, within your social circle, etc.
  31. Banter Lines
  32. How To Progress Into A Relationship
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  34. Finding Out Your Own unique Identity
  35. Understanding Jealousy
  36. Orgasmatron's Strip Club Safety Guide
  37. “Can I Take Your Order?” - How to Sarge Hired Guns
  38. The Liberation And Return Of The Alpha Male
  39. How to stop being a giant bloody vagina, and other tales of the sea
  40. Lifestyle of Seduction
  41. Heartwork's Myspace Method
  42. The Tao of Transformation
  43. Microcalibration
  44. ***Guide to Dealing with AMOG'S***
  45. Misogyny and the community
  46. How to Win Friends and Influence People Summary
  47. Sarging Alone....and why you should try it
  48. DHV - Magic
  49. Negs - Help for beginners and those with Sticking points
  50. A3 realization
  51. The Fuss About Eye Contact
  52. Vision's Story Telling Theory
  53. Wings of Glory - The Ultimate Guide to being a great Wingman
  54. Value Sub-communication
  55. New program discussion - APRIL FOOLS@!!
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  58. My Life After the Game: 2 Years Later
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  61. You’re about to cross into Abyss of Neediness If…….
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  63. How to make friends
  64. Focus on the Fundamentals
  65. Best of forum IS MODERATED
  66. Best Of April Fools Day 2008
  67. Aprils Fool Day 2008 - The short-lived Under 18 Forum
  68. The Victim Mentality (How to Rewrite Our Stories & Change Our Roles)
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  70. AFC'S and Nice guys read this
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  74. For Our Fallen Brothers
  75. Positive Masculinity
  76. On Dominance
  77. On Dominance
  78. Carbeau's Ultimate Guide to Approach Anxiety
  79. College Game Q & A
  80. List of attitudes and behaviors I do not tolerate (and recommend you don't either)
  81. ABC Nightline tries to diss Love Systems & fails
  82. 8 steps to be more powerful in the workplace
  83. Understanding and building up low confidence
  84. Other attraction switches
  85. Why YOU suck!
  86. 2011 Up to Date Community and Guide!
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  88. How to get UNSTUCK in game. Distilling 7 years of experience & my Project Rockstar
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